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      I can’t believe that I managed to trick these girls with this snapchat filter So recently I saw WillNE do this video where he catfished men on Tinder with a …


        Omg your leaf top is wonderful 🤭🤭🤭🌿

        Jazz Panda11

          I love watching WillNE and you Rox so hearing you say his name and take his video idea made me fangirl!

          Yon Wan

            I would TOTALLY date rodrigo the well traveled guy😂

            Lucy Hannah

              Is she doing a product line???

              Amanda Jane Stringer

                Roxy you are fab ☺ you make me laugh x

                I am_ me

                  9:55 maybe its a fake account too😂

                  I am_ me

                    Whoa Snapchat catfishing game has gone to an extreme level😂😂😂👍👍👍👍

                    Sarah Voysey

                      Omgggggg!! I love how you just slipped in the fact that you were engaged 😂😍

                      Shantelle McKayla

                        Video on your bun plzz

                        Ali Jahani

                          I love your personality. You are the coolest YouTuber ever. 💕🧸

                          Caylah Moné

                            Hey Subscribe to my small YouTube channel!!!


                              hi, id just like to point out that catfish is disgusting and as someone who has a younger audience, you should be ashamed.

                              Corynne Y

                                Is that the outfit from Shein 😍

                                Claire Cgdashl

                                  Oh ur wearing the set that u got from shein

                                  Embra Baunding

                                    oh my goodness! im laughing right now HAHAHAHA

                                    Stefani Ramadhani

                                      Wait i just realize you are in baliiii😱❤

                                      Sophia Stevenson

                                        This video is problematic…

                                        Courtney Elder

                                          Love ur background😛

                                          Carmen Carlton

                                            You are the best thing on you tube love your videos

                                            senandung rinduu

                                              I'm from indonesian, i like u


                                                Tons of people get catfish everyday, I don’t think this video was funny at all . Despite if you were gonna talk to them for a couple messages or talk to them for a long time people’s feelings get hurt. Not cool at all.

                                                Ali Lamb

                                                  Amazing omg this was a good haha 💕💕

                                                  Ashley Simunovich

                                                    Lol this was funny! I thought Rod was pretty hot wit his little man bun lmao 😂

                                                    Andini Nurul Khotimah

                                                      Still in Bali?? Aaa i wanna meet you😭😭😭

                                                      Jelly Beane

                                                        I love your swimsuit/top in the intro! Where did you get it?? 😍🤩 Also, I love your channel!

                                                        Karen League

                                                          I love your videos girl, but this straight up just seems to me like it's mean. Don't come for me, I'm not hating. I don't use snapchat or anything that has filters like that and didn't know you could really do something like that to your picture so easily, so it was interesting.

                                                          Viktoria Hegelund

                                                            All he needs now is like a beaded anklet, a big bag pack and to do this hand gesture waves hand weirdly every two seconds

                                                            Xaviera Catalan

                                                              this video is so funny hahaha


                                                                OMG I LOVE WILLNE LOVE THIS ❣❣❣

                                                                aaron rumph

                                                                  Not surprised that it didn't go well, for guys you make yourself look like an attractive girl you'll get a bunch of replies, where girls aren't as easily satisfied, and I'm still not sure if that one person you had the long conversation with wasn't a bot

                                                                  animal lover 4 ever

                                                                    You should try catfishing with the Korean snapchat filter!




                                                                        Now this is a original video idea👌😏

                                                                        Nora Homsi

                                                                          I love the fact that roxy was the only female youtuber not to catfish her boyfriend, it’s very nice the fact that she trusts him and doesn't need to catfish him that’s soo sweet #couplegoals
                                                                          Can’t wait for Wednesday , lysm roxy😘😘❤️

                                                                          Esargee 270

                                                                            Your pick up lines are the worst thing I’ve ever heard 😂😂

                                                                            Nikolina Telkiyska

                                                                              The background is goals 🌿🍃 Bali is a dream

                                                                              Andrea Miller

                                                                                Hahahaha its funny you can see "Rodrigos" nails lol hahahahah

                                                                                Eshaal Yousaf

                                                                                  Gorgeous Gal! Loved the video!!
                                                                                  Any small youtubers wanna support each other?
                                                                                  Trying to reach 500 subscribers!! Would love some support!!Xx💖

                                                                                  SmallRayOfSunshine -Izzy Parker-

                                                                                    WillNE is way too low class to be given credit in a roxxsaurus video.

                                                                                    For all the snowflakes, I’m joking and I love WillNE. Chill. It’s a joke.

                                                                                    الهام بافقيه

                                                                                      Your hair goals ah

                                                                                      Andrei boss

                                                                                        amazing, check out here for nice budget things on amazon https://amzn.to/2F3dJBE

                                                                                        A Bbb

                                                                                          I’m so confused you’re literally misleading girls if a male did this everyone would flip their shit

                                                                                          Marjorie Grondin

                                                                                            You are gorgeous as always🤩✨🥰


                                                                                              Does it have something to do with your makeup with revolution??👀👀

                                                                                              Lyndsey’s Journey

                                                                                                😂😂😂😂😂😂OMG!!! This had me in tears 😂😭😂 your the best xxxxx


                                                                                                  I love these videos 🙆🏻‍♀️👏🏻you’re so good at them

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