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      I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty In today’s blog I’m creating my beauty/filming/makeup room! It’s still not complete, but this is part 1 …

      Alecia Wood

        you shouldve set it up like james charles room

        Alecia Wood

          @1:20 can u please use different background music, u use the same ones everytime. no offense

          Diana Calilung


            Sydney Dior

              Watching you grow has been amazing!!

              Sarah Mayfield



                  Who you know…..knows how to make a beauty Room for a queen?

                  Mickie Barthelemy

                    does anyone know where she got those sweatpants ? they look so cute !

                    Cherish Thomas

                      Let’s SEE YOUR BOYFRIEND ALREADY!!!!!!!


                        I enjoy the background music of your videos so much! Always so soothing 😍


                          Luhsett is actually a good singer

                          saba soroush

                            It was so fun😍😍

                            Angelica Rangel

                              I seriously love your videos so so so much!

                              Whitney B


                                Pinkyyy Yyy

                                  Ouiiii I love these vlogsss🥰🥰❤️❤️

                                  Brandi Matson

                                    Omg 😍you use the same music and I love it 😂

                                    Hilda Baldeyaque

                                      I find these types of videos so relaxing and entertaining!!

                                      Mal Greene

                                        Why can I watch someone else organize & I can’t 🙄😂 ugh I gotta do better !

                                        Ashley Nicole Parrish

                                          Maybe you can do a give away for the extra make up if you can't figure out what to do with it? ☺ Just a thought! Love you and your channel💕

                                          Emily Costa

                                            Anyone know where she got the desk and mirror from?? Ive been trying to find both things and cannot find them anywhere!!

                                            Sasha Peguero

                                              Can you please make another girl talk video or an advice one?
                                              Maybe one with your sister too


                                                What camera do you use to film?

                                                Nina Jo

                                                  Loooooovvvve these videos 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿


                                                    I clicked right away! I love watching you videos

                                                    small youtuber here 💕

                                                    gabrielle hendricks

                                                      Day one faave Youtuber literally clicked this cid as it popped up keep up the great content love you Lisette💜💗!

                                                      Ruth Tilahun

                                                        Is it only me or she has a LOT of makeup??
                                                        But still👌💜💜


                                                          Pls do how you clean your brushes routine 💜

                                                          Chelley’s Vlogs

                                                            My room definitely needs an upgrade. Sending love from my channel 💜

                                                            Naudica Courtney

                                                              Thanks for reminding us that we don’t need all these things right away to be successful on YouTube. I think I was subconsciously downing myself watching this telling myself I need to buy all this stuff LOL. I didn’t even realize it tho until you said that.

                                                              Raina Gangursky

                                                                Omg she can sing so well! Love u! ❤️

                                                                Madison Senior

                                                                  Sooo cute! Try the container store shoe bins for makeup storage plus they're stackable.

                                                                  akeishah honeysett

                                                                    can you make a video of your all day routine please i don’t think i’ve seen one of those from you but it would be exciting to see!

                                                                    Vinusa Vijay

                                                                      Love you 😍💓

                                                                      Lizzy Liz

                                                                        I love Luhhsetty! I was so happy to see a new video!

                                                                        Ti Ti

                                                                          Lisette is the only YouTuber besides tati I’ve watched from the beginning and still watching up to this day love you girl

                                                                          Simply Mia.

                                                                            Can you do mine next? 😆

                                                                            Jordan Whorton

                                                                              PLEASE DO ANOTHER GURL TALK!!!!😍😍 love you girl

                                                                              The Heni Family


                                                                                The Chocolate Writer

                                                                                  I ❤ you 😭😭😭


                                                                                    Girl show us your entire makeup collection!!!

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