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    After doing Lady Gaga’s makeup a couple of months ago, I was so excited to see what her next big launch would be, so after revealing that her new album …



    Esther M

    I Love that you talk about the pros and cons and criticise it in a constructive and honest way!

    Weyn Deyniyel

    Pleaassee do the new jefffrreeeyy pallete

    Louise Bray

    Is it just me that thinks this look with 2 completely different colours on each eye actually really suits Nikkie?? Maybe while I'm still in quarantine (in the UK here) I'll give it a go and attempt to look half as good haha xx

    Stephanie Mendez

    Not impressed I'm going to pass 😬 sorry..

    Cyber Space

    Why does her foundation look so diff from her bod?

    Juva Schrijvers

    Where is your ESF-perfomance? You were GREAT! I enjoyed you so much!!!

    Sean M

    I saw no fall out sooo I will just have to believe you I guess.

    boom momby

    It looks just like jefree's old palette🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    Nicola R


    Febelous life

    Am I the only one who is a bit eyeshadowpallette tired? I mean so many great pallettes have come out these last years… I really have all the colours I need by now, it's just really difficult to still make something new and interesting enough for me to wanna spend a lot of money on :p

    Sheila Framke

    Has she ever said if she's going to do her own makeup line?

    Tanner Stanzel

    Can I just say I love the colorful lighting, shinning down on you, gurl!!😍😍

    Natasha Desrochers


    Shay 101

    Looks similar to the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde


    Hello Niki~ It’s been a while that I watched your video because I’m busy for piling assignments from school these days due to corona but that dosen’t mean my love of makeup products have lessened a bit. Still love the freeness that shown on the various and extreme colors, astoned by how they made such a nice product, also happy seeing you liking the product. Love you from korea!

    Silvia Prelipcean

    I love the looks you create and I love your reviews, they are so in depth and honest and i really enjoy watching them!


    I love lady gaga but honestly the pallet doesn't have great colors. Those colors are so 2017 and I feel like I've seen it on other pallets, nothing new.

    Please Enter A Name

    As happy as I am to see how good you are doing, I still think people shouldn't be leaving the house for unnecessary things, such as getting your nails done. I understand that there has been more leniency recently, but the seriousness of this pandemic isn't lessened just because the rules were bent a little. I don't mean to bash you, because I've seen many people get hair cuts, get their eyebrows, eyelashes, or nails done. However, my great aunt was taken by corona, and seeing others act as if these luxuries are crucial seems a little naive. I'm not blaming anyone for what happened to my great aunt, but I think that in order to keep those we love safe, we need to be more cautious.

    renjay pelisco

    @nikkietutorials im waiting for you review on jefree's cremated pallette please

    Kelsey Heeley

    i really really like this palette wow just beautiful

    Mim toes

    It’s pretty and I like the color story better than the last one. But I have to say that overall I have been a bit disappointed with the brand so far. It’s quite pricey for what you get.

    Jordan Meek

    I wish I could afford the Stomme Liefde palette but unfortunately quarantine has left me BROKE. Love you Nikkie!

    Jesa Lopez

    This looks too much like jsc blue blood


    Degenerate man pretending to be a woman. You’re all making this guy rich with your virtue signalling.

    Katrina Loren

    nikkie: don't be afraid to take it up
    my non-existent eyelid space: ???

    Yoon Min

    What’s the sparkle on your chest? It looks so pretty 💕

    Isaac Tea

    That palette is so stunning 🤩😍💞

    Uma Cornell

    The new jeffree star pallet looks very similar….


    my fav Gaga song is Grigio Girls & ARTPOP from her last 2 albums…


    Nikkie, I would LOVE to see a creative Eurovision-inspired makeup look! I've never seen something like that before & I think it would be a really cool way to pay homage to the cancelled show this year.

    Celine Gero



    Trans go along together.

    Erin Searles

    My favorite Lady Gaga song right now has to be Million Reasons or Brown Eyes


    What the new Jeffree Star palette could of been. Finally something exciting in makeup!

    Falisha Xquisite

    That palette is giving me Huda Beauty vibes😳, maybe is the component.

    savannah ferguson

    Nikkie if u get bored doing makeup do a video cleaning all ur brushes 😭

    Ella Jefferson

    Stomme Liefde was looking fire but icy on but sides lol

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