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    Freddy My Love

    What should you take to the gym? Here are all my girly gym bag essentials! Everything linked below! *affiliate links used, and some items were either gifted or …


    The intro is so funny! Love it!

    Shivani Gogar


    Josefa Valdes

    Please do a workout routine!!

    Kelsey M

    Who cares about the portable fan. I bought myself a chargeable portable fan and brought it with me to Universal in Orlando cause DUH it’s hot AF and I’m not about that life while I’m trying to enjoy Harry Potter World

    Simply Scarlett

    Love the video Freddy as always! What podcasts do you like to listen to? Xx

    michael moore

    Hey Freddy my love. I’m glad your ok I haven’t watched in a while but had to check make sure y’all are posting.We are quarantined in the states will you update us on how it is there? Praying for you and your family my love. Urbancowboymidnight

    Han xo

    Compose limited medium resistance band comes in a gorgeous baby pink shade you can find them on Instagram 💜

    Victoria Mather

    Work out at home, all you need is: a yogamat, a scale, work out pants, running shoes, a sports bra, a hair elastic and a glass of water! 😊 So much easier!

    Imibimi hayward

    I know here you can get really nice resistance bands they are pink and are called Je Ballet on the website : youreinvitedtulsa.org love you xxxx

    Madeleine Elizabeth

    Cracking up about the fan 😂😂

    no name

    watching your videos makes me want to get my shit together hahahah

    Courtney Hart

    Hey, for the wipes if you have to use them, make sure you do not flush them and cut them up before binning 🙂


    B_ND (gracebeverley) brand has really good brands and they're vegan too! i have a pink one, it would be perfect for you xx


    I would love a video on your fitness routine!!!


    Yes, please do an exercise routine!! It is always nice to see what other people do 💕


    I hope you get corona

    Amber Klaire

    Meanwhile… all the gyms in my state are shut down due to our governor shutting down businesses for Covid-19.

    Is it not the same for the UK?

    Marianne B

    Most people here are in voluntarily self quarantine or in isolation because they are sick or have been traveling quite recent. Except people like nurses, police and grocery store employees etc. Kindergartens are still open for kids of parents with important profession relative to the crisis as well, but with only a handful of kids. Gyms closed last week, so did schools and most workplaces. Theres a lot of people with home offices now and kids have online school and tasks, so parents multitask theur kids and home office jobs. Im not sure how it is in the UK but it seems they are slowly going the right direction as well when it comes to isolating people. I hope you can maybe show us some work out routines to do at home.

    Sophie Mitchell

    How many times a week do you wash your hair freds?


    get the B_nd resistant bands! (they have them in Pink too haha) but they're also such good quality and from a more sustainable and ethical brand. I've had mine like 18 months and they've hardly given or frayed


    “Not a single part of me has ever been into fitness” 😂
    It’s so refreshing to see someone who’s skinny and fit, but admitting that it’s a chore to maintain their shape rather than acting like it’s the best thing they ever did in their life and constantly pushing it onto others


    “Not a single part of me has ever been into fitness” 😂
    It’s so refreshing to see someone who’s skinny and fit, but admitting that it’s a chore to maintain their shape rather than acting like it’s the best thing they ever did in their life and constantly pushing it onto others

    Jojo Jojo1

    All gyms are closed in my contry. Workout at home 👍

    Lina uvidia

    To find a good pink one try jazminsus resistances bands

    Jay Kaur

    Why not also film …. What you eat in a day.


    your hair is gorgeous!!! i love it so much 💓


    Have you seen Suzie B's resistance bands? She has some gorgeous ones, like marble print etc! I'm sure there will be nice dusty pink one for you 🙂

    charlotte mould

    Good cute exercise bands can be found at bnd by grace Beverly she can also be found on insta and she has some amazing stuff xxx

    Sitara Yelding

    Don't go to gym covid 19 super dangerous

    Sitara Yelding

    Deodorant before bed thought that be super bad for u

    Tenzin Sonam

    Gym outfits please 🙂

    Ana Barlič

    Hey Freddy 🙂 So great for yoz that you started to enjoy the fitnes journey. Me myself have been enjoying it lately and before I couldn't understand people who were hyped about it. If you are looking for a workout elastic, a girl from my country has her company and it is really good quality and the colors are also nice. Check her out if you like 🙂 Here is her instagram account. https://instagram.com/peachbootyplan?igshid=c3gi7govms80 Have a nice day 🙂


    i'm bingewatching your video's while i am in forced quarantine 💟

    Andra Dorolti

    I am the type of person that has barely any gymwear, always use my husband’s water bottle and getting my essentials in a rush, throwing them in the bag in the morning 😅 and yet I enjoyed this video so much hihi!

    Girl Above The Clouds

    Thank you Freddy for your video, it helps keeping us distracted from the virus issues!

    Very tasteful and beautiful as always! May Jesus keep you safe and your family! God bless

    Olivia Birnie

    I love to keep active in ways that don’t feel like a workout. I love barre classes, doing yoga at home, and going for bike rides.

    chibika moshi

    This was such a nice breather from al the coronavirus related videos (I don't mean the informative ones, I meant stuff like where people are just vlogging about how it sucks to stay at home for weeks like gahh), I'm so grateful that Freddy stays the way she is. It's such a nice escapism

    G G

    Just got my pink and beige New Balance gym bag. Alas my gym/pool is closed due to Corona. Boo hoo. Stay save everyone.

    Mallory Fraser

    The fabric loop band is a really pretty pink color and super sturdy! Amazon


    Grace Fit’s B_ND resistance bands have a pink and the best on the market!!!

    Zsófia T

    BND has really nice resistant bands! Check them out, they are also much nicer quality.

    Natalia Ostruszka

    Hi Freddy 💗 I've tested airpods and xiaomi MI air 2 and tbh they're practically the same except mi 2 are twice or maybe even 3 times cheaper, i really can recommend them if you're looking for some wireless buds (and they really stay in my ears while I workout!)

    Weronika Linda

    I think sharing your fitness routine could be helpful for people who don't enjoy excercising, like you used to.

    Artemis M

    Hii 🙂 love your channel so much. I am a pharmacist from greece and i just want to say that the price for that hand sanitizer is totally acceptable if they make it themselves (especially now).THEY DID NOT OVERCHARGE YOU FOR IT .In our pharmacy we also make our own hand sanitizer and it costs about 4€ per 100 ml which is a lot but we are not a factory we don’t get everything in huge quantities so the price of the components we use is quite high, for example we use pure alcohol (95) which is 20€ per 400 ml and that is the price we pay for it . Also all the bottles that we put the hand sanitizer in are also included in the price (about 0,5€) and then the label and lastly you have to add the time it took for someone to be at the lab and make it so about (0,5 €) for that so it adds up. At my pharmacy we dont even add the extra for our work because the price is already to high. So just wanted to say basically that this period is really stressful for pharmacists. Most of us just want to help we don’t overprice things for fun .

    Linda Marková

    You really shouldn’t go to gym (or any place with big crowds of people) now, be mindful about spread of COVID-19. UK is not doing too great with numbers of infected people and is not taking any further steps to protect people. Please, think for yourself and try to think about others too. Just take a look on Italy and see what negligence did.

    Soezie M

    Freddy what Podcasts do you listen to? I am so curious as I also love to listen to Podcasts. Or does anyone else have good suggestions? I love to listen to Jenna and Julien, Parcast Networks (they make mystery and serial killer podcasts, I know, so dark haha but so interesting).

    Kelly Nicholson

    I love love love you and your videos

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