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    Allana Davison
      Glowing From The *Heavens* Purple Makeup Look ✨#FFF

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ Purple or pink …. depending on which light u put it in LOL …

      Klara from Switzerland

        how dare you being so gorgeous. stop flexing❤️

        Cherise Botha

          Love you! Just wondering why you don’t wear self-tan?

          K M

            The bomb!!!!! As allways

            neha sankhyan

              U look better than miley

              Anastasia KK

                you are so beautiful

                Tresia Ekawati

                  Oh my god u’re in bali!! Welcome to indonesia!!😍 i live in indonesia, wish u have a great time alana!💖

                  Abi Ge

                    So funny, in some of your pictures I find that you DO look like Miley. On multiple occasions I thought it was her at first glance 😂 In the best way, of course 💕

                    Lynn Merrill

                      You are so beautiful as usual… but tan and cute shirt and cute hair…. and just funny and irresistable!! Love you Allana! xxooo

                      Holly Bagley

                        Gorgeous! You are just lovely, so beautiful, and wonderful to watch. You always make me smile and laugh! 😊😘💄


                          Lol! You are on a roll today. And I love it. I can go with the “inspired” angle. You’re hair is Miley, for sure. (💣👈🏻 wrecking ball)

                          SelinaLucy Love

                            You look soo beautiful and relaxed! Nice to see you😻


                              Ok, these intros are starting to make me cringe…

                              Ingvild xx

                                You are extra weird and sweet in this video! 😆👐🏼 And i really love that!❤️
                                Hope you guys having a bless in Baliii🌼 And don’t forget to propose to Dajan while you’re there. You know, the usual 😅😸
                                Greetings from the cold NORTH❄️

                                Beauty Haven

                                  I just love you. You bring positivity into my days 😄😄😄

                                  Deb White

                                    The first color you put on is pink not purple. You needed a real purple.

                                    Bre Reavis

                                      Your intros 😍


                                        Or… you could just take your angle brush and use mascara as liner as well…

                                        Deb White

                                          I hate my freckles. You can still get Marc Jacob's bronzer, they made it permanent.

                                          Nicole B

                                            Always loving your FFF intros!!!

                                            Bailey McBride

                                              Would love to continue seeing you recreating celeb looks like this!

                                              Ann Latham

                                                LOVE !!!!

                                                Erika Esperanza

                                                  Bronzer is LIFE!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥


                                                    Can we please see your top 5 bronzers? 😍

                                                    tedrah smothers

                                                      Dang girl. That is pretty.


                                                        omg she’s so adorable

                                                        Jessica Checchia

                                                          Absolutely love this video and you look gorgeous in purple 💜

                                                          Ruxandra Mitre

                                                            It so much better than miley’s make up ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                            J Jadot



                                                                You absolutely have to try the origins ginzing spf 40 energy boosting tinted moisturizer. It gives the most amazing bronzy glow with a slight hint of coverage. It is my ultimate favorite summer makeup base. The best thing about it is that it is not going anywhere throughout the day even though i get really sweaty in the summer. Sending you lots of love xx💗💗

                                                                B K

                                                                  Was that a whale detail brush??? 😂


                                                                    Somehow this lighting is low-key fabulous.

                                                                    Adriana Alvarez

                                                                      I missed you girly!!!

                                                                      Sofia N

                                                                        Yes to top 5 bronzers. Pretty please include a drugstore top 5 as well!

                                                                        Sarah Garcia

                                                                          Like a rhino

                                                                          Taisha Curtis

                                                                            More drugstore makeup tatorials pleaseee

                                                                            Katie Belle

                                                                              The bronzer is still available on Sephora…..

                                                                              Amanda Seaberg

                                                                                Love the purple eyes and space buns! 💜

                                                                                Samantha Imrie

                                                                                  I always want every lip product you use, but I think o actually just like your lips. They’re gorgeous!

                                                                                  Emily Coonfare

                                                                                    I just locked myself out of my room and spent the last 2 hours trying to break in and ended up climbing up the gutter to the roof and breaking in through the window. After all of these things, Allana has made me smile. Congratulations allana. You bring me joy in my lowest moments. Lol

                                                                                    Tracy Olson

                                                                                      I absolutely love this color eyeshadow on you! I really hope you try other colors too. Or show different looks with other purples because that's my favorite to wear I 'm just not that great at it yet.

                                                                                      mapis3534 Villegas

                                                                                        Absolutely love your videos, youre incredibly genuine and real

                                                                                        K Z

                                                                                          You’re a hoot Allana 😂. Love that you’re 🇨🇦. Yes please to the top bronzers video!

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