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      ♡ GRWM Spring Affordable Hair & Drugstore Makeup Slay | Dsoar Hair


      Anjanee Unique

        Ivy, you’re so beautiful 😍. I definitely love your intro music.

        rosie Zhang

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          Mona .M.

            First of all you’re beautiful 😫❤️

            South Paw

              Ivy!!!! YOU look AMAZING!!!!!

              Dymond iam

                Gorgeous vid love. You inspired me to upload my own tutorial. Thank you for never disappointing.

                Galaxy_Furry ceacer

                  hi ivy are you ever gonna do more gum asmr videos cuz the last one was amazing i keep replaying it

                  Vicky Newsone

                    Beautiful!!! Love the top!!!😍😍


                      If you do color can you do a look with vibrant yellow lids, brown crease or something? I really wanna see more color on you sis. 😩

                      Theresa Aubry

                        Love the hair texture long luxurious curls 💋 Nice cleavage by the way 👀😜

                        Briana Brown

                          This is why you’re my favorite. We’re the exact same complexion, our faces are shaped similarly, and both got low hairlines. Slayed per usual lol

                          MarJayLin’s Way

                            LMBO @ "yall fake"…Love this look!!

                            Gail Hopkins

                              Ivy y are always on point. U are 1 or the real kind of persons on u tube. U have outstanding Class. !. Take care of u & family. I love your video's they give so much information on everthing. Be bless. Take care of u & family. Grace to all.gh

                              Angie Nwigwe

                                you gotta upload more makeup tutorials. loved this..how about a concealer, no foundation tutorial for the minimalist ☝🏾

                                Simmii Simmii


                                  Mauricio Lara

                                    With all respect your beauty is PERFECT

                                    Skeeny C.

                                      I had to come back… girl! You are so beautiful 😍

                                      Skeeny C.

                                        I definitely see the bronzer. It looks really good. I’m gonna have to purchase that. Never used bronzer because I couldn’t find one that worked for my skin tone.


                                          That whole cutting the lace part scares me. I would end up with an accidental U part wig. 🤣🤣🤣

                                          Edit: I can definitely see the flush from the bronzer. Mocha Mami looks so pretty on your skin! Fenty has posted a few demos of how their bronzers work and some still don't get it. 🙄

                                          QueenSonji Lee-Price

                                            Beautiful.!!! I would love to see you do some colors. Don’t be scared just be beautiful with color. I love 💗 that hair

                                            Ms FInessesary

                                              Scorpio + lashes…I want them

                                              Layvonsha Foster

                                                Great video! I want to purchase the wigs however where to purchase the glue you put on?


                                                  Good Morning sis. Have a great day

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