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    Wayne Goss

      LINKS! Charlotte Tilbury UK Charlotte Tilbury US CultBeautyBox …

      PK Blondie

        Sorry, ever since her "Magic Cream gave me deep disgusting blemishes I refuse to purchase anything of hers. It was awful. I'm over 60 and I've never ever had problems with huge red bumps. Terrible !! Never again!

        doublemoon S2


          Ann Stark

            39.00 dollers that is ridiculous for 4 shadows . not impressed.

            The Good Americans

              Btw I love your channel. I just ordered Charlotte tilsbury because of you. I am going to do a video on it.

              Kara Denise

                I love CT products

                Tracey Evans Buhr

                  Hi Wayne, CT has indicated that 3 of the 4 shades in Dreamgasm correspond to other CT quads. I inquired and was told they match as follows: Prime – from Dolce Vita, Enhance – from Transform-Eyes, Smoke – new shade (a warm copper bronze), and
                  Pop – from Pillow Talk. Gorgeous!

                  Some of CT's marketing materials list Exagger-Eyes but that does not correspond with what was stated to me on CT's IG account and swatching those shades in the 3 matching palettes. I do wish CT would make quads designed for deeper skintones.

                  skinnygyrl 37

                    Uuuu, is this box really $157.00 in USD or did I figure it up wrong??

                    Tia Barnes

                      Which eyeshadow of hers is your favorite for olive skin tone? I want to buy one but can't decide which!

                      J Jadot



                          Another -gasm product name. yawn At this point, I’m about to boycott any -gasm products just because of the name.🙄

                          Jenny W

                            I bought the ExaggerEyes palette and I was really disappointed. The palette is SO SMALL for $53!! At that price for only 4 shadows I would expect at least normal/standard size pans…I felt ripped off. I wouldn’t be feeling buyers remorse if that formula was amazing, but to be honest it’s nothing special..not bad but not great either.
                            I want to love it, but for the price it’s just not worth it (IMO)

                            Carolin Vincent

                              Thanks for the video Wayne I couldn’t love you more for thinking on dark skin people which is a problem I encountered often with my favorite cosmetic and the color range. I love Charlotte Tilbury and will be getting this palette and trying it thanks to you.

                              Christine Parker

                                Such a cutie. 💋

                                Deborah Carlston

                                  Three of four of these are in the Dolce Vita, Pillowtalk, and Exaggereyes palettes. It says so right in the description box on the Charlotte Tilbury website.


                                    Love your tutorials and your honesty, Wayne! I would like to see a video where you recommend your favorite shades of lipsticks/eye shadow/blush for women of olive, brown and mahogany skin tones. Thanks!


                                      I love you 😘😘

                                      MamaChristy MUA

                                        Ahhh! I wish to goodness I could afford the cultbeauty box curated by you! My damn insurance canceled and I have to buy my meds, broke mama here. I love you dear so happy for you! Happy and so jelly for yous that get it!


                                          do you have a fav. foundation for the dry mature skin?

                                          Wenlan Chen

                                            Any Charlotte Tilbury quad applied with Wayne Goss brush 20&18 + Sonia G Builder One (for the pop shade) is always a perfect start of my day☺️.

                                            Isabel He

                                              maybe just me but the warmer toned Viseart theory palettes seems to have a very similar colour combo! same price tho just another option to consider with 2 extra shades, anyone else notice this?

                                              Sophia x

                                                As much as I love CT, I feel the brand is getting a bit gimmicky with so many products coming out.

                                                Rosa Gonzalez

                                                  Is always the same colors…boring…Wayne the box would have been perfect if it had one of your brushes! I already order my box…Waiting for it…

                                                  Fiona Frazer

                                                    Looks so much like all her others – not for me! And the names – just stop. I have heard reviews that say these are not very pigmented too.

                                                    tomie 22

                                                      You make my day. i love your energy.

                                                      Martha Villagomez

                                                        I'm sorry but my brain stopped functioning after I heard the words "my underwear" come out of Wayne's mouth.

                                                        In Full Bloom

                                                          I will believe in this product WHEN I see on a 50+ year old average woman.

                                                          AmyF Faranso

                                                            Wayne, congratulations on the beauty hox! I was so excited until the end when i realized your brushes aren't in the box! 😫😰😭 next time please and i will order many! Love your channel! Amy

                                                            Tala K

                                                              This palette looks beautiful, but I won't bother buying it. I'm tired of the sex names for makeup. It's tacky and low brow.


                                                                I wish cosmetic companies would not ignore people with green eyes. Brown, nudes etc look terrible on my skin. Try and buy a sludgy green or pure violet eye shadow, they don't seem to exist. Such a shame it is also getting harder to buy mono eye shadows, I've so many palattes with colours I don't use, such a waste. Like the grounding tip well worth knowing.

                                                                Nicola Bleakley-Wadlow

                                                                  Like the CT brand very much, I do think the quad palettes are a bit pricey and lots of them are pretty similar, I have golden goddess rock chick pillowtalk and dolce vita, I probably won’t buy any more. xx

                                                                  Mrs S

                                                                    CT products are far too expensive

                                                                    Mel Thompson

                                                                      I’m excited to get this in the mail… along with the new Tom Ford quads 😍😍😍


                                                                        Love her brand but oh so pricey 😭😩

                                                                        Crystal Gumm

                                                                          Cable bill or Wayne Goss box!? My oh my, why do we have to have bills!???? I want this box soooo badly but it will have to wait until I can afford it!! I need a money tree; I wish it worked that way!! Hehe!!

                                                                          Charlotte Morse

                                                                            Love it.

                                                                            Suzan Storm

                                                                              I do wish CT would do some cooler tones. I love these glow products, but with my white hair, it can be too warm.

                                                                              Jennifer Magana

                                                                                No try on?

                                                                                The T with Tonia

                                                                                  I wouldn't have minded a gratuitous 'pant' shot ;P

                                                                                  Laura Libner

                                                                                    Thanks- looks like one I’d like. Big fan of coppery warm colors that are right in that range. 🙂

                                                                                    fata morgana

                                                                                      pretty, but we've seen this quad a million times.

                                                                                      dodo dody

                                                                                        My skin under my eyes is super dry please tell me which loose powder can i use to sit concealer

                                                                                        Ronda Meier

                                                                                          Thank you Wayne but I'm sorry the price and any brand who does it, is ridiculous!!! Funny thing is the colourpop sweet talk palette is beautiful and doesn't cost damn near a hundred dollars!!! The blush palette is $75 freaking dollars (not including shipping)!! While BH cosmetics blushing in Bali is $16.00 and you get 6 shades that WILL work on all skin tones and is stunning. I was going to try her stuff but when I saw the prices I knew it was all about ego and greed!!! No cosmetic or skin safe brand needs to charge these prices. And I'm not kidding your tools in that statement because yours are crafted in a very different way! So in your case I do understand the cost….


                                                                                            Who else goes a few seconds back, to check, when Wayne said, "I've only got my underwear on. Hope that you didn't see that."?😉

                                                                                            J F

                                                                                              The name of this palette bothers me. It’s a bit much and overly faux naughty.

                                                                                              Robin Engbers

                                                                                                I can buy all the products at Sephora accept the alpha:(

                                                                                                Heather McDonald

                                                                                                  yay! I wouldn't have noticed this was available because I've been stressed out and preoccupied, but now i've got this and a new Supersize Me lip cheat to look forward to! 🥳


                                                                                                    Very. .very glad for ordering the box. I'm expecting to get it in a few days… You're awesome Wayne Goss !

                                                                                                    Olivia Hegarty

                                                                                                      I’d have loved to buy your cult beauty box if it didn’t have nars in it☹️

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