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    Today I’m testing NEW Sephora makeup and opening up to get real about what’s been going on. Love you guys so much, thank you for watching! xo’s ~ Tati …

    kate bates

    Love you Tati

    Krithika Shelvarajen

    Hey upload videos on makeup look that is suitable for all skin types & Summer Vs Winter bridal makeup please

    Mubin Noor

    I just watched Tia Mowry's interview with Bob The Drag Queen on The Xchange Rate about her experience with Endometriosis and her product Anser. You should MOST DEFINITELY get her on your channel. ❤

    Andreea Hutuleac

    love the realness ✨


    omg lol the TWO seconds of you deciding you’d chill out while your powder bakes before you snap back to do brows, a mood

    Lucie Žáčková

    Yes Tati, speak up about endometriosis. I've been doing that lately too (in the right situations) because people really don't understand what a toll it can take on a woman. And how could they understand if the can't see it and noone explains anything because we feel like we should hide everything. I think spreading awareness is needed and it feels good to know that we're not alone.

    Tyrell Music

    Who else goes to sleep to Tati’s videos?

    Nora Goldberg

    What's happening with the Seattle move?

    athena schmitz

    I am SO HERE for this content. I know you have been going through a lot and I respect you so much but for you to take a deep breath and go back to the basic of DOING MAKE UP YOU LOVE you get that self love girl

    Carly Clement

    Tati you are doing good work being you!

    Stephanie Page-Leskovansky

    I’m sorry people say the meanest things to you! Wow


    It's only human to try and tear down your mate for your own profit 😎

    Zombo Slayer

    I love you, Tati. You’re such a good person and it shows in every way. The way you are with your sisters is the way I am with mine and it’s endearing. I don’t know who would talk bad about you, but for every one of them, there’s a1000 more who love you for you. ❤️❤️


    Love you, Tati 💖♒ I see you & your voice matters! Thanks for speaking up

    Jody C

    I love that you get the weirdest soundtracks in your mind! Lol, my husband thinks I’m nuts cause I always have songs going thru my head when I hear or see something. As far as you and your channel, keep doing you!!! I’ve been watching you for years but have to say I am loving the vulnerable you. Whether it’s your humour, dreams, pet peeves, anything! Xoxo to you and yours for 2020!

    Justa Watcher

    The fenty mascara made a big black mess of my face. It didn’t dry.

    M J


    Amanta Sharma

    We need a skincare routine!!

    Brittney Ramirez

    Blendiful challenge please!!

    Esther Hwang

    can you please bring tati beauty to ulta or sephora???

    Katherine Gabrielle

    Yes, Smashbox was the first brand that made Primer a normal thing for people not in the makeup world. I thought it was really cool seeing them featured in this makeover show that came on forever ago (16!) called How Do I Look?, so to have watched Smashbox blow up along with beauty in general, AND own something from them is amazing <3

    Mary Vollmar

    Yes, please do the 10 minute challenge! I want to see more blendiful usages

    Alyssa Noelle

    10 minute challenge!!!!

    Mary Ross

    So glad to hear this! To be vulnerable is to be human and to be BRAVE! I too wanted to be less sensitive but I was reminded that sensitivity makes you, you.And what would life be like if we didn't feel everything! Much love xo

    Stacilea Beauty

    Hope things improve with your health, I think it is good to share more about it.

    Nina Schrauwen

    Pain is no joke, I admire you for talking about your endometriosis ❤️ I hope you find something to relieve the pain


    I was in Jackson hole Wyoming to visit Yellowstone and it was amazing

    Analyssa Garcia

    I'm saving up to buy your palette and your blender and I seriously cannot wait. 😭😭❤️❤️

    Rylie Eitemiller

    Not bullet proof, don’t want to be. Love that Tati 🙂 always supporting, always admiring 💜

    Brittney Rhodes

    I’m so sorry stress is flooding your mind lately, I think you are doing a wonderful job. Many of your followers including myself 100% understand what your going through. I love how are opening up about what’s bothering you, I bet you felt slightly better just letting it all out hopefully. Not sure if you may not believing in prayers but I will pray for you to find peace in times of turmoil ❤️❤️❤️

    Jennifer Shank

    Chin up, Tati💓💓💓

    Daniela Kethler

    You spoke to me on a deep level, as a person who likes to please people and lives with pain that people can’t see it’s comforting to hear your struggles too

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