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    Allana Davison

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ #EverydayMay Day EIGHTEEN! ——————————————————————————————— WATCH MY …

      Lou C

        Yes to a jewelry collection !


          Allana ur eyes are SO green in this video!!!!

          A Wittle Birdie Told Me

            I love the optic white toothpaste. I switch between that and Sensodyne


              Oh Meryl😍😍😍 it’s been a long time!!!! 💋💋💋💋❤️

              Maeva Carric


                Abeeha Asghar

                  I love routine videos!!

                  Hellraiky x

                    I REALLY hope there will be an everyday may video dedicated to a day in the life of Meryl. She just look so sweet

                    lubna s

                      Non waxed dental floss is meant for tight contacts not the other way around.Also don’t Overdo the whitening strips and whitening toothpastes (as they abrade the enamel, hence the ‘whitening’) they will strip away the enamel and make your teeth sensitive.


                        Hey! Do you still use the graydon face food???


                          grab my cat after hearing meowryl meowing so cute 😹😽

                          Georgia Froud

                            I really liked this short vlog video! Concise but a nice insight into your everyday! X

                            Stefanie Rose

                              I’d like to laser my stash too 😂👨🏽‍🦱

                              Manal Elbarhoumi

                                Its 1 in the morning here in NYC and was just about to sleep, but saw Allana posted a vid so, of course, I drppped everything to watch it. lol

                                Kate H

                                  Can you do a short thing about your coffee routine if you haven’t already? It looks so good in every flipping video and I’d love to know like, what machine you use and how you prep it 😍

                                  Blog Polar

                                    I shave my Moe too. I keep a shaver in the shower and shave it ever couple of weeks when I remember. It’s still blonde, even though I’m dark brunette, and it hasn’t gotten thicker even though I’ve done it for about a decade. 🎉🎊 it’s sooo much easier than waxing or threading.

                                    Anam Tauqir

                                      Love your vlogs!!!! ❣ I don’t know why but they’re very soothing to watch 🤭 does that make sense????


                                        My girl Fudgeround was so concerned by the meowing she came to make sure there wasn't a cat starving to death (read: had not eaten a hole through the middle of their food, rendering them incapable of eating the rest of their food).

                                        Miss Stephanie

                                          What's the triangle on your wrist signify? Supposed to be a tetrahedron? A tetragrammatron? Just curious ☺

                                          ashley tai

                                            More Vlogs please!

                                            sarah agno

                                              Where is Vanessa's white crew neck from?

                                              Natalie Bowen

                                                Post more blog style videos – love them!

                                                Lauren X

                                                  Would love a jewellery storage / collection vid xxxx


                                                    Whitening products are not good for sensitive teeth…I can’t use it even though I wish I could!

                                                    April Victoria

                                                      as soon as meryl started meowing at the start of the video I was like “merryyyyllll 💗💗” and hit the like button 💗💗

                                                      Danyel Jaynes

                                                        I just love your personality so much! You’re so fun to watch and you always seem so genuine. I love that you’re so open about the cosmetic things you’ve done…we all love tips and tricks! I look forward to seeing all your videos. 💕 okay, bye!

                                                        Silvia L.

                                                          A morning routine begins with a Meryl is puuurrrrfect~

                                                          Kim Peters

                                                            But isn't the jewelry still hitting the air?? Also, yes please show us your jewelry!! 💍😘

                                                            Jenn Parga

                                                              Yes please do a jewelry vid❣️

                                                              Kendra Toy

                                                                get the crest white strips gentle routine!! The gentle routine is a major key if you have sensitive teeth! I did them a couple years ago before my graduation and I could use them twice a day without a problem and they work just as well. I have the regular ones now and they hurt my teeth so bad. I highly recommend the gentle onea

                                                                Lyndsey Bartell-Tamayo

                                                                  I wax my mustache with Nair at home about one a month 😏👊🏼 No shame. And it’s painless and works really well! Been doin it for years.


                                                                    Yes, Muji is the best for storage…but did you get a closed container to keep the air out? I was totally expecting to see the clear acrylic drawers that everyone uses for makeup storage. I guess I’ll have to wait to see until you post your jewelry collection video. 😏

                                                                    Brandee Stotz

                                                                      So if ur jewelry is getting tarnished, can u fix that or r the tarnished jewelry done for! ?????

                                                                      Diane Hutchinson

                                                                        God I love Meryl…you too, Allana! But yo, that cat gives me all the feels!

                                                                        Mae Lagumen

                                                                          I use optic white as well, and it really does make a difference.

                                                                          Rheezy McSheezy

                                                                            Well done to the #allanaxride participants. Good on you!!

                                                                            J Jadot

                                                                              This is so good. ✨😍🙌🏽


                                                                                loving everyday may!!!

                                                                                Joan Carbonell

                                                                                  Any video that starts with little meow-ryl is a goodie (though all of your vids are goodies so…) 😚😚❤❤❤

                                                                                  Sonia Makeup Junkie

                                                                                    Beauty community : up in flames
                                                                                    Allana : this is how I shave my moustache



                                                                                      This is the content I want to see! And amazing editing by the way

                                                                                      Molly Lesser

                                                                                        super impressed by your commitment to every day may. hope you take a well deserved break in june 🙂

                                                                                        Jessica Taylor

                                                                                          Happy Victoria Day long weekend Allana & other fellow Canadians 🇨🇦 thx for the toothsome tips, and yes please to the jewelry vlog. JT x 💛

                                                                                          Ronnie Marshall

                                                                                            Have you tried sugaring?😊


                                                                                              Do you ever shave your face with eyebrow shavers? Those are sooo much gentler on the face and do the same thing!

                                                                                              Deb White

                                                                                                How do you keep your bedding so white??

                                                                                                Amy Kopec

                                                                                                  YAAAS jewelry tour please!


                                                                                                    You are awesome! ❤️❤️

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