Can You Tell $1 Vs. $57 Lipstick?

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      Can You Tell $1 Vs. $57 Lipstick?

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      Sara Stevens

        The colors were flattering on all of them

        Sarah Goodson

          Let me take the guess work out here. Alot of luxury brands have floral scent and cheaper brands smell like wax. Alot of cheaper brands also feel way more uncomfortable.

          !xOIPx !

            Sometimes things that are expensive…are worse

            Yad C

              This is the most boring video EVER… smh :/ I think wet noodles and pasta have more chemistry than any of these people lol

              Sofia Z

                I really hate those buzzfeed videos, cause that not always that obvious that “more expensive =better”. Like, $6 lipstick can be better that some of $50 lipstick. It’s all about is it good or bad beauty product. Firstly, compare one category products like Matt and Matt or long lasting and long lasting. It’s not a secret that different people like different things. Not everybody are happy to remove lipstick for hours.
                P.S. Cheap don’t mean $0,99, it can be up to 15, but still not $57

                Huda Kasker

                  Why wasn't Jazzmyne in this vid

                  Roblox teamCostellers

                    He puts on lipstick wierd……. in my opinion😬..



                      Please do the world a favour Watch this video such metalities such as this ladies could change the world, as well as her other videos
                      LetS MAKE THIS A BETTER PLACE



                      j00ce 4u

                        This channel is dying

                        Rubeka Noor

                          Maybelline lipstick is amazing and proves you dont have to break the bank for quality💄

                          Inger Inger

                            I love these kind of videos

                            Ly Valenzuela

                              You can't compare a liquid lipstick to a lip lacquer, they're different formulas!


                                Hey buzzfeed, if you can't level your audio well, at least get someone to do captions for the videos. I'm up for hire because I can't understand half of what they're saying and just want captions.

                                Amanda Brownson

                                  I’m going to guess that this was an intern video.

                                  wHeRe aRe thE AvoCAdoS

                                    2:21 I am dying ❤️😂👌🏻

                                    Betül Bo96

                                      Wow now I need to buy the Tom Ford lippy, it's so beautiful 😫
                                      Thanks for fixing me buzzfeed

                                      Lily Anderson

                                        There’s this amazing Wet ‘n’ Wild lipstick called “Give Me Mocha” or something…

                                        Nancy Beauty Dose

                                          Video idea: Plot twist: they are all $1 and they thought one was more expensive because of the placebo effect haha

                                          Bangtan’s Bae

                                            I saw the thumbnail and was like.. "I have Definitely watched this one before"

                                            Bangtan’s Bae

                                              Buzzfeed REALLY running out of ideas


                                                BuzzFeed is out of ideas!

                                                The Helpful Assistant

                                                  I like:
                                                  Swasti- either Sisley or Tom Ford
                                                  Ryann – Sisley
                                                  Sara- Tom Ford
                                                  Destine – Sisley ** she has the prettiest lips!! Wish my lips were like that.

                                                  Freedom ForEver

                                                    Now I know men also allow to do this, hemmm

                                                    Martha Lacomba

                                                      Hi Sara nice to see you again

                                                      ForTheLoveOfBillie Eilish

                                                        How many times are y’all going to remake the same video

                                                        jess m

                                                          "marilyn mohn-roe" sis no

                                                          LG Hakubi

                                                            Ryann bebe…. You should've had him in the thumbnail too, I would've clicked faster

                                                            Chaunique Martinez

                                                              Sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t


                                                                1:09 I swear reminds me of Sebastian from the Little Mermaid.

                                                                Pushpita Haque

                                                                  Right after i splurged on a $20 lipstick

                                                                  Miranda E

                                                                    This editing is soooo drawn out and terrible

                                                                    Therese Nydahl

                                                                      Interesting, thank you 🌷🌷🌷🌷


                                                                        They should’ve chosen colors that would’ve gone better with any skin tone

                                                                        C B

                                                                          I just want to know who are these people who can spend 57 dollars on a red lipstick. I have never spent more than 5 dollars on a lipstick. That was a luxury for me.

                                                                          Tiffany Castro

                                                                            I literally found destinee to be very annoying and almost entitled. Not liking her vibe

                                                                            Alexa King

                                                                              Can you plz do more picture re-creating also 100 comment

                                                                              Yunalesca Bliss

                                                                                I feel like I've seen this video from Buzzfeed like 5 billion times.

                                                                                Savannah Seney

                                                                                  I thought this was an old video until I saw only a couple comments 😂

                                                                                  free willi

                                                                                    Destinee has a pretty smile


                                                                                      Sarah has a cool mouth! 💋

                                                                                      Lauren Schlepp

                                                                                        The biggest thing that would give it away would be the packaging I think not the product. If you took the lipsticks out of the tubes it'd be really hard to tell

                                                                                        Tessa Red

                                                                                          Honestly I used wet n wild waterproof matte lipstick when I did dance and it is fantastic. I still sometimes use it simply because I have so much of it in so many different shades. If I want a liquid I use Nyx, and it’s affordable and just perfect.

                                                                                          Random Games

                                                                                            Love you so much

                                                                                            Andréa Gomez Satche

                                                                                              I miss seeing Sarah in vidéos… :((

                                                                                              Jessica Wong

                                                                                                More of these videos but with different makeup products

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