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    Freddy My Love
      My Designer Bag Collection! πŸ‘› ~ Freddy My Love

      My long awaited… designer handbag collection eek! No negativity please, I am grateful but I also WORKED for it, be inspired not angry, spread the love baby …

      Pouz Pulido

        @freddymylove I have already watched this video for 6 times. Love it and your bags!

        Graceful Knots

          Lovely collection!!! Love all the stories behind them. I also love the bag with the flowers on the shelf behind you. What bag is that please? It reminds a bit of the vintage Christian Dior saddle bag I just got. Love the colour of your bags too i.e. pink and blush:)

          Josephine D

            Did you forget your Strathberry bag, or do you think it doesn't classify as designer?

            Nivine Mehio

              What is the designer name for the floral beige handbag behind you on the shelf? Thanks πŸ‘


                Love this video!

                Jenn H.

                  Freddy what is the flowered bag behind the top of your shoulder in the video? It's my favorite


                    Love the bag collection!

                    Joanna Ball

                      I wouldn't normally watch a video like this. But I loved all your stories and how much you do treasure your item. It's not just stuff to you x

                      Amelia Lowndes

                        Odd question but what length chain is your Tiffany necklace? Xx

                        Menang Menuo

                          All so pretty ❀️

                          Pink AG12

                            This is such a great video! I love handbags and have 2 of my own. Thank you for inspiring me to get them!! You are one of my favourite Youtubers including:
                            – Coco’s World
                            – Mixiepixie7
                            – We Think Pink

                            Mim Costin

                              I love hearing all your stories behind the things you wear! You’re so funny and sweet and so so hard working – it’s inspiring✨✨

                              ZoΓ« Roberts-Thomson

                                Freddy, you deserve everything you have! The way you speak about each individual bag just shows how thoughtful you are with your money. You are so hard working I aspire to be as stylish and eloquent as you xxx

                                J .S

                                  do a kibbe video


                                    <3 how do you clean your bags ?? They are soooo beautiful ! <33


                                      Am I the only one who got suspicious because of that Chloe story? I was like β€žhow did they know? We are all being spied on!!β€œ πŸ™ˆ maybe that’s why the universe never sends me anything πŸ˜‚

                                      Barbara Ochs

                                        I would love to know more about the floral one behind you please.

                                        AK K

                                          All I see is pink πŸ™‚

                                          Lynn Melina

                                            God this Prada bag is amazing!!!

                                            Taylah Martin

                                              I live it how you refer to your bags β€œit’s so like sexy” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


                                                I hope we will not place any item in the 1st place


                                                  I would love to see how you style these bags!


                                                    33.Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys. 34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

                                                    Ashleigh McCulloch

                                                      I love all the bags! But what about your Ted Baker bag?! πŸ’•

                                                      Marilyn Hodgkinson

                                                        Hi Freddy love your video. Wow those bags are georgeous, love all the stories that go with the bags really beautiful. Bags to me are gold.Thanks Freddy for showing your beautiful collection. Xxxx

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