HOW TO GET CURLY HAIR AT HOME! I gave myself natural waves with NO heat *Easy & Life Changing*

Main HOW TO GET CURLY HAIR AT HOME! I gave myself natural waves with NO heat *Easy & Life Changing*

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    Sarahs Day

    Oh my goodness… I can’t believe this actually worked. PLEASE comment below with your tips and tricks to improve my technique! I still feel like it looks a little too …


    You could try out Flaxseed Gel? You can do it yourself, there are tons of diy videos.

    Selina Ricciardi

    does this method also work for a girl who has naturally straight hair and I do it like in a bun or so? Guys I wanna now have curly hair too 🤭

    Alissa Coffey

    Yessss welcome to the CGM crew! As a curly girl and a vegan, i can definitely confirm that the CGM community is much more intense lol (in a very loving, helpful way!). Highly recommend Everescents products for curly girl method, and the bottles are refillable at salons <3

    Elen Diako

    Try not to touch the hair after you applied gel to avoid frizz ❤️

    Elen Diako

    In Australia there is no a proper gel you can buy in Priceline or Chemist. If you are lucky you can find Giovanni gel in Go Vita type of store.
    Only online unfortunately (

    Lucie Twyford

    for anyone who has successfully done the curly girl method, how do you cope without brushing??!

    Oriana Hasker

    Curly hair really looks awesome on you!

    Neisha Groshinski

    I Love it


    Hey Sarah, something that might interest you, I just use a bit of coconut oil, and scrunch my hair and let it air dry (no t shirt or hairdryer whatever) and my girls turn out like that. Hope that helps ☺️

    Kate Morley

    amazing =) I love curly hair xx


    I have natural curly hair and I love using my Aquis Hair Towel! It’s better and easier than using a t-shirt 🧖🏽‍♀️

    TF Lifestyle

    You should go on a proper Curly hair journey, it looks so good on you!! I would recommend you to brush your hair before styling/applying the products, so that when you first start out that your curls can be more seperated when crunching (like that you might also avoid the dreadlock feeling after a few days). Some people say dont brush wet hair, i still do it and it works for me, but if you dont want to do that I would at least finger comb it and detangle it as best as you can. And leave the hair a little more wet to start with :-). After 1 day, I usually freshen up my curls with either a spray bottle or i just put water and a little bit of the curl cream on my hands to make them look fresh again after sleeping.


    Try the lush leave in moisturiser. I have very curly hair and I love that product to help with frizz😊

    Geraldine Antoinette Yoga

    sezzy we loooove the curls😍😍 looks so good!

    Tiahn Vidler

    Anything from chemist is generally not going to be good #hairdresserhere haha BUT Moroccan Oil has a curly hair range it’s all good ingredients awesome for your hair and is super nice to use! Highly recommended for curls x

    Christina Ward

    Freaking LOVED THIS!!!!!

    Kayla Di Mauro

    Sarah! You need to check out Boss Curl Co on instagram! She sells kits and they are AMAZING! All curly girl approved!

    Laura Wilkerson

    I’m so excited that you like watching Meghan!!! It’s like my two favorite content creators merging into the same world! 😂💕

    oceangirl 1300

    love that you're embracing your natural texture Sezzy!! It's such a long process of trial and error to find the products/application methods/etc etc that work best for your hair but I promise it's so worth it! I speak from personal experience – I swear my curls never cooperate with me hahaha but it's such a fun and exciting journey!!! So glad you're on it with us! I would recommend trying to find a youtuber or someone with a similar hair type to your own – it's so helpful to get some more ideas that you can try on your hair that worked well for someone similar (if that makes sense lol) and if you have any questions/comments/rants about waves and curls we're here to support you! No curly gal makes her way through this chaos alone 🙂 cheers love!!!

    Camila Rodriguez Diaz

    If you want it by the side like your hair dry it the way you will style it my hair is curly af so that’s a hack bc curls are heavy

    Sinead Ryan

    You absolutely ROCK curly hair!!! 😍😍

    Valentina Vallejo

    How did you deal with hair loss!!??? SOS❤️

    Em R

    YAS love it 1000 times

    Kelly May

    Love these vlogs! Love you and the curly hair as well!

    Allyssa McCoy

    Love the hair

    Megan Carreon

    You look so beautiful sez!

    Morgan Thomson

    I’m laughing so hard at the t shirt on your head. Love you Sezzy!

    Katherine Tuttle

    Wow!!! I LOVE IT!

    erika francois

    This turned out sooo pretty.

    Ciera Gentry

    It turned out great!


    Get curl honey from schwarzkopf 🙂

    Madee Herman

    You're such an inspiration! Amazing mom, female entrepreneur, and manage to be a humble and genuine youtuber as well ❤️
    You're one of the main people who inspired me to make my youtube channel and I seriously look up to you and your success so much!
    Thanks for all you do with your platform ❤️

    Sandra Bester

    Try the Moroccanoil curl defining cream. I wash my hair, put the cream on, dry with a diffuser. Great curls for 3 days. My hair is about the same texture as yours 😉

    Sydney Robson


    Lauren Griggy

    I loved this video!!! I have naturally curly hair but definitely keep scrunching it! I find it easiest to get my part or hairstyle before I put gel or mousse in it!

    Making Up Motherhood

    that leave in conditioner is great! I don't use it myself but I have a five year old that hates me brushing her hair! saving grace it was!

    Ella Hazlett

    As a girl with natural curly hair I’d say this is quite entertaining to watch haha! You did pretty good for a newbie to curls 🙂

    Natasha Barlow

    You should try the method where you curly your hair around a tea towel or small towel and sleep in it!

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