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      Silicone Dipped Beauty Sponge … Stop it … I had to try this! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE » » » …

      Joanne M

        Aaaaah your audio is the best 💓😍

        Nadine Nasralla

          Patiently waiting for the drugstore version of this sponge to come out so I can get it for cheaper 😛

          Bibi Zaynab Madarun

            Hey Tati please do a review on the colourpop villain collection bkoz till I dnt get a green signal from I cant buy it 😗

            Safeeya B.

              The silicon sponge is really good for skincare products than makeup products

              Kate Stewart

                Omg I love your more bare faced makeup look!

                Diamezia Wright

                  Tati have you tried the lashify lashes? Could you maybe do a review if you havent lol

                  Richelle Bellew

                    Ha ha! You are too funny!

                    dragonboy v

                      That does not look like a sponge


                        I don’t know why but this is one of my favorite videos from you LOL your energy is everything ❣️

                        Nancy Webb

                          Love the PSA, Tati!

                          Naasira amin

                            Great review, this looks promising ❤️

                            Erin Pritchard

                              Boobra is burying all your odd accessories somewhere 😳😳😳

                              Katie Lynn

                                LOL…remember that one time? YESSSS GIRL!


                                  Your makeup looks so fresh and I love it!!!! I wanna try that sponge but I’m in Japan so… one day😭

                                  Kim Do

                                    Tati! Did the sponge clean well? Im crazy about making sure i clean my sponge after every use

                                    Ashley Huff

                                      Tati, I cleaned my beauty blender. It was gross 😬 thanks for motivating me ha

                                      Nurul A. Othaman

                                        I really love your makeup in this video, Tati!

                                        Vanessa Suárez

                                          Tati, where is that eyelash curler from? 🙂

                                          Reem Zee

                                            Wasn’t that a great video, I’ll link it below 😂😂

                                            Davina Walker

                                              Love it ❤

                                              Charles & Alyssa Forever


                                                LisaLouise greenhorn

                                                  Does anyone remember… Tati mentioned a bronzer similar to bobbi brown that I want to try out does anyone remember what it is? IV looked everywhere 🙂

                                                  Abigail Porter

                                                    Great video, thanks Tati. Anything that saves sucking up product has got to be a good thing!! xXx

                                                    Nicka Shines

                                                      Loved this video, tati! 💕

                                                      Hannah Johnson

                                                        TATI! Please put captions on your video! I’ve recently lost partial hearing and it’s only going to get worse, I’m struggling to understand you. lip reading is super hard on videos, please put captions on I honestly value your opinion on products.


                                                          somehow it looks like the hazelnut from ice age…

                                                          mia short

                                                            my mom loves the original silicone applicator

                                                            Jen Blewett

                                                              Yay for zooming in! 🥳


                                                                When she put the makeup on it makes me wanna take her out to dinner

                                                                Kate M

                                                                  I can't wait to try this out 😄!! I always liked the hygiene part of the silicone sponges (so easy to clean) but compared to the beauty blender they were just never good enough regardingthe finish. Now you get best of both worlds?? Count me in 😆 thank you for the video tati xoxo

                                                                  Shay Mylar

                                                                    TATIIII!! PLEASE ENABLE THE CAPTIONS FOR THE PEOPLE HARD OF HEARING !!!! 💖 loveeee your videos

                                                                    Ricky Samalot

                                                                      Hey Tati, love your videos. I watch them at the end of the day to wind down. I find them so calming. I would love to see you do a natural makeup tryout series. I know you’ve tried a few in the past. But here is a few that I would love to see you try like Pacifica, Inika, Benecos, Mineral Fusion to name a few. I think it could be fun thing for you to try. Lots of love, keep living your best life!!

                                                                      First Last

                                                                        …is this a woman or a guy? Youtube keeps trying to ram these tranny makeup videos down my throat even thought I've never clicked on a single one ever. Sometimes s/he looks like woman, then other times a guy.

                                                                        Aman Kalra

                                                                          anyone know which eyelash curler she used???

                                                                          Katherine John

                                                                            666 dislikes? The devil obviously doesn’t like makeup


                                                                              I just bought super sponge because I’m watching this video, thanks Tati
                                                                              From Malaysia xoxo😘


                                                                                this thumbnail is giving me charles gross vibes in the best way

                                                                                Azin Sabori

                                                                                  You must have been tired drawing those brows 🤔

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