OMG!!! MAGNETIC LINER AND LASHES?!?!?! This is insane!!!

Main OMG!!! MAGNETIC LINER AND LASHES?!?!?! This is insane!!!

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      OMG!!! MAGNETIC LINER AND LASHES?!?!?! This is insane!!!

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Sooooo I recently tested out the MOXIE LASH Magnetic Liner & Lashes with you guys on camera! So here ya go! I hope you enjoy!


        Ok so today’s video was supposed to be something else, but I have a nasty cold & I couldn’t film at all yesterday. Too many sneezes and boogers! So I had this video on reserve just incase! Hope you enjoy!

        Annmarie Gianfrancesco

          Thanks 4 actually doing a makeup video!!! SO TIRED OF ALL THE JC DRAMA BS!!!!

          Elisabeth Cuningham

            I’ve heard Lil Lashes has the best magnetic lashes. Just in case anyone is looking for some and don’t like the Ardell ones.
            I’ve also heard they came out with the magnetic liner stuff and the liner is great and works amazing.


              WOW!!! I found it VERY interesting!!! THANKS for testing it out!!!

              Tiffany Ranis

                Love this video& you!!☺️☺️ Can you pleeeeeeeeease film the same challenge that jessi did and be handcuffed to #therealdannylights for 24 hours!? That would be the beeeeest video ever!! And maybe go on a BWW date like the good old vlogging days!🤩 Just a thought, please consider it!!(: love you Kathleen!!

                Claudia De Pasquale

                  Kathleen! How did the lashes go throughout the day? I can’t find any note in the description box xx

                  Wulan Lestari

                    please review about shu eumura unlimited fondation katlheen

                    perfectly imperfect23

                      You are so stunning that it's not even fair! Lol 💜

                      Armida M

                        Who else got a Kathleen boxycharm unboxing Ad before the video started and didn't skip ❤

                        Jennifer Arents

                          Ok convenient, but do NOT wear these or the liner if you’ll be in an MRI machine.

                          melina paredes

                            I got an add about you 😆

                            Chyenne Porter

                              I think they have a gel eyeliner as well, might be better cause you could use as thin of a brush as you need

                              Putu Mita

                                Hi cek my channel and subscribe yuk 🤗

                                Shauné Perez

                                  The ad for this video was you opening boxycharm boxes. What does that mean if you're your own ad? 😂😂

                                  Miss Heather’s World

                                    The magnetic gel is cheaper. And might have more control

                                    Joy Before Her

                                      I tried magnetic lashes before and it was a fail 😂 love how they look on you though! P.S. I love your channel and I’d love to be a part of your #followfridays! 💖

                                      Gillyanna Coops

                                        Absolutely loving that lipstick shade on you…and in general!


                                          Tati’s video wasn’t about Moxie Lash. It was another brand.

                                          Anna Rhoella Bie

                                            can u review the DEmee eye lashes and brow serum from Switzerland?

                                            Deb White

                                              Raw Beauty Kristy did this.

                                              Caroline L.

                                                😮 This just may replace regular falsies for me !! How awesome would that be to just take them off magnetically instead of having to always pull them off!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

                                                Blog Polar

                                                  I loved that it worked with the other lashes!! Sooo good. The only problem is that I’m allergic to a few different types of metal so I’d have to make sure they didn’t use them in the eyeliner. ❤️

                                                  Dorian Eucebio

                                                    Kathleeeeeen can you please do a review on the Juvia’s place concealer saw Nikkietutorials review it and I know the foundation might be too matte for your dry skin but the concealer looks intriguing

                                                    Holli Hullum

                                                      I. LOVE. THIS.
                                                      I always want to wear falsies but.. I suck at them. And this is something so worth it!! When you go buy more and try out the other ones, you should film and update us!!!!!

                                                      Carmelinna Reyes

                                                        It was easy to remove it?

                                                        Alesha Jones

                                                          How did they wear throughout the day?

                                                          Gracelyn Davis

                                                            Also you look gorgeous! I love the bold lip and the lashes together😍

                                                            Gracelyn Davis

                                                              this is GENIUS

                                                              Nicole Beauregard

                                                                I can’t wait for these liners to become mainstream and cheap 😆

                                                                Amanda Holland

                                                                  Thanks for being such a bright light ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ in this toxic YouTube time!

                                                                  Emily Chung

                                                                    Please review the glossier solid perfume!

                                                                    Lana Banana

                                                                      Fun fact you and kristy are not using the original brand. The brand in Tati video is the original and its different from you guys.

                                                                      Chilli Sauces

                                                                        Omg this is so cool wth

                                                                        Megan Fidler

                                                                          Thank u Kathleen!! I freaking suck at applying lashes w glue and it’s always a flop so I’m just gonna buy the liner and some lashes from target

                                                                          Marissa Guzman

                                                                            Yes Kathleen, your lights did flicker 😯

                                                                            Winnie Lenore Che

                                                                              I think the Lashliner system magnetic eyelashes are better than MOXIE…hmmm….This one looks really chunky and not as easy to apply as Lashliner system

                                                                              gabriella fernandez

                                                                                can u do a review on kylie skin care 😍😍

                                                                                Frances A

                                                                                  @kathleen I'm like you and cannot put lashes on to save my life but using the magnetic liner was definitely a game changer. Try LashLiner liner too it's more like traditional liner in my opinion. I like both brands. Bold and Beautifully You is another brand. I use the magnetic liner with Ardell and lashes from Amazon. It's opened up a new world for me. 😊

                                                                                  Kayla Farhang

                                                                                    Would love to see you use these in a look in the future using the liner with a really tiny liner brush!

                                                                                    Farzana Zaqir

                                                                                      I am your new subscriber Kathleen. Love the way you talk.


                                                                                        This is too cool! I'm lousy at putting on falsies so I never wear them. I may go ahead and get it for myself after seeing this. 😊😊😊

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