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    Wayne Goss

    This one simple mistake can change the entire look of your eyeshadow. Are you doing it?! SHOP WAYNE GOSS MAKEUP BRUSHES HERE: …


    Awesome tip. Thank you 😊


    Great tip. Definitely makes a difference.

    Melissa Parrish

    Great tip! Thanks!! I'm 59, so I have that pliable, silly putty skin. I'll try this tomorrow. 🙂

    Zachary McGee


    Marsha Young

    It’s an a-ha moment for me! Thanks for the tip, Wayne!

    Darcy Markey

    I love that! Great explanation for mature eyes. 🙏❤️

    K.I.L.E E

    What about when you use shadow shield or tape? Is it the same guidelines to follow?

    Ankit Parkhe

    who ate all my chips? ugh

    ruth b

    If you have oily skin or you applied a sticky or moist product (serum, moisturizer, or primer), blotting papers will stick to your skin, so you don't have to hold the paper with your fingers.

    Doris Makeup Artist

    Got it! Thanks.

    Sandy Sweeney

    How come these great men are telling us women the best makeup techniques? Idk, I ❤️ it & just find it amazing. On another note men do know what is more appealing & attractive to look at in a woman. As a woman can tell a man what is more appealing & attractive to us if that makes sense to anyone.

    Susan Howard

    Wayne, I know this isn't related, but I just got 2 of your lipsticks and a gloss today. I can NOT get over how PERFECT they are. I feel like I can never find a perfect formula for me but now I have. Looking forward to even more releases. Thank you so much! Much Love!

    Aidee Martinez


    Lotus Angel

    Hey sweetie, could you do an update on eyebrow product for a beautiful natural eyebrow please and how to choose.


    Good tip

    Jolene Brummond

    I love your tips…thank you

    Dream With Intent

    You are never too old to learn and it’s so true.❤️ I feel like I’m constantly learning about different way to do makeup and evolving my technique as I age. Here is to aging gracefully. 🥰🥰

    Denise Marie

    Now why didn't I think of that?! Great idea. Thanks, Wayne! Your hair colour is pretty!

    Dani Kowalski

    Not all heros wear capes 🦸‍♂️
    I'm all over this, Work Monday is going to be my first patient 😂

    Dawn Schrader

    I love your new technology that you teach everyone. Love this.

    Kenninsy Bahena

    I love your make tipss

    tiffanie west

    Very helpful. I have aging eyes and the same size as yours. It’s difficult at times to get that corner to work

    LisaD GingerSnaps

    Thank you for the tip love.

    Lulilu Rosales

    Querido Wayne, podrías por favor añadir subtítulos en español a tus vídeos? Algo entiendo de inglés pero no entiendo las palabras técnicas de maquillaje. Me encantan tus vídeos!!! Saludos desde Argentina

    Mary-Alison Reed

    Lord how I would love to have this man do my makeup! But I'd probably drool and stutter like a fool😜💗


    Hi Wayne!
    I live in New Delhi, India and the weather here, for the most part, is hot. I'd like to know if it is okay for me to keep lipsticks in the fridge and take them out only when I'm traveling? Will doing that make the lipstick go bad sooner? Or is it preferable to keep the lipsticks at room temperature only?

    Kate Gould

    Thanks for the tip, I end up with the eyeshadow or liner below where I wanted it. And now, I think I see why! It's a pain in the a***. I have to use a cotton bud to clean up the mistake and often just take all of the eye makeup off!

    Susan Richards

    Wayne, just recieved my lippies, gloss and pencils. LOVE! My only regret is that I didn't order more colors. Been watching your videos for a couple of years, and must say congratulations!

    Shari O’Flanagan

    Great tip!

    Sairam Neetha

    Thanks for very best tips

    Sairam Neetha

    Ur eyes r soo small but cute

    St. Driscoll

    You look so happy and healthy!!! Can’t wait for your lipsticks to arrive!!!

    Monalisa Martinez

    Thank you for such a helpful tip! I needed this ❤

    Queen Dye

    "STOP DOING THIS" made you feel he was talking directly to YOU! I know, me too. 😬😆


    Thank you! I have been doing it the wrong way forever and always wonder why it looks off!

    rudypatudy cc

    I love your videos! I love that you teach us how to or how not to apply certain things (not applying concealer like a youtuber changed my life) and I love that you get to the point 🙂 thanks for making these videos!!


    The skin moves more, or more than if you were 12!! Lol

    Nataly Kratos

    Great! Thanks u

    Marchizie catz

    😊 it's good that he's one of the only few real MUA's on YouTube that is so authentic and professional. Love you Wayne Goss! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Sara Tadesse

    hi Wayne just commenting to say I’ve been watching ur makeup videos for years (before I ever rlly tried hard w makeup) and I rlly appreciate ur real n genuine makeup lessons 💕✨

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