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      Paw Print Acrylic Inlay

      Suzie creates a cute Paw Print Acrylic Inlay Nail. During the design Suzie encounters a problem, and demonstrates how to fix it. View Suzie’s New Free Digital …

      Henny S

        Cute! 🙂 <3

        Mahlea Smith

          I love this design! Super cute!~

          Rylie Gibson

            You are so underrated, you are amazing!!

            Maria Francisco

              I hate tise vied

              Nanci Ramirez

                Loving your hair Suzie 😍

                Vidya Divya

                  Congrats on 2M

                  Miguel Elias

                    Could you inlay an acrylic rose the same way? Maybe using clear instead of white?

                    Marissa Gonzalez

                      You should make merch 😍😁


                        I actually kinda like it with the ‘shadow’ because when you take a dogs pawprint that often happens where it smudges or bleeds onto the paper so I feel like the ‘shadow’ actually makes it more realistic looking

                        Cam Mewburn

                          Congrats on 2 million sub!

                          Stephanie Kipf

                            What is the best things to watch out for as a new nail lover doing their own first set of hybrid nails for instance?

                            Tray’s Nail Designs

                              Love this 💓 Suzie can I ask, do you put anything underneath on the nail, to “pop” it off after you’ve done your videos or do you keep the designs you have done on your own nails for a while. Thank you

                              Emily Fonseca

                                PLEASE do Bridal nails!! I'm getting married in August and I'm shocked you don't already have one!

                                bts_lover_jimin chimmy

                                  OMG am I the only one who hates that sound of the E-file

                                  Rita Gathercole

                                    Thank you for another absolutely fantastic video! I really appreciate everything you teach and the amazing way you inspire everybody! You have such a bubbly personality and I love your laugh! Thank you for being so positively inspiring!
                                    Kindest regards
                                    Lots of love
                                    Rita G

                                    Danielle Drumright

                                      I call those toe beans!! I love kitty cat toe beans!!

                                      Ollie Olliver

                                        "Oh, there's a piece of glitter in there! How did that get there?" – said every nail technician, ever.

                                        Sha CC

                                          It’s nice to see you working w acrylic again!

                                          David Emmanuel

                                            Love it!!! You should do more videos like this. 😍😍

                                            Jessica Tyler

                                              Im a kid but i watch your videos and kinda do them some times i love ur videos so much

                                              Tammie Nichols

                                                I watch u all the time. Love when grant comes on too.

                                                Janine Marshall

                                                  I love how you do the questions at the end. Brilliant! You're the best.

                                                  Päivikki Krigsh

                                                    Im suffering from real severe depress and anxiety along with not being able to get enough sleep, but can I tell you Suzie, I love your art and I do nails myself too, but your lovely soothing voice is my medicine 💗😭 Feel calmer every time.

                                                    Connie Reese

                                                      I am a Penn State Nittany Lion fan. How cool on game day. Navy blue and white !!!!

                                                      Jessica Wilson

                                                        I’ve had the “gel powder” con before too – I knew they were full of crap but was too shocked/anxious to really kick up a stink about it… I even paid extra.
                                                        Never went back there.

                                                        Stephen Smith

                                                          Out of curiousity, what is the most difficult set of nails that you have ever done in your career? Were they Acrylic or Gel? Sending you all the love that doesn't go to my Boyfriend from Calgary, AB.

                                                          Stacey Maxwell

                                                            Thank you, love that design, but can you compare solar, acrylic and gel nails please?

                                                            Karen Sue Pohlmeier

                                                              I LOVE this look!! Great job Suzie! I would love for you to do my nails!!


                                                                This is my most favorite thing ever!!!
                                                                I wonder how many years it will take me to be skilled enough w/ acrylic application to do this on my own nails tho 😭😭😭😭😭

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