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      I Wore A Haunted Necklace For A Week

      “It has a style, it has a look, it has bad energy.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, …

      Leona Tantiwong

        Yes jazz is right libras don't lie and libras are awesome 👏

        Subana Mur

          Omg I love jazz she’s hilarious

          I’m AL

            "And God said get the fuk out" IM DYING

            Addison Steppe

              She is so bad at lying

              Mathilda Lundkvist

                I would do a salt water soak if you want to cleanse any possible energies, (if you want to keep the jewelry looking good then you might want to be careful with doing this since it's probably metal) mix in water and sea salt (getting it from a natural source can also be done if you want to) and then you can put it under a full moon for the night, just take it in before the sun starts shining (you can also do this without salt water but I've only done it this way personally, there are lots of cleansing rituals online for anyone interested). That's how I've cleansed crystals and such for Magickal uses before, and it's very effective. Just as some advise for anyone who wants to cleanse an object

                Baby Boo

                  I dont care if it was fake or not, it was hella funny and entertaining lmao

                  Lily Dooley

                    The hair clips do not look good

                    Julianne Freeman

                      9:53 my Alexa responded to you and it scared me so bad because I wasn’t expecting it to happen 😂


                        It's over. This video reached 666k views. rip us all

                        Sampada K.C.

                          Apart of the haunted thing i love the voice of the girl a lot.

                          Rosa Belle44

                            Is it me or I keep staring her pimple at her nose.

                            Mizar Martin

                              Wow, what a waste of time

                              Anel Simental

                                Joyce is my spirit animal

                                alyssa fetsch

                                  Did anyone else see the camera glitch hardcore at 7:15 ??


                                    I hid in the comments
                                    And I know u did too
                                    Like if u don’t want lie…

                                    Wait why is it blue


                                      When God speaks listen. When God says move I move. Yo Joyce u gotta make a book😂

                                      Brooke Leon

                                        Jazz and Lindsay should make a YouTube channel 🤷🏼‍♀️😁

                                        Ariana Milliren

                                          When she asked Alexa if her necklace was haunted, my Alexa went off and scared the living heck out of me! 😨

                                          Ziggy Skies

                                            psychic : could it be the lamp?
                                            lindsay : 👁👄👁

                                            Hannah Hillard

                                              “when god speaks i listen” IM HOLLERING

                                              Andy Lee

                                                She literally giving me Sabrina vibes

                                                Geeta Persaud

                                                  Her picture in the thumbnail looks like the coach from sky castle

                                                  Belle The boss

                                                    12:15 Bish your not wearing the frickin necklace!
                                                    13:51 bish wear the necklace!

                                                    CrazyKitty Lover

                                                      At around 10:5110:52 there is an orb movement in the top right corner.


                                                        The necklace is beautiful but I feel a very sinking feeling when looking at the necklace. I am also known to be physic among my friends, so take that as you will. I don't think it is demonic, I think it's just negative.

                                                        Candice Skavinski

                                                          The only part that was scary is that she hiked for three hours lmao

                                                          Sophia Lariz

                                                            “You have to wear that for a week, that’s tragic” 😂

                                                            Cathrina Andrus

                                                              My intuition tells me Jennifer Shaffer is a blobfish in a wig.

                                                              PS I love that necklace just send it to me.


                                                                Bless, smudge, and donate it!

                                                                sugaeatshands yes

                                                                  Jazz looks like Luigi

                                                                  Midnight Gacha

                                                                    iv been hiking for 3 hours before


                                                                      She gives me a rachel green from
                                                                      Friends kinda vibe

                                                                      Val L.

                                                                        2:50 I’M DEAD😂

                                                                        Imvu Forlife

                                                                          Jazz and Joyce reaction to the candle falling


                                                                            Jazzmyne is my mood.

                                                                            Cody Islas-Santos

                                                                              15:11 when you're home alone and you hear a noise

                                                                              Ina Rodriguez

                                                                                Joyce is so funny 😂 I like her 💗

                                                                                L LS

                                                                                  BURN IT.

                                                                                  John S3cr3t

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                                                                                    Buzzfeed can help me get to meet some of them plus just reminding myself
                                                                                    They are my future baes!
                                                                                    Am i gonna be single for valentines am i gonna get presents after christmas day? Am i gonna get birthday presents? Please love me


                                                                                      Sell it on ebay again lol

                                                                                      Bailey Behm

                                                                                        I think Ryan and Shane should wear this necklace…

                                                                                        #kitten friends

                                                                                          Lol jazz is like my fav like if she is yours

                                                                                          Eliyah Bowles

                                                                                            I feel like that psychic maybe wasn't a true psychic. (not trying to make anyone mad)

                                                                                            Lauren James

                                                                                              Okay well she was watching American Idol auditions…. many things can be concluded from this lmao.

                                                                                              Bre Love

                                                                                                I love this video idea

                                                                                                Jada Pineda

                                                                                                  When god speaks…I listen. And when god says get tf out I GET TF OUT

                                                                                                  Ella Falcon

                                                                                                    The pero like team be like "it's not haunted but it's totally haunted"

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