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      BEST MAKEUP UNDER $25 at Sephora

      Hey guys, this was video was pre-filmed 3 weeks ago after I returned from NC. Who doesn’t love affordable makeup at Sephora, here’s a full face using all of the …

      Mackenzie Rod

        Chap stick moment 😂 I know the feeling lol


          I've been wanting to try that sephora foundation. Now Im convinced to buy it 😂

          Andreea Alexandra


            Aurélie Es

              Décolleté ! 🇫🇷bisous de la France😘


                THIS IS PERFECT. My boyfriend is about to go to Sephora NY for me and I really needed this guide!

                Dila Soylu

                  you are gorg

                  Daniel Gamez

                    Hi Queen! how are you today!?

                    Trang Vương Thảo

                      Thank you Tati! Glad to see your smile again! I love your lip colours today! Gorgeous

                      Moumita Das

                        You are looking drop dead gorgeous 😍😘

                        JAMES CHARLES IS BACK SIs

                          Tati.. one thing.. how can you promote a concealer that runs out in a week, yea it’s cheap? I bought it without reading anything, the formula is amazing, but if u compared took 30 milligrams of that, and 30 milligrams of the tarte shape tape, tarte would be much cheaper, and it has a good formula as well

                          B777723 gg

                            Gorgeous, love your videos I'm a new fan


                              Hi Tati…….just thought you needed that 💋


                                whats the sally's mascara called?

                                AprilK René

                                  I don’t “love and support” liars.

                                  Shelb Bea

                                    Yaaaaazzz this the type of content I need. Thanks Tati 👏


                                      ❤️such a beauty

                                      Fay Zet

                                        Wow! Makeup looks amazing! I absolutely LOVE the look.

                                        Carlotta Mangione

                                          Loved the part when you say you used your highlighter sponge to wear your foundation😂 happens to me ALL THE TIME!
                                          Welcome back Tati❤️ Love from Italy🇮🇹

                                          lea penel

                                            It’s décolleté! From a French girl
                                            love you Tati xo

                                            STAN EXO

                                              Her Snow White mirror is from Besame Cosmetics and retails for $40. 💌

                                              berta nicolae

                                                Love you, thank you for These product ideas❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                your best friend

                                                  Me and Tati have stuff in common like I made a YouTube video but no one liked it and….

                                                  Brandy Spears

                                                    Oh tati !! Thank you SO much for adding captions 😘😘😙😙

                                                    Zainab Hadi

                                                      I wish I have Natasha Denona's products they look gorgeous 😭😭😭

                                                      Melissa Piontek

                                                        That chap stick for me is Estee Lauder hydrating lip conditioner? It comes in their all gold boujee case.. It was amazing.. Till my BOYFRIEND decided he loved it too and used it all. He did that, going over and over and over his lips, with MY Estee Lauder lip conditioner…

                                                        Marie Delmar

                                                          We all need this vid we’re all spent up 😰

                                                          Rae Wilde

                                                            The Fenty highlighter is more than 25 dollars 🙁

                                                            Matt Powell

                                                              Welcome back so happy to see you

                                                              Palak Sharma

                                                                I've never used a beauty blender for applying highlighter, that's so interesting
                                                                I'mma try it out from now on, thanks!

                                                                Banana Berry

                                                                  I got really excited when i saw the video 😍
                                                                  can't wait until you are fully back
                                                                  we love you mama ❤️

                                                                  Melina Botton

                                                                    Yay!! A Tati video, prerecorded or not, makes the world better place. Hope you’re taking good care of your beautiful soul. 😘

                                                                    Sharon Peckham

                                                                      Love seeing a new Tati video, regardless of when it was filmed! Also, I AM one of those Chapstick people, and I do indeed need more.


                                                                        y'all i was expecting everyone to be hating in the comment section but the positivity got me QUAKING


                                                                          i thought she was ✌taking a break✌

                                                                          Wendy Ngo

                                                                            Can you do a review of the sonic automatic toothbrush ??? Its like a mouthpiece you put into your mouth and its suppose to do all the work

                                                                            Need Sleep

                                                                              Thanks you and fans for the fenty liner recommendation! I need a new one since my kat von d ink liner is out and will not be replaced 💀

                                                                              Del Ferns

                                                                                Okay she’s beautiful!

                                                                                kmolnar _day_life


                                                                                  Cristal Sandoval

                                                                                    Love you girl 💕

                                                                                    Kristin Pd

                                                                                      yeah…..shes still sad. i see it

                                                                                      The Floor Jungcock Humped On

                                                                                        Whatta cute set up!

                                                                                        oh damn its jan

                                                                                          i found this so cringe omg..

                                                                                          Vania Tirza

                                                                                            I MISS YOU! <3

                                                                                            Jeanette Sanchez

                                                                                              Sooo Tati just made me buy the mini Lila palette 🎨 and it was on sale for 12$🙌🏼🙌🏼

                                                                                              Ananya Bommareddy

                                                                                                Lol I got that eyeliner last year, it is soooooooooo good like it is beautiful

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