$1500 JJsHOUSE PROM DRESS HAUL!!! (Bridesmaids Edition) Bridesmaid Dress Haul 2019

Main $1500 JJsHOUSE PROM DRESS HAUL!!! (Bridesmaids Edition) Bridesmaid Dress Haul 2019

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    Pretty Pastel Please
      $1500 JJsHOUSE PROM DRESS HAUL!!! (Bridesmaids Edition) Bridesmaid Dress Haul 2019


      Baka Sielu

        "Yeah he's so sweet and gentle…"
        5 seconds later
        I agree with Sam, Archie's the devil.

        Maria Acone

          Pleaseee get the caped dress in different colors for everyone 😍😍😍 that would be seriously amazing

          Amanda Harper

            Each of the girls looked great in the colors they chose! Loved the Cape dress on everyone. And Sam. Omg. <3

            Chloe Brown

              Just wear one of the purple dresses if you do a rehearsal dinner?

              Gabi Roworth

                i think different dresses s
                ame colour! otherwise it can look really messy and out of theme

                Lilly Taylor

                  The cape dress for all the girls in each of there colours


                    @prettypastelplease I looked on the JJs House website, and for an extra AU$32 you can actually customise your sizing. So if you do all get the cape dress (which you totally should) JJs House can make them all shorter for you so you wont fall over.

                    Kathleen J

                      Yes yes yes to the cape dress! πŸ•ŠοΈπŸ’™πŸ’œβ€οΈπŸ’›

                      Manco Machines

                        THE CAAAAPE ONE !!!!!!!


                          Cape dress in different colors definitely πŸ’œ

                          Tessa Stanley

                            Millie reminds me so much of Arden Rose

                            Kiyra Hansen

                              I loved the girls in their own colors its gives alex her pastel aesthetic plus then they all would be in colors that suit their skin tones and hair. Died over that Cape dress and I think that is definitely the winner if they all got the same dress but in their different colors it would be amazing. And omg sam at the end with the wig and dress that was even more hilarious

                              Mimi Vega

                                Sisterhood of the traveling caped dress. It looked PERFECT on all of you!!!! In individual pastel colors for each.

                                cherry pop

                                  does anyone know where the pink dress is from that the friend is wearing?


                                    I like the 2nd purple one for a brides maid dress i don't think it would upstage the bride even more so if your wedding dress is amazing and im sure it will be

                                    Bella Parkinson

                                      I loved the caped dress so much I decided to buy one for my school ball πŸ˜‚


                                        Have you… have you got the PewDiePie chair?

                                        Phoebe Buckley

                                          I think the cape dress but in different color

                                          Melissa James

                                            I got my bridesmaids dresses off JJs house all in the pastel blue. They were amazing but the tax I had to pay to get them into New Zealand was a killer! :,(

                                            Emma Estep

                                              The 2nd purple dress is perfect you either have to get it in white or your brides maids needs to wear it!!! So gorgeous its amazing. I feel like you should have some uniformity it looks better and more put together. Definitely the Cape dress

                                              Tal Tal

                                                Samantha overshadowing all the girls x πŸ˜‚πŸ’•

                                                Emzy storey

                                                  Get the cape dress it’s amazing

                                                  Ashley Smashly

                                                    Get the cape dress!

                                                    Jacqueline Roman

                                                      Absolutely the cape dress in different colors!

                                                      laurie rogers

                                                        love the purple, pink and blue (yellow too bright) love the cape dress

                                                        Lesley Oraegbu

                                                          This reminds me of my sisters wedding in the early 80s. I was in the lilac color. But with a huge mesh hat. Lol


                                                            Yeees definitely Cape dresses!

                                                            Cassandra Douglas

                                                              Purple or the white and blue

                                                              MΓ©li Arps

                                                                EVERYONE WEAR THE CAPED DRESS!!!!!!! It's seriously so pretty I want to wear it to my own wedding.

                                                                Mrkinda gay

                                                                  33:07 Whispers 399$ ┬┴┬┴─ Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

                                                                  Katerina Napper

                                                                    No you all should match

                                                                    Abrielle V

                                                                      Different colours same style I think. So pink, blue, and yellow in that elven purple dress only problem with that is the purple colour is stunning so I’m kinda sad that no one would have the purple πŸ˜‚ also that yellow dress on Millie was stunning!


                                                                        But with any dress you should go to a seamstresses and the dresses fitted..

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