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    Tara Michelle

      MEET MY BOYFRIEND!! This video is soooo out of my comfort zone but I really wanted to introduce him to you guys and finally answer all of your questions!

      Medeea Grecu

        Soooo happy for you,guys!You are a really great match😍😍Btw how did it happen?Did he ask you out on a date or was it casual?


          Im so happy wth

          Patrycja Kielich


            Christina Milidoni

              I was shook when I saw Taylor

              Simran F

                never been so happy. congrats u both so happy for this

                Pivithuru Guna

                  OMG this is soooooooooo freaking sweet!!!

                  Tiana Sennie

                    IM FUCKING PUUUUUMPED!!!! (Sneaky fam!!!)

                    Tiana Sennie

                      Who else is fucking psyched?!?!

                      Alena Anselmo

                        Omg!!! So happy for you!! 💓

                        Lesly Mendoza

                          omg this made me smile so much! so happy for you guys!

                          Annika D.

                            Yeeeeeees! I Yeeees! Yes! So happy for you both. 🎉💕

                            Khadija B. Jaoui

                              I am happy for you. Love is love!

                              Jess Lee

                                I usually never post YouTube comments, but I've been watching you since 2015; your influence is almost big-sister like and I loved seeing your relationship with Taylor grow. I've currently been in my very first relationship for about a year now, and I'd love to hear about what you thought were some of the difficult obstacles to navigate through your relationship, and how did you resolve them together as a couple? Very very very happy to see you two together again! <3

                                Shylinn Guches

                                  I’m so happy for you two! I have always loved you two together but time apart can be good for the heart, so glad you two are back together tho!❤️☺️

                                  Jessica Antunez

                                    He probably didn’t want to lose you after you started going on dates? 😩❤️

                                    Elizabeth Shelton

                                      My heart is SO happy ! 💕 I wish nothing but the best for you guys! 🤗

                                      Elizabeth Shelton

                                        My heart is SO happy ! 💕 I wish nothing but the best for you guys! 🤗

                                        Alison Schwartz

                                          Awww I KNEW IT!!!! but this srsly makes me so happy! You two are just meant for each other and sometimes it is good to take a break and to just be on your own to grow and then come back together when you’re ready!

                                          Naomi Chanel Laing

                                            THIS MAKES ME SOOO HAPPY! I couldnt stop smiling 😭😭😭😭


                                              I AM SO HAPPY

                                              Natalia Beth

                                                I am soo happy for you! Good on you for following your heart and doing things for you. X

                                                Ashyy Edward

                                                  I legit smiled seeing Taylors face!! Yaasssss!!

                                                  Louise Noack

                                                    I am so happy for you Tara!

                                                    Helivicc Vlogs

                                                      Did it spark back up after the handcuffed to my ex video ?

                                                      Anne Diaz

                                                        AHHHHH!!! 😭💘

                                                        that’s all i can say about it

                                                        Plamena Hristowa

                                                          Omg, I am sooooo happy. I was hoping this entire time that you two will be together again. Love you! ❤️

                                                          90’s Kid

                                                            IM SO HAPPY!!!!

                                                            Izzati Amalin

                                                              AAAA!! I’m excited for you guys!!!!

                                                              Becky Xiong

                                                                I am truly happy for the both of you. Love has its way of making things work even when it’s least expected. My boyfriend and I dated for a year and broke up for a couple months because we felt like we needed to slow things down and he had to figure himself out and what he really wanted in life. We got back together and it’s been a year since the break up and this time around is truly different, we appreciate each other more and more everyday and live our own spectate lives but at the end of the day are always making sure we are in love and happy! LOVE YAL 💗

                                                                Marissa Garbiel

                                                                  We L O V E growth ❤️ so happy that youre both happy !!!

                                                                  Taylor Johnson

                                                                    Happy for you! I kind of went through the same thing. Was with someone for 2 years, living with him and with him everyday. Circumstances came up and we broke up for 9 months while still talking and we got back together. We are happier than ever now. We do live together but we also have our own lives. Just don’t let the past get in the way of your future. 💛

                                                                    Irem Şentürk

                                                                      YESSYESSYESS GIRLLL this has been the reason you’ve been glowinggg lately!!! So so so happyyy for you two!!!

                                                                      Raluca Ungureanu

                                                                        I’m really happy for you guys✨🙈

                                                                        Syazwina Zuhaira

                                                                          OMG HAHAHAH IM HAPPY

                                                                          Olivia Garcia

                                                                            AHH I KNEW IT!! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU !!!!

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