Realistic Rose Quartz Nails Using REGULAR NAIL POLISH!

Main Realistic Rose Quartz Nails Using REGULAR NAIL POLISH!

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      Realistic Rose Quartz Nails Using REGULAR NAIL POLISH!

      In today’s nail art tutorial, we’re going to be showing you how to create a realistic rose quartz nail art designs with regular nail polish. We hope you find this video …




          Wow, that's gorgeous. My favourite gemstone is rainbow moonstone <3


            Gorgeous! I wonder if I can do it using a toothbrush and a cotton swab…? I don't own a brush that is so thin.

            Tristan Smith

              Please do this with more stones! Turquoise, lapis lazuli, opal, ruby, emerald, amethyst, jasper, tourmaline… they'd all make amazing nail art!

              PinkLion 888

                My favorite gems are moonstone and blue lace agate!

                Rachael The Red

                  I wonder if you used purple if it would look like amethyst? 🤔 amethyst is my favorite crystal.


                    I love Rhodochrosite. It's so pretty.

                    Maria Yazmin Limon Gallegos

                      wow it's beautiful 😚

                      •Maya The Potato•

                        So cute!🖤

                        monte star

                          Thanks for the update and the video


                            I would love to see a tutorial for amethyst


                              This looks gorgeous! =^o^= I love how delicate it looks! And the finishing touch with the bits of gold foil is lovely too!
                              My favorite gem is the pink sapphire, but I also love my birthstone, the amethyst. ♥

                              Javeria Jauhar

                                Sandi please do vlogs I really can't wait to see you😭😭😭😭😭

                                Abee Raza

                                  You haven't made any behind the polish vlog for a while now and also Any new update about your life Sandy can you please make any video like that ??

                                  gaya3 mantra14

                                    It's beautiful!


                                      I swear, every time I'm thinking about painting my nails, cutepolish happens to upload just before I do!

                                      Narel Halidi

                                        Mine is amethyst 💜

                                        Farhan Mohammed

                                          u r awesome this video is super cool and use fool video ever and ever

                                          T B

                                            Pretty 😃

                                            Alice B

                                              My favourite gem stone is an Amethyst because it's my birthstone and because I love purple.

                                              s t r a w b e r r i e m i l k


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