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    Wayne Goss

      Huda Beauty TanTour has arrived. And its EPIC! LINKS! UK US PS – I filmed ‘how many swatches’ but the camera …

      Shelly Saves the Day

        You look great! 👍

        Rob sywy

          Such a gorgeous look!!!

          L J

            Wayne, love that 2 sided brush….!! xoxo

            Dr. Tesh Larsen

              When is he going to come with his own line of makeup?


                I dont even know what the hell Wayne was reviewing, something for the face lol, i was just looking at how good he looks. Its like hes getting better with time 😍😗😚. Been a fan for years straight to the point, no 5 minute stupid intro, no shading anyone, just honest reviews. Keep up the good work, we do appreciate you.

                Helene So’what

                  Wooow, i love you! Make up Guru 🥰

                  Nora G

                    Dude, you are looking gorgeous! Love this product and video! 😍😘😘

                    Tracy Nicol

                      Wayne, do you recommend bronzer for super light complexions?

                      Frozen music

                        I am glad you mentioned that the Fair shade isn't that fair. That was the first thing I noticed. I would be Oompa Loompa with that on, even with a very light hand.

                        Rainy Day Reviews

                          Wayne is always concise and direct with his reviews and he is one of my favourite youtubers.
                          Plus he is an amazing person.

                          minnie saab


                            Susan Masterson

                              I jus luv him 🥰🇮🇪

                              Maureen Zebs

                                So refreshing in this current cliimate of nonsense!

                                Ali M’s Beauty

                                  Hi Wayne. What do you think of Hudas new setting spray? Is it a mac fix plus or a true skindanavia fixing spray?

                                  Ashgan K

                                    Omg I love the way you talk. The end was really cute.
                                    You seem like a really nice genuine person. Love your videos.

                                    Sophia Bernal

                                      I personally don't like any makeup products by Huda. But I love your brushes. They have brought me so many compliments regarding how beautiful my makeup looks


                                        Sorry Wayne, this is a disaster!

                                        Lauren O’Connell Beauty TV

                                          I reviewed the Tantour on my channel and gave it a 👎🏼 … I can’t believe how many people came after me!!

                                          Sarah Riddle

                                            It’s amazing how Wayne is so concise, straight to the point, no nonsense babbling, yet his videos are most entertaining.
                                            Love you, Wayne, and thank you for being truly an inspiration! xx


                                              The Fair and Medium shades look nice on him, but he's unfortunately wrong about that darkest shade. Nyma Tang reviewed it and it looked straight purple on her. Huda might've tried but they have work to do.

                                              Nat B

                                                Well said Wayne!

                                                SHOURYA SINGH

                                                  Should i buy face contour or not? please help 😭😭😭😭😭

                                                  angela bryant


                                                    Eighteen Ten

                                                      Totally gorgeous 💋 thank you Wayne

                                                      Brendan 3C

                                                        why goss away cute😂😂😃

                                                        Mirjam Spiekman

                                                          I must say, I was a bit distracted by your arms… 😏😍

                                                          Riya Varma

                                                            You are always to the point and I absolutely love that about u.

                                                            Sandi Morris

                                                              I love to be gifted. Ha ha. This is cool.

                                                              Crystal Brown

                                                                Thank you for doing such informative MAKEUP videos.. I have learned a lot from you just curious have you done an updated video on best drugstore makeup?


                                                                  Wayne you look fantastic (aging backwards). Face looks fuller and healthy, arms are on diesel.

                                                                  The Merz

                                                                    Fun to finally see this! Been wondering. TY!

                                                                    Ddawg M

                                                                      The name sounds like it’s trying to be a pun on “teinture” which means “ink” or “stain” in French.

                                                                      Coco Flannel

                                                                        I love these! I think Huda is such a nice person and I’m anxious for the setting spray to drop in my Sephora

                                                                        Kelly Conner

                                                                          “Well if you’re that fair, you’re not really going to tan anyway, are you?” DYING. I feel so called out

                                                                          Ardee Antero

                                                                            You deserve more subs! I'm so glad you have a new video. Please keep going 😘

                                                                            Bonnie Pierce

                                                                              I LOVE the WG in the lower right corner – very classy – as you always are.

                                                                              Hari Kari

                                                                                I love you Wayne one of my favorite you tubers. So glad I found you !!!! 🤗🤗🤗

                                                                                robin creamer

                                                                                  What a cool set! I love it!!!. And that wink of course…

                                                                                  Tasha Juli

                                                                                    Color me tan-talized!

                                                                                    Kara Denise

                                                                                      Was waiting for this review

                                                                                      Angela Evangelina Gonz.

                                                                                        Thank you.

                                                                                        Paramita Samanta

                                                                                          the burgundy tone will be disastrous for deeper skin tone for bronzing/contouring isnt it? do we need brightening effect for bronzing?

                                                                                          This Girl Can’t Do Makeup

                                                                                            Deeper skintone here and not here for a burgundy undertone bronzer lol


                                                                                              Some of us are trying to get rid of melasma on our face and then this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                                                                              Danielle Eng

                                                                                                I LOVE Wayne's talent and class. He is a true professional

                                                                                                Beth Johnstone

                                                                                                  Why doesn’t he have more subs? Maybe because he doesn’t ever answer questions or responds to anything. But he’s eager to ask Dr. Dray the dermatologist who is always available with answers.

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