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      Reacting To Your Assumptions About Me...

      Setting the record straight and responding to your assumptions about me. Lol yes, I know I’m late to this trend… but here you go people! #AssumptionsTag _ …

      Glenda mai

        Honestly you look so happy 😊 and refreshed


          Girl what about Dorinda and Aqua? I'm pretty sure you don't talk to them anymore 🙁

          NativeMorning Star_makeup

            My 9 year old son is also allergic to mosquitoes, he gets hives all over and his eyes get swollen! It's horrible! 😫


              This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥⭐🌟🌟✨

              Philisiwe Zondi

                you have the cutest dresses

                Sylvia Love

                  i was a missionette too 😭😂 i complete forgot about that

                  j og

                    Loveeeee youuuuuu, Adrienne!

                    mishie baniaz

                      you are definitely not 100 percent Latina because I see middle eastern in ya even if its 1 percent i definitely see Arabian

                      Stephanie Mendez

                        I'm 4"11 too but I always get jealous of a 5"4 bitch 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂

                        Mariela Valadez

                          Where is your dress from? I LOVE IT!!

                          Shezza Ann

                            Jeez didn’t realise she was that short

                            Megan Niewenhuis

                              Hi Adrienne, Is that tape under your chin this is not the first time seeing it lol. please, explain does it help shape a person's face?

                              Angel Eyez

                                You being on and off birth control esp.pills mess your cycle up. Hence your period now comes like a spot do see a gyne and keep praying. I been down this road . Love you.

                                Masego Moema

                                  Your hair looks amazing!

                                  Andrés De La Cruz

                                    So no one notice she switch phones in the beginning lmao . Gotta love her. She’s so real and reminds me of me. I love her honesty.

                                    Angelina Adoko

                                      Do a collab with jeannie plzz

                                      Krystal Sadashiva

                                        What's that under your chin, A? In a couple videos it looks like you have a bandaid on.

                                        Melly Duran

                                          I’m high rn lol but is that tape under your chin?? Btw you’re gorgeous ❤️

                                          Erholove John

                                            Anyone else realise the phone change ?

                                            Ceci’s Loves

                                              When she said missionettes!! 🥰

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