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    MC Binks





    Dude, why have I watched this last year or something?!?!? But it was uploaded two days ago.


    Moana Ma’u

    did anyone else realize that joyce’s story is the real life “To All the Boys I Loved Before”


    Alyssa Neho-Smith

    My high school horror story happened a week ago. It was my last camp with outdoor ed in school ever (my last year of high school) and we were in the middle of no where with no service and had to cross a river to get to our camp site. Basically I ruptured my ACL in my knee trying to do a tiktok with my friend and we both heard the POP. It happened around 8pm. I had to get air evacuated by a helicopter around midnight and didn’t leave the hospital until around 3pm the next day. Let’s just say the school won’t be forgetting me😁🤦‍♀️


    Danae Pollard

    i did "flag guard" senior year in high school… but we call it "Colorguard"


    Mirriam Kutha

    i have 2 befri stends


    Ariana Overko

    High school is a piece of cake when compared to middle school….


    Brittani Smith

    I need the jacket that Joyce is wearing. Her name is Joyce right? Help haha


    Kaleiyah• Nation

    That gitl with the long black hair is on tictok


    Maggie Forsyth

    This crap happens to me daily


    Ruthie bmnf

    Totally can relate to being the token story. My situation was almost EXACTLY THE SAME 🤣


    Janet Smith

    It's called color guard



    Why are they wearing shoes on the bed omg


    TheBlurbs D.

    Those girls were just plain jealous of Swasti. That’s what insecure girls do. They probably couldn’t handle her effortlessly amazing personality.


    Blinding ‘Light

    "I used to be wholesome before I was a hoe" I need that on a t shirt


    Digital Rae

    I’m in high school right now. In grade 9 I only had one friend, the same one friend I had for the past 9 years. One day she texted me saying that she never liked my personality and that she never wanted to talk to me again. She was at a party and got all her friends there to come after me online and threaten to come after me in person at school.
    Now I’ve made more friends since then but the problem is they are all friends with this girl. Even though I told them what had happened they still became friends with her. They will invite me to hang out with them but they will still invite the girl so I never go.
    She told them her side of the story and sugar coated it.



    It hurt to hear her call Color Guard fLaG gUaRd


    shinay Maartens

    My high school horror storie is I heve math home work and is the summer break


    Little Squishy

    My high school horror story is that I had to leave the country for a family emergency and now can't go back to school despite being an American citizen just a few minutes from the border. I can cross every day for school but the district won't let me. I turn 18 soon so hopefull I'll get to fix this


    maryooms maryoo

    Am i the only human being that have friend all over the school like it feels so good having all of them that it makes my own best friend annoyed lol


    Robinlyn Holmes

    I’m also 6’1 & I answer the question “have you ever been in a fight?” The exact same way as Joyce “…all I had to do was stand up..” 😂😂


    Suck My Agust D

    "i used to be wholesome before I was a hoe"



    Brianna Alexus

    I want to work at buzz feed:(



    i hate my school so much


    LG Hakubi

    Joyce's wasn't a horror story, but it's okay because she's Joyce 😚


    jos reed

    Joyce is so beautiful!!!



    The first story sounds like something straight out of a fan fiction


    Lena Miller

    Is As/Is bringing back Delia’s???? This is the second video I’ve seen with delia’s merch


    SunflowersAndBees E

    Woahh, they're all so gorgeous! I can't


    Only here to comment

    Try being a year 7 in Birmingham. Now that’s a horror story


    Kandice with a k

    My horror story, I was friends with these guys, one guy I really liked (we’ll call him V) and there was a super short guy (I’m 5’1 he’s shorter than me we’ll call him B) he liked me, I told B that I didn’t feel the same way since I liked V, and one day B sexually harassed me to where I left the group permanently. Next year I would walk to class, and B & V would be in their group near my first class and you could hear B making cow sounds at me (since I gained weight) for most of the year he did that, until one day I walked up to him and shoved him and he fell to the floor. After that he shut up


    Felicia Natania

    High school Joyce feels like old school sliding dms 😂


    Cody Williams

    girl. when i was in grade 4, a girl in my grade made a club called the "i hate kat" club (my name is kat) and made other people in our grade join it. 
    in grade 4!?!


    Mandy Olsen

    High school was the best time of my life. Senior year I got dumped for someone else which sucked but overall, it was a great time that I cherish.


    Gurnoor Gill

    I’m surprised that their high school didn’t have ice cream.At my school you could literally get an ice cream sundae for a dollar toppings and all were free


    Sam H

    If Swasti feels comfortable, can she make a video (if she hasn’t already) about her hemangioma? I have hemangioma and I’m very interested in hearing her story



    I LOVE Joyce’s eyeshadow. Looks soooo good on her!



    Lindsay, i feel you


    Allayah Simmons

    My horror story is getting ready to start right now in my senior year but then it is also kind of emotional


    Shannon numm

    I have my transition day in 12 days


    The Life of Phi

    Lmao Joyce


    Potato Mekers

    6:05 the words we all live by

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