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    Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) The new Lights Lacquer collection is FINALLY here! I hope you love it as much as I do! Thank you so much for everything!!!! SHOP …


    Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Nudes!!!!!!!!! GIMME ALL THE NUDES!!!! Hope you guys love the collection! Xoxo

    Maria Mart穩nez

    Can someone please send it to me in Barcelona? I wish we had international shipping (crying in my quarantine pijamas)

    Sheyna Sishitharen

    Omg love thissss

    Leslie Ortiz

    Ive been watching you for years & you have been the most solid, genuine YouTuber Ive ever seen. Sending love & support 歹

    Tammy St. Jean

    I have real hives right now trust me it's worse.

    B. C. Schmerker

    +KathleenLights ROFLMO (bonk!) — "Your Nails But Better" an excuse to pull a ZOYA?

    Thea Akhter

    i love LOVE love Kathleen歹 i dont live in a country that lights lacquer ships to but i watch these videos anyway and make a list of the polishes i will defo get once international shipping is available gah cant wait!

    Carolina Herrera Flores

    These colors are absolutely stunning! Cant wait to get them! 弘

    Tay Fisher

    This is hands down one of the cutest collection concepts ever. I bought 3 of the shades today and this has convinced me to purchase the other 3. My wallet is already crying


    Ahhh ship world wide plzzzzzzzzzzz

    Jess Curtis

    Yay!! Got them all 歹

    Alexis Deville

    Had to get Mila also, its 2 am and I cant sleep. Perfect solution: purchase Kathleens polishes


    So proud of you and to see you that excited and excited!

    Elizabeth Garcia

    Pleaseeeee do a neon collection I love your formula but i feel like its missing neon colors for summertime, well I literally wear neons year round lol

    Denise Espinosa

    It is beautiful! I love how excited you get for your own products and anything you really love. One out of many favorite things about your channel that I admire. and by the way! Your mamas hands are freakin beautiful! I always love to see her swatches what are her secrets haha Thank you for everything

    Suzy Taylor

    So I already bought these 不 & my name is Suzy. I buy all your stuff. Name a nail polish Suzy.

    Dayanara Rocess Camet

    Im Olivia! I drink a lot of coffee and Im a gemini! When are you gonna release gel polish? I prefer gel polish but Im still gonna buy all of these(of course)! Duhhh.

    Linnea Bair

    I'm a Pisces and when I listened to the Mila playlist I felt so seen I can't wait to get it

    Stefanie Garcia

    My kid is Alyanah


    I would looooooove to purchase 2 of the shades and support you, but being from Australia the conversion rate plus shipping on top makes it so damn pricey!! It would be around $75 total拎拎

    qie kou

    plz make the shipment worldwide!!!!!! Your Chinese fans are craving for these QuQ


    im sorry but

    Kassandra Vejar

    Beyond stoked about YNBB. Im Definitely going to order the entire collection. Nudes r e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g Thank you Kathleen for bringing this collection out especially with this whole quarantine going on and us girls not being able to get our nails done

    Wendi Fernandez

    Love It!!! Yayyy Top Coat!!!! Yes鳶鳶


    Love Emma, not only because she is MY nude but because im a Sagittarius too lol

    Claire S

    Was not expecting to buy this whole collection when watching this video but as soon as you swatched the first color I knew I needed these in my life 予


    I love that round box, what a great way to display them, that is really cool and I agree, the little booklet looks really good. Love the polish colors, love them! Does anyone else hit the like button the minute her videos start? Okay I just decided Lyla is my favorite and I hope I am spelling it right, I am so sorry if it is misspelled.

    Julianna Arango

    I'm instantly drawn towards Matilda, it looks stunning and I feel it would match my skin tone the best. However, I'm a Gemini and I love coffee so how can I do this to Olivia

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