Full Face Using Only Milani Makeup… 😱 I'm Shook!

Main Full Face Using Only Milani Makeup… 😱 I'm Shook!

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      Full Face Using Only Milani Makeup… 😱 I'm Shook!

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! In today’s video I’m testing out a full face of Milani makeup! I’ve gotten so many requests to do more “full …

      Erika Wolff

        I'm so excited to try the glitter shadow toppers. I was just thinking of finding one this morning then clicked on the video and am shooketh. Milani is great. Love their lipsticks💜

        Shimmer Asmr

          I absolutely adore the Milani foundation, I’ve tried a ton of foundations and I can’t get away from the milani one😍😍

          Sarah Elizabeth

            Before I started using your liquid lips Milani was my go-to, definitely one of my favorite drug store brands ❤️

            Tiarne Portelli

              I love my blush so my favourite has to be the blush its gorgeousssss!! and your concealer is to die for 😍

              Iona Wilson

                Hi how are ya

                Katrine Nygaard

                  The foundation, omg!

                  Nour El hachem


                    Anthony Mackay

                      Jeffree you are litterly my fav like litterly “can’t relate” to you you’re litterly queen. Love your life and vids see ya later ly.

                      Alma Negrete

                        I loved the blush and the lip gloss. Soooo pretttty!!!

                        Shenia Spalburg

                          Hi how are ya😍


                            omg you are making me more proud each day Jeffree. Been here since MySpace. KILLIN IT. 🌈🌈☀️☀️☀️☀️❄️❄️❄️❄️

                            xitlaly ramirez

                              Melani products are so good for drug store makeup 😌

                              Emma Kaleikilo

                                Looking STUNNING as always 🤩🤩

                                Jean Hsia

                                  Love their blushes and the foundation. Would love to try the mascara.

                                  Karyu Sama



                                      Hi Milani concealer and Hi giveaway HOW ARE YA 🙂 <3


                                        Hi Jeffree! I loved the baked powder blush and the holographic toppers.😍

                                        Spencer Tate

                                          That velvet blue color omg 😍😍😍

                                          Dea Kastrati

                                            Hi how are u baby i love evrything

                                            And Peggy

                                              I love all their liquid lipsticks

                                              Monica Brady

                                                I love their prep+brighten rose face oil! 😍🙌🏼

                                                Rachel And Kodiak



                                                    loved the foundation omg 💗

                                                    Tija Ezerina

                                                      All powders look amazing 🙂

                                                      Mini – Benny

                                                        Oh my god, this is BOMB! Never heard of this brand cause we don't have any stores in Italy but their products are so good. Bye girl!
                                                        ig benedettatodesco

                                                        Maia Tate

                                                          Beautifully Iconic!!! ⭐💖 Love Jeffree so much!!!

                                                          Alicia H

                                                            Girl that blush highlight was sickening I literally gasped 😍

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