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      Beauty Lover Vs. Artist • Weather Makeup Challenge

      “I’ve had weather on my face before.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, style, …

      Krista p

        I wish I got paid to do this

        Isabel C

          I would've done a sunny day, like yellow and orange tones♡

          Paije Montoya

            I like how kind they are to each other, it I was there i would be trying to win no matter what it takes.😂😂😂

            albany Oregon skywatcher

              Are these men? Or woman? Biological tho. Just curious

              CE LYSE

                They both could be runway looks.

                Chelsie Hegstrom

                  Both of those looks were super awesome! I love the lady who judged as well. She should do bedtime stories on buzzfeed because her voice is so lovely and soothing 😍 love these challenges

                  Sallymolly Liddell

                    They both looked so good

                    Loren Moss

                      Love jasmine trying to be nice ❤️😂

                      Mcgaggie The dogo

                        Not to be rude but…. my god you guys both look so good like freeking supernovas you are EXPLODING with style. Also for your first time doing makeup
                        Girl like yassss queennnnn slayyyyyy. You guys did so gooddddd.

                        Green Apples

                          Outer Space theme would be so cool

                          Traven Garnett

                            love how they are so loving to each other at the end 🙂

                            Citlalli Bejarano

                              Night is my favorite weather

                              Taylor Pope

                                my mind immediately goes david bowie lightning bolt then it goes to how david bowie slept with underage groupies. can't win

                                Prabir Bakshi

                                  After makeup Liza looks like Katy Perry


                                    The artist wins bc the night sky doesn’t go with the weather theme.

                                    icedwhite mocha

                                      I like both looks!

                                      Divine Alvarez

                                        I like Lizz's alot, i loved the lighting and liked the way her lips looked with the rest of the make up

                                        Random Nameee

                                          I wanted jazz to win😭
                                          Lizz was great too tho

                                          Bloody Nice

                                            Ok BuzzFeed is dying that is sad .

                                            maryam almohammed

                                              I love people who are like jaz, even if they’re competing against someone, they compliment them and make them feel good about theirselves no matter what. Love that!

                                              Hamdi Jimale

                                                Jazzmine helps her with blending.
                                                Artist: ”Thank you! You are the real artist”
                                                Jassmine: ” Yes..No, but just do that”
                                                Awkward silence


                                                  Why do some of Lizz tattoos on her hands look like they were done in prison?

                                                  Noora Queen

                                                    The animator has nice icy eyes she could’ve used that as inspiration

                                                    Bere Jerez

                                                      So obsessed with both looks! I can't decide myself 😭 Jazz looks so amazing with literally everything she puts in her face 💙

                                                      Lila Twyx

                                                        "I use macsara on my face" sooo as blush or …? XD she's so cute

                                                        Lauren Tatreau

                                                          “Nice and simple”

                                                          floral ghost

                                                            i like the winning look but the eyebrows were a little much

                                                            Kainani Nitz

                                                              I thought she was a makeup artist

                                                              Kainani Nitz

                                                                A the raccoon look


                                                                  Jazz stop lying

                                                                  Zannia Ojibe

                                                                    They both killed it🔥🔥


                                                                      I love both looks, but the lightning storm look is my favorite!

                                                                      MAceee McNeese

                                                                        Wait how is night sky a weather

                                                                        Lauren Hannah

                                                                          Since when does the night sky count as weather??? Love the eyes but it's not weather

                                                                          Jacqueline Best

                                                                            ok but why is the background music a low key bop


                                                                              I personally like Jazz look and would wear that out but the other girls look is cool too. If i were to recreate that one on me it would be wit more natural looking eyebrows.

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