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      PRODUCT EMPTIES ... I'm not SALTY!

      I swear, I pre-filmed this video two weeks ago when I knew I was going to be traveling. xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …

      Georgi Nes

        Tati you’re such a ray of light and positivity!!!! ✨✨✨ I love watching your videos ❀️❀️


          Man favorites


            Can you do a natural products you love video

            Lauren Jane

              OMOROVICZA moor cream cleanser is by far the best. It’s not cheap but it’s incredible. I just got the facial polish too it’s also fantastic. They have the best products!


                Gurllll your makeup is on point! I am a huge fan of purple on my eyes as well (brings out my light brown eyes!) and that color is beautiful! Edit: What keeps me a fan of your channel is that, like me, you love a bougie product but you aren’t afraid to say hey, you can get a great result from the drugstore, don’t waste your $$.


                  Wanna see your perfume /fragrance collection as well as James updated favorites ❀❀❀

                  Stacie Keith

                    i just ordered my first bottle of halo beauty and i cant wait til it gets here to see what all the hype is about!! <3

                    Srijan Keshri

                      Ur T-shirt Tati is amazing. I need something like that. Love u😘

                      Yeon Kitt

                        Without wing, you look 20.

                        Lotta K

                          YES for James!


                            I want another man favorites from James!

                            Rebecca Ozuna

                              Yes we want James to share.

                              Kenna Hagin

                                Im here for James favorites!!πŸ’›


                                  Any kind of James video is awesome.

                                  Julia Herz

                                    James must do an update on his skincare πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

                                    Lindsey McKinney

                                      Hey Tati, I’d love to see your reviews of the milk skin care line or cureology or elf etc. It would help me out so much in deciding the right skin care routine for me. Thanks

                                      Michael Schussler

                                        Would love to see a video of you reviewing men's makeup.

                                        I K

                                          It would be great if Halo were refillable or if the bottle were glass, although i know that would be hard for shipping. But it would be great if you thought about it 😊

                                          Bonnie Duffy

                                            Ooh yes, James doing a favourite products for men would be great!

                                            Geneal Eailey-Noel

                                              I’m watching this and I have a migraine …. love your top ❀️


                                                … NerdECrafter???

                                                Allie Marie

                                                  Tati!!!! We NEED a holy grail skincare products video, please! Face washes, makeup removers, eye creams, moisturizers, tools, EVERYTHING! Please Tati!!!

                                                  Maria T Victorero

                                                    Sunday Spa video please!!

                                                    Sonakshi Bhagat

                                                      Hello, everyone. Can anyone tell me if Halo Beauty helped someone with acne and blemishes? I am considering buying it. Help, please.

                                                      Areeba Abid

                                                        Hey! So balm cleansers are meant to be a part of the double cleanse process. So you need to follow up with a water-based cleanser to fully remove the slippery film you were talking about.

                                                        Casey Haller

                                                          Can James please do a new favorites video!

                                                          Sonja 777

                                                            Good for you tati how you used that boy and his followers to talk about your vitamins. I almost forgot about them.πŸ‘

                                                            grace keidge

                                                              You should go through your body skin care routine and products ! From more shower stuff to moisturizer !!

                                                              Dawn Wright

                                                                I really want to try the kiwi, not just because I suffer with bad skin and a poor immune system but I really want to support you Cuz u r the best. I'm just broke lol. Someday though. Single mom problems lol.

                                                                Sinead Grant

                                                                  Spa Sunday is a GREAT idea. Just letting you know I’m stealing that idea! 😊❀️

                                                                  Elizabeth Nicole

                                                                    Would love to know you Spa Sunday routine and products!!

                                                                    Becky Pratt

                                                                      Oh my gosh, I want so badly to reach in the video to pick that white string off your right arm. My OCD is like Tati, you have a string… right there! πŸ˜–πŸ‘Œ

                                                                      Bethany Howard

                                                                        Come back James!!!!

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