5 Cute Nail Art Designs For EASTER! 🐣

Main 5 Cute Nail Art Designs For EASTER! 🐣

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      5 Cute Nail Art Designs For EASTER! 🐣

      Today we are sharing 5 cute and easy nail art designs in this nail tutorial to get you in the festive spirit for both Easter and spring! We hope you enjoy this DIY …

      Madzellaura Naturels Bio

        C'est mignon 🙂

        Cameron L

          Adorable 🌸 it would be cute to put a handle on the basket!



            T B

              More Easter Q Ts!!! 😉

              div m

                that chick is soooo cute! tfs

                Alexandra Sanchez

                  omg these are super cute nail designs 😍👍🏻❤️

                  Angelina M

                    So cute!!💜💅


                      Love your tulips!

                      Jane Tang

                        Like the way you demonstrate!lovely job 🌹

                        Michelle Morera

                          Oh my god how cute 😍


                            These are so cute! I like that eggs in the basket, looks difficult to do but it's easy 🙂

                            Isabella Donoso

                              I LOVE the chick!!!!1

                              Amanda Freitas

                                3 & 5 are my favorites ☺

                                Maya Proudfit

                                  Erin your voice sounds so pretttyyy

                                  Luther Moskal

                                    The bunny butt is my favorite.

                                    Picnic Pineaple

                                      I love them all❤🐣🥚🐇🐰🌸❤

                                      Tiery 07

                                        The chick design is so cute!


                                          This is so stinkin' cute I think this video just gave me diabetes.

                                          soumi das


                                            mirte x

                                              I love these 😍 shure I'am gonna try them!!

                                              timid elle

                                                I love the pinky one!! soo cute x

                                                Della Rosa

                                                  I'm trying to plan my nails for Easter. These are cute. I may do some flowers on a thumb or something.


                                                    That is the cutest bunny butt I have ever seen :3

                                                    Haxhiajdini Erzaaa

                                                      I love all of them ♡♡♡


                                                        Love them! Erin we need to know your nail care secret on how you get them so long and healthy 😍

                                                        Random Person

                                                          Hi queens 👸 ❤️ 💅
                                                          totally going to try the second one!!!

                                                          Style Beauty

                                                            I love your design. good ideas. i will be try it

                                                            Anushka Dey



                                                                You always upload after I have done my mani for the week 🤣 oh well all these designs are pretty

                                                                ala mirane

                                                                  Wow these are amazing I hope that you guys read my comment🥰🥰

                                                                  Ariel Alena

                                                                    the flowers are sooooo adorable 🙌🏼💓 i love your nail designs!!

                                                                    Jax August

                                                                      paints all patterns 😂😆💕


                                                                        As I'm watching this, I'm also looking at the thumbnails for the 10 Easter Nail Art Designs 2019. Those chicks are too cute! I have some egg stencils that What's Up Nails included as a bonus so it will be fun doing mix and match nails.

                                                                        Reiny Ranasinghe

                                                                          these designs are so cute!! Can't wait to try them!

                                                                          wee. r.d

                                                                            These are absolutely the cutest!


                                                                              Hi! I really love your videos. I was wondering if you guys could make another summer nail art compilation or some fun birthday nail art designs. I’ll definitely be trying these nails!

                                                                              angela pavao

                                                                                These are so cute! I love the chick and the bunny feet!


                                                                                  Super cute! Totally gonna try it!

                                                                                  муαυ муαυ

                                                                                    Cute 😍😍

                                                                                    Natelly P

                                                                                      #earlysquad! Love this channel !💅 lol for some reason I felt like I could actually smell the nail polish 😆

                                                                                      Cat Lover

                                                                                        These are absolutely adorable! I love them 😍!

                                                                                        Hatoon Alhashedi

                                                                                          Last time I watched you videos was 7 years ago and now it still there ❤️❤️❤️❤️ i will always support you

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