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    Allana Davison

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ Click here to get 2 months of Skillshare for FREE: (first 500 who click eep!) WATCH MY …


        Lol^^ the beginning alone was quite gangster 😂👏🏽❤️ loved it! Thanks for sharing ☘️

        Amira Makhlouf

          So sad I missed the free trial, I'm located in Africa and wasn't awake when you put the video up. But that's okay 🙂 the FFF look looks so pretty can't wait to see it ♡


            Please do more vloggs. I love all the other videos you publish, but vlogging is your thing. ❤️

            Pituca Beauty

              The classes site sounds like so much fun. And i loved this video

              Arianna D’Ippolito

                Allana you’re one of my biggest inspirations 🥰 happy to say that I finally opened my own YouTube channel (after many years😂) so it would be awesome if you guys could show some love🤗 xxxx

                Jess Jones

                  your bf looks like a darker version of aaron carter

                  Hareem NM

                    Where are your glasses from????

                    Marjorie Choumiloff

                      Well if you want to learn French you have a fellow French beauty, fashion and health enthusiast subscriber that would absolutely love to help you practice 🙄💖🇨🇵


                        Going to the gym twice in a single day = I had nothing better to do. If this was one of your busiest days, I'm confused? How can anyone do less? Most folks don't have time to go to the gym once a day. Filters are beyond you, yet your job is to be on social media? You work with Vanessa, and you two are so busy that you have time to go out to lunch? If only we could all be as White, pretty, and rich we would be YouTubers who don't understand what "busy" means.

                        Nicole Sigmon

                          Could you maybe show us your makeup removal/cleansing routine? I'm so unsatisfied with the makeup removers I've tried recently and would love to see what you use. Even if you just include it in a vlog it would be such a help <3


                            That elf hydrating primer has an awful scent like cardboard or something and it doesn’t feel hydrating at all, i threw it away after trying it twice :/

                            Hakuna Matata

                              This video makes me realize I’m working too hard by getting no money😫
                              but…i give it to her,she‘s great

                              J Jadot

                                So good. Thank you for the Skillshare code ✨💯✨

                                Madison Roles

                                  This is hands down one of the coolest sponsorships I’ve ever come across. Big thank you from me, I’ll definitely be using skillshare!! ❤️❤️


                                    Your workouts are inspiring! Getting up early and doing it is freaking hard but it's worth it for those endorphins.

                                    T M

                                      What does Vanessa do??? Also I’m so into this crimped hair 👍🏻

                                      Christina Lynn

                                        Thank you for the Skillshare code!! Also, love your vlogs, I feel like we’re best friends 🙃😘

                                        Odette McCarthy

                                          Oh my god Allana, thank you so much for the free Skillshare!!

                                          Katie Saxon

                                            Love the vlog type videos 👌🏻❤️ it’s like hangin out with a friend

                                            Jenna Keith

                                              Quality Meryl footage ❤️

                                              Samantha Eash

                                                I always look forward to your videos…such a great way to end a very long day!

                                                Sammi Phung

                                                  I keep forgetting you live in toronto so when I see your walks to Barry’s I’m like “hey that looks so familiarl

                                                  Nina Campbell

                                                    Omg the makeup looks so good! Can’t wait for the FFF!


                                                      sometimes i think wow i wish i hadn't stopped making yt videos (i only did it in 2010-11) bc i could've potentially gone somewhere with it by now, but then i realise i'm not a morning person so idk how i would've done that loool, probs to you!

                                                      Annah Niram

                                                        Love you two!! (and miss Vanessa ofc). Also, the editing is amazing Dejan 😊

                                                        Krista Bee123

                                                          Live in Winnipeg MB 🇨🇦 and the drug store woes is reallll lol

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