Gel Polish in a Tube! No Base or Top Coat Needed😱

Main Gel Polish in a Tube! No Base or Top Coat Needed😱

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      Gel Polish in a Tube! No Base or Top Coat Needed😱

      Suzie tries the world’s 1st Gel Polish in a Tube that doesn’t need a Base Coat or Top Coat! How does it perform? Suzie finds out! View Suzie’s New Free Digital …

      Ellie A.

        Wow! This gel in a tube is SO pigmented! Gorgeous colours! Thanks for sharing and thank you for sharing the link and discount code 😍😍 … And now I understand why your YouTube channel has the best sound! Thanks to cameraman 😁👏🏼


          Omg did anyone notice her brush and nail file set!😍😍😍

          Cob Webb

            That explains why the audio is so flawless in your videos



              Cheyenne Moore

                Oh wow that’s so cool I love it!

                Maria Tyler

                  Love that color

                  lori wargo

                    i was wondering how much gel ended up in the cap after you're done? besides not needing a top coat, i am not seeing an advantage to using this.

                    Lexi poo

                      I’ve had acrylic nails for 11 years. I love mine long and stiletto

                      Lexi poo

                        You have such an awesome personality.

                        Joel Rivera

                          Dear Susie, can you explain what is the correct way to hold a customers fingers when we as techs work on them? I use my thumb and pointer finger to hold, and also to open the skin and get the sides of the nail with polish evenly, but my thumb seems to get tired and hurts after a while, I wonder if I’m doing this wrong. Please help.


                            😍😄😮😄 thank you so much for showing us products for home users ❤❤❤❤

                            Beth Gramkow

                              I have been having my nails done since 1988 minus probably a year total with out them on. It used to take my nail tech 3 hrs to do them . I have had good nails techs and a few bad. My nails are healthy. It's the one thing I have loved doing for my self. My kids can usally date pictures by how I was wearing my nails. Lol

                              Panchita Bell

                                Love it, one coat and done, amazing, just would like to have a smaller brush.

                                Can us Normal folk do it? Gina Marie

                                  That brush looks like junk

                                  simone nz

                                    Hi Susie. That brush looks kinda stiff. Is it?

                                    Kleen Kutt

                                      Great concept but my god that brush is trash.


                                        Seems like a great concept. I wonder how many manicures you would get from that tube. A downside is that you cannot put back what you may have accidentally taken out. Once the polish is out, it’s out


                                          Out of curiosity, do you remove the nails you show us after you’ve filmed? How do you function with those really long nails? I admire that!

                                          Miriam Murillo

                                            Not impressed I prefer bottle and brush

                                            Daniyah Shaltot

                                              They should make an even wider color range, add some glitters and improve how the product flows into the bristles, and make different brush sizes and shapes to make it usable for everyone.


                                                The pigmentation looks amazing but the brush looks like a headache and if it cures to a no-wipe finish, I doubt it would layer well.


                                                  So how do you clean the brushes?


                                                    I never see natural nails, any tips on helping grow out natural nails?

                                                    Norma T.

                                                      Love it… And that purple color is beautiful. Have never had my nail done with gel… Use to get acrylics… But over a decade ago. Now i just do my own manicures💅


                                                        You should try out the Kiss brush on gel kit!

                                                        Kim Wallace

                                                          This is a horrible product! The brush is way too long. 🥴

                                                          Maggie Pena

                                                            Ooo I'm so ordering this in the morning. I just went to the website they have VERY PRETTY COLORS 😍 CANT WAIT TO TRY IT ! THANK YOU FOR THE UPLOAD AND REVIEW 😊

                                                            Na’Coleone Daniels

                                                              do you have to remove the sticky layer between layers of gel polish? if so, what should you use? acetone, rubbing alcohol, etc?


                                                                Hi Suzie, i had a nice video idea, maybe you can order al sorts of stuff (acrylic and gel, polishes etc.) from Wish and then test it out! Haha. Thank you so much for making these videos, i have learned everything from you! Greetings from a 14 year old girl from Holland🧡

                                                                Hermosas manitas

                                                                  Hello i'm glad with your Chanel i'm new and you have excellent tips to apply nails,greetings from México city!!!

                                                                  Kitzy kat

                                                                    Couldn’t you just cut the end of the brush if it’s too long. Why do you guys think they made it so long?

                                                                    Jammy Jamster

                                                                      I feel that the brush could be improved, but the colors are lovely! I'm also a sucker for gel that I can do at home. 😆

                                                                      Anna Elsen

                                                                        I fully expected to never have my question answered! Thank you, Suzie! I love that y'all are in this together!

                                                                        May Rile

                                                                          These are amazing 😉 very pigmented and the brush looks very easy to manage

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