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      How I USED To Do My Makeup VS. NOW! | NikkieTutorials

      Today I’m taking a trip down memory lane and finding out how I did my makeup 5 years ago! In the then vs. now makeup challenge I’m gonna see if my …



        Margot Denise

          I prefer the 2014 side 🤷🏻‍♀️

          Angel Abad

            I wish I had this glow up 😭🥰😍

            Blessings 2You

              I'm SOOOO old I remember Jean Shrimpton's and Twiggy's looks from verleden !!! 👩‍🏭

              Margot Denise

                I dont understand why you layer so much base makeup. You have young skin?

                Vania Vania

                  Why you are acting like this was not you. Stop overreacting for views girl 😒

                  Valerie Call

                    I know you wont want to hear this but the old way has your eye looking brighter and bigger. Also i prefer the three colors on your lid. Idk

                    The Otp Sailor

                      I personally prefer the 2014 side but everyone is different so…

                      Caitlyn Ross

                        11 years 11 million subscribers woohoo yasss Nikki

                        Jennifer Leisl

                          when the brows low key look the same…😬

                          Hafsa Sara

                            Feels soo good to be an OG follower 😇

                            Gwgw Schoinaraki

                              I have hooded eyes and i have always complained about how much I don't like my eyes' shape cause i couldn't do many different eyeshadow looks but this video made me appreciate my eyes more and understand how i have to work my eyeshadow to make my eyes look amazing❤️


                                I actually think the old brow is bombt!

                                Queen Makeup

                                  "Dutch word of the day" verleden meaning: in the past

                                  BreAnna Huff

                                    I think they are both beautiful, but I like the shadows on the 2014 side better. The present side is good, but it's extra

                                    Kristella Beauty

                                      Watching this before my job interview to calm myself down 🙁


                                        You need to use sugarpill again!

                                        April April

                                          Not much difference 👅

                                          Stanislav Djenkov

                                            Video Idea: Why dont you do your make up without your beauty lights. I know a lot of times beauty vloggers look flawless, but it's mostly due to the lights sometimes.


                                              I love how now Nikkie is offended by then Nikkie😂

                                              The Wolf Queen

                                                Is it me or do your one brow looks to be higher on you face that the other ?

                                                WE HATE JAMES CHARLES

                                                  Has Perfectly Uniform Brows

                                                  Nikkie: *Living Fantasy, Desire A Fantasy*

                                                  WTH😂 You're Still our Queen❤

                                                  Laura Siemons

                                                    The first video I saw of you were the recreations of the looks from Holland's next top model! I remembered falling in love with your make-up skills 😍

                                                    Andrea Santana Rios

                                                      Yassss slayyyyyy💅🏼💗 can you do an updated brow video!

                                                      Ice Kream

                                                        ehm at the end of 2019 i don't even get to 2014 glam….hahaha you are a guru nikkie a guruuuuuuuuuuuu Bye verleden hihi


                                                          i love how she explains how move the brush to get the best outcome ever

                                                          Emily Curtis

                                                            is it just me or has her accent changed???


                                                              What is the color of Nikki's Mac Foundation?


                                                                No offense but, your eye looks bigger in the old eye makeup part

                                                                Sarah Klingler

                                                                  Omg nikkie i remember all of the products!! I bought them all because i thought you nailed it! And since then you‘re still my favourite. My biggest Inspiration! My biggest Dream is you doing my wedding makeup 😍 i love you glow-queen✨

                                                                  Queen Makeup

                                                                    I literally remember that old brow routine…OG subbie here…one of my inspirations for starting my channel is nikkie…verleden meaning: in the past.💄❤💄


                                                                      When r u ever gonna do eyebrows don’t you know people enjoy it

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