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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Bride Has a Long List of What She Doesn't Like | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

      Shireen is self-conscious about her body, but Gok Wan is here to help this plus size bride realise that she can look stunning in a wedding dress! Catch Say Yes …

      Aliyah Mae

        I feel you but, you're size beautiful. ♥️


          I'm cryyying. He's amazing 💕💕💕

          Jennifer Le

            Absolutely stunning dress on her. The Lancashire edition pulls such nice and unique dresses. Gok is amazing as usual.

            King Cy

              Is it just me but this is like 7 minutes and 54 seconds of wanting to marry gok!

              Dee Lg

                Aww Gok wins heart everytime !!

                Nina Davis

                  She's a beautiful girl. She looks great.

                  Antonia Rigopoulos

                    She has good friends and a lovely mom

                    Norm Rayos

                      3:10 that dress in the background on the mannequin took my breath away!
                      I love this show – wish I could go to Lancashire just to meet Gok and ogle the pretty sparkly gowns for hours! It must be so much fun to work there


                        There my Loving Gok ❤️


                          I need this on Hulu United States I seriously love is Say Yes to the Dress so much and I think that Gok is such a wonderful man with a beautiful soul and way he treats everything a bride he makes them beyond what they should be lying and I love that about him and you can tell is 100% genuine

                          Shayna Robinson

                            The beginning was sad…she looks stunning, honestly! Like I honestly think she's beautiful..her features, that skin tone all soo charming!

                            Alba Velazquez

                              He does a great job with the brides and so helpful and kind

                              Lisa Vivola

                                She is very shapely and beautiful!!!!!


                                  Every time she says I look fat in this dress, this shows me fat, back fat..etc.. And I am there not noticing any of what she is saying, she looks gorgeous in all of them. Take a moment to appreciate her cute face.
                                  I think sometimes we see details in our bodies that we notice but others don't. But we still pay too much attention to them and feel uncomfortable and no self esteem. sad

                                  Jo Deming

                                    Absolutely beautiful she is. Hold your head up you are just gorgeous.

                                    Luc-sen’s Cham

                                      this is gonna be me wedding shopping because of my low body positivity at times.

                                      Voice of Reason

                                        i love that sparkle on that dress. she made the right choice


                                          If your THAT upset because your fat then there is a solution. Stop being fat! Hit the gym, change what you put in your mouth and you'll soon be on the right track and you're health will thank you for it too. Not saying its easy but it is possible !!!


                                            This man is God’s gift to brides

                                            Shaista Sadaf

                                              She is amazing and she has got such a beautiful figure. My fav wee the first fit and flare and he 3rd ball gown. It was fabulous on her.

                                              Phio I

                                                I wonder how people dislike these videos 🤷

                                                Kathryn Kimbley

                                                  This clip is everything why I LOVE Auntie Gok SOOOO much!! I was in tears watching this. I could feel every second, every doubt, every criticism that beautiful bride felt about herself about myself and Gok just blew it all away. She looks amazing!!!! 🥰🥰🥰

                                                  Ada Priscila

                                                    When Gok erased some of the words on the “no” side of the mirror was such a sweet moment 😭 He is so thoughtful for making his brides feel confident in a wedding dress! ✨

                                                    Teresa Kaczmarski

                                                      She's beautiful in the dress she picked… but I thought she was "drop dead gorgeous" in that first gown too… She is gonna be one beautiful bride on her wedding day…..

                                                      Melissa W

                                                        So I need to win the lottery so that I can fly out from the US to have him find my dream dress. He is just amazing.

                                                        Ζαρουή Ντινκογιάν

                                                          So did they get the dress in their budget? Because the Lady said they would do something for her but I didn't quit understand her..

                                                          Shari Arnold

                                                            She looks so good in this dress! She picked the right one for sure!

                                                            Bee Bumble

                                                              I find tight dresses inmodest

                                                              Razanne Shqeirat

                                                                Bless you Gok. I'm obsessed with this show!


                                                                  Awww ♥

                                                                  Mao Yang

                                                                    A GORGEOUS dress fit for a princess, Nice job Gok!

                                                                    Cris s

                                                                      She's actually so pretty


                                                                        She looks gorgeous! 😍😍

                                                                        Sandra Ruppert

                                                                          Stunning !♥

                                                                          Jana Said

                                                                            Gok is so sweet!!! I love him!!! 🥰

                                                                            Rieny Rienz

                                                                              Gok seems to be a genuinely good person. This is not because of his job or the cameras. This is him.

                                                                              Htotha Hizzie

                                                                                Gok is a therapist, friend, stylist and a BIG HEART all wrapped in one. Love him!!

                                                                                Rieny Rienz

                                                                                  Gok is the MVP!

                                                                                  patricia ferrini

                                                                                    she is beautiful

                                                                                    Karen Acton

                                                                                      Gok, you are amazing!!!

                                                                                      Sed Q

                                                                                        What a beautiful bride and what a beautiful family!!

                                                                                        Sonakshi Verma

                                                                                          This is the first time I actually cried in these. It’s not Gok it’s God


                                                                                            I subscribed to this channel only for Gok ….. I love watching him and all those people who comes to him and leave with lots of love happiness and a wedding dress

                                                                                            Noor Sheikh

                                                                                              Gok doesn't just make you love the dress. He makes you love yourself. 💜😍

                                                                                              Bryanna Jordan


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