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    Allana Davison

    Happy #EverydayMay Day 6!! Hope you enjoyed this lil roundup of all of my fave NARS products in my makeup collection! What are some of your favourites?

    Aleksandra Neloska

    "I'll never need to buy a new bronzer in my life, ever" let's be honest…this is the most un-lan thing you have ever spoken :p

    Chantal B.

    I would love if you could do an updated version of your top brush recommandations!!!! I am looking for some new ones, aspecially for cream products. Love u!!!

    Lucy Lambert

    Please can you do more full faces of high end/luxury brands that you haven’t done yet e.g Bobbi brown, Burberry, YSL, Shisiedo, etc? Full faces of one brand are my fav!! X

    Tiffany Avery

    So pretty! Mascara always makes your looks pop! 😍

    Elizabeth Tatham

    What brush did you use to blend out your concealer? Looks like it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for

    Sarah AG

    So pretty!!!

    m_99 Gonzalez

    The entire look is gorgeous but once you put mascara and the lip on its ascended to another level 😍

    Sayma Azam

    Amazing Allana yeahs really enjoy it u know how to do makeup Allana your really good love u ♥️♥️

    Tammy K

    That eye look is just divine 🤤. It’s so beautiful yet so simple


    Allana, you're so hard on yourself <3 You're amazin. Don't forget it!

    Melissa Carr

    Love that you called out the people who just move the hair to do foundation! I could never understand that myself!

    susana portillo

    If I only could have just one complexion product that will be Pure radiant tinted moisturizer! Sooo good!,

    angelina meyer

    Glossier pleaseeeee!!!


    Would loved if you had swatched the products you talked about. The blushes, the palettes, the loose pigments, eyeliners. All of them might have been too much but it would have been nice to see at least some of them.

    Sarah Gabriel

    You don’t need any make up, you are a natural beauty ! 🥰 but of course you are beautiful with make up too!

    Carrie Sweeney

    Tom Ford please! I love the products I do have but I’d love to hear your thoughts! Worth the money, or a complete rip off?

    Pauliina Rinne

    I have the all day luminous foundation but it looks awfull on me no matter what, so I'm scared to buy other stuff. Anyone else have the same experience?

    Cristiane Maia

    Great video. Thank you!!! Beautiful look 🙂

    Lauren Maxwell

    I’d love to see a full face using NYX as a budget option, would be cool to see!! 😘

    Sarah Hutchings

    Loved NARS!!! I’d love to see a full face of Milk makeup. Thank you for the great video xx

    LaShae’ T

    One of my most favorite looks you've created. SSSSOOOO PREETTTYYYYYYY!

    Eva M

    Love the eye look!!🤩. Got to pick me up some Nars lip products!!!!😃

    Pao Prieto

    I really want to try the lip products. They speak to me so haaaaard

    Rheezy McSheezy

    Please do a tutorial using the hot pink eye shadow from the nars afterglow eyeshadow palette. Hot pink and gold 🤤

    Sam S

    Love this!!!

    Crish Lopez

    Too much foundation

    Tas Rahman

    Allana! I really hope you see this! The nose contour you do has always emphasised the bump in the middle of your nose rather than giving you a slimmer one. If you don't care then you do you! In case you do though, it might help to bring the contour in so that it's more on the bridge than the sides, so the overall contour slims and straightens your nose xx

    Athanasia K

    I think this is my favorite look youve ever done!

    Lisa Powell

    When you have to caught up on everyday may because you have been working… and I don’t have many bars products which makes sad I really wanted a limited edition thing and I was too slow 😭. Oh well next time hopefully!!

    Ghada H

    You’re so preeettty

    Mays Shami

    Loved it! Can you please list the name of the velvet lip colors you like other than the Dolce Vita you used? 😍😍😍

    Emily Moran

    I was hoping you were going to use the Climax mascara!

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