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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Mother Upset After Bride Elopes In Italy! | Say Yes To The Dress

      Lauren Walker is looking for a sexy party dress to celebrate her recent marriage, however her mother is upset that she didn’t see her walk down the aisle in a …

      Mara Rose

        I 100% hated the second dress. The bottom was disgusting. The first dress was better, but still looked lame. I hate how all these brides are practically letting the parent or friends or family choose the dress for them. Cos its like, "bitch, its my day. Why tf should u even have an opinion? U probs got married 5 times and i didnt have a say in that." i honestly think its selfish for the mom to diss the dresses the daughter loved, just cos she wasn't part of the wedding. THEY FUCKING ELOPED. If they eloped, pretty much NO ONE would be part of the wedding. Im not gonna invite my mom to my wedding, or to the dress picking. Why do none of these people see when the bride is happy in a dress the first time?

        Yasmin Reyhani

          I can find the best looking dresses with exceptional quality in my city for less than $5000. Holy shit these were hella ugly!

          Flyingmartini Hurricane

            I liked both dresses for different reasons. That being said $18k for a dress you wear for a few hours? NO! I'm too practical.

            Nilah Peebles

              I saw Randy in the parade he said said i love to me and my aunt

              PandaKakes Adventures

                Wait your neighbors?

                TooCuteNoir B.

                  I think her mom wasn't invited cause something tells me that the process of having a wedding added stress. And rather than plan a destination wedding full own even if it's small and intimate she eloped and just spent that time with her spouse. Cause its way less stress and easier that way. And throwing a reception its cheaper and easier than alternative

                  Lailita RD

                    1:52 are there many holes??? OMG NOT WORTH THE PRICE 😂

                    Vered Cookie

                      she's soo beautiful


                        I am no kind of prude, but some of these dresses make me ask are you getting married or are you getting on the pole? There's nothing wrong with pole dancing or the dancers who do it, of course, but the events are just so discordant.

                        Lesly Alonzo

                          I know I seen this before ummmm


                            They should have a 2nd wedding in US. 💕

                            Indya James

                              lol she dont have no friends so she had to invite her neighbor

                              Skye & Millie

                                Why is she buying a dress when she’s already had her wedding

                                Faizlami band

                                  I wanted an episode with fairy godmother Randy for so long,thanks for uploading, please upload more episodes with Randy

                                  Bryle Mendoza

                                    Well there are some Pnina dresses that are absolutely stunning but this one in particular is way too tacky and way too over priced!

                                    French Classes from LogicLanguageLearning

                                      I am guessing the guy is wealthy…. If you follow me

                                      Alle Diaz

                                        Am I the only one that’s 12 and watching “Say Yes To The Dress”??


                                          The entitlement of the mother is really annoying, it's like she's sulking and ignoring what her daughter likes until she gets her way. Wanting to focus on your partner and have a private ceremony isn't selfish and the bride and groom did what was right for them.

                                          Ada Priscila

                                            Great job, Randy! ✨🤗💕


                                              That was a genius suggestion from Randy!


                                                who brings their neighbours to buy a dress?? It's like asking your plumber into your pap test appointment.

                                                Shamara Aaron

                                                  Randyyyyyy we love you!!!!

                                                  Shamara Aaron

                                                    SHE HAS BEAUTIFUL EYES! WOW😍

                                                    Salome Busurashvili

                                                      Wait she brought her neighbors

                                                      Happy Kiddos

                                                        the 1st dress was 17k? wow. The quality looks awful

                                                        Smileyrie James

                                                          Mum is never going to forgive her daughter for eloping.


                                                            'He makes me lauughhh he makes me cry'
                                                            😂😂doesn't every human do that when most of them desecribe their fiance they always say this…always

                                                            Najwan AlJanadi

                                                              is it only me or someone else noticed that the first dress is very oooooooollllllldddddd 1:52

                                                              Sassy Jenny Girl

                                                                Randy's back! 😊

                                                                Amna Alqaseer

                                                                  Says doesn’t have a budget pulls out a 17000 dress 🤦‍♀️

                                                                  Sevilla Clark

                                                                    I don’t understand the shopping with your mom thing. I mean I get it but I don’t get. I’d rather shop with my best friends or sisters lol

                                                                    Jasmine Valencia

                                                                      OML I MISSED RANDY SO MUCH!! I LOVE GOK TOO 😂💖💖😫


                                                                        If they're rich and wanted to elope, why didn't they fly the mother out to Italy so she could be there?
                                                                        There's nothing wrong with wanting a small ceremony, but seems a bit odd that she would get married without the woman who birthed and raised her being there to support her, since they seem to have a good relationship. She had her neighbours and friend there, why not her own mother?

                                                                        Annointed One

                                                                          0.35 horrible dress her thong and butt is showing. 😬


                                                                            Wow this is so old

                                                                            Pink Heart

                                                                              2nd dress was decent but not worth $18,000.
                                                                              1st was just horrible.
                                                                              I've seen prettier dresses with less budget 😅
                                                                              Don't people elope when family disagrees to their marriage or are broke? So what's the point of eloping when you got money and family is on board for wedding. I mean unlimited budget for a party dress😑🤷‍♀️


                                                                                Wedding in Italy❤️

                                                                                Cari D

                                                                                  Sooo….????? They never said if she bought the dress or not.

                                                                                  Aleena Asif

                                                                                    These dresses were super ugly no offense to anyone

                                                                                    Sadaf Zehra Ali

                                                                                      Can someone tell me why she needs a dress when shez already married

                                                                                      Anusha Londadi

                                                                                        Y don't I like this most expensive dresses?? I loved many dresses in less price..

                                                                                        Jose Alexander

                                                                                          I don't even know who my neighbours are😬


                                                                                            O my gosh 18.000 ?

                                                                                            Deepa D’cruz

                                                                                              All the pricey dresses shown are one in a million dresses and yet not half as pretty as a normal wedding dresses 😅

                                                                                              some HOT kpop TEA

                                                                                                Once again Randy is at it showing everyone who the real boss is

                                                                                                Shaik Nilu

                                                                                                  I can buy a full new wardrobe with the price of the dress she tried on!!


                                                                                                    These dresses are uglier than ones that cost a fraction of the price.

                                                                                                    Naomi Williams

                                                                                                      I wish I could elope :/

                                                                                                      Elizabeth Harttley

                                                                                                        This has too much pretense.

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