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    Wayne Goss


      Bethan Handley

        I like the pink pallet. The others not so much.

        Deb Edwards

          I wear bright green eyeshadow to walk my dog. I love colour! 😁👍🏻

          Kimberly Box Keesee

            I adore you! 😂 Cursing the camera was the best!

            Dianne Bryant

              I want, I want, I want!!!!!!!


                Lol….love it!!!!

                Lene 739

                  Woaw ! In love . 💖Must have !


                    I love these swatches

                    Belle Lopez

                      "Whose wearing these?" YOU, Wayne, as YOU just fell in love with the colors. 🙄

                      Are you taking votes on your logo design? I like the first one better in black and pink, with modification — lighten the black W into dark brown, G needs to be darker pink AND in front of W. {Right now, it's a stark contrast and I don't see the G as W is too dominant} Both letters need to be the same size, or G is slightly bigger to wrestle the dark & dominant W.


                        So disappointed in the green one. Why is it not more green? Like c’mon huda!

                        Nancy McPeak

                          That green that looks like nothing sounds like the best one to me. 😂 if you like that sort of thing!


                            I think that first shade is Cheeto Dust. LOL!

                            Mama Bear

                              Just out of curiosity, did you have even more fun with it & send your mother a photo before you washed your face? 🧡💛💚💜

                              Lydia Carels

                                You can go off to Burning Man straight away! 😂😂😎😎

                                Theresa Chambers

                                  Sometimes I like your videos without watching all the way because you're ridiculously awesome and funny! 😎❤😁


                                    Wayne you're such a kook! I mean that in the nicest way🤪

                                    Mama Bear

                                      I love the greeny brown ones. I adore copper when it has a nice patina on it & they bring out a green in what I always thought were my boring brown eyes.

                                      Emily Anderson

                                        I love so many things about this video ❤️

                                        Sena Cooper

                                          Ok now please review Kylie skin!

                                          Maria’s Channel

                                            Dear Wayne good morning from Greece! I’ve been watching your videos years ago, I don’t know if you remember me I am a person with special needs, I have vision problem and I was doing make up videos I love make up! I still do videos now huls, it’s in my mind to do again with my small mirror but very magnify again tutorials!
                                            I want to tell you, that I admire you and I use only iPhone 7+ for my videos and I don’t any problem of focus…!!! Love you MARIA. 💋💄💋

                                            Liza Moskovskaya

                                              Wayne + the camera = ❤

                                              Schatzi P

                                                So now you have to show us a few ways to use neons. Bring back that sweet model you used a few months back. The soft spoken girl with the dark hair. Very intrigued on how to use a neon without looking like an 80's throwback.

                                                jenny koppy

                                                  How f'ing funny is Wayne? Who swatches like that? But I love it! It's really does make more sense to swatch on your face than arm!

                                                  Leah Miranda

                                                    You are always a joy to watch! Love the warpaint look😁 You make me smile, and my day is always better for having watched you. That wink works! Thank you.


                                                      I’m obsessed with crazy bold color eyeshadows, I rock them everyday to work because they make me happy. Thank you for swatching these because I need them all in my life! Love you!

                                                      jacjorjac1 Jennifer Phillips

                                                        you Sir are hilarious 😂 and the best

                                                        Space Bike Music

                                                          Beauty gurus take note. This is how you do it. Be like Wayne Goss

                                                          shahad alsanea

                                                            These colors are so pigmented

                                                            Alexia Jarvis

                                                              Your reactions to some of the swatches really made me smile! This video made my day, I love it

                                                              Franziska Susli


                                                                Raffixzter Lebak Damn

                                                                  the guru that we all deserve

                                                                  Brittany Dodson

                                                                    Love this video so much.. this is what makeup is all about… Having fun !!! You have brought so many smiles to my face today. Love love love this video and you!

                                                                    Andrea Guerrero

                                                                      “Celestial shade” really needs to join American vernacular.


                                                                        I am LOVING your face swatches!! They’re perfect. Thank you so much. ♥️

                                                                        Elizabeth Howse

                                                                          That was fun I gotta say! Face swatches, who da thunk it ❤🇨🇦

                                                                          Suzan Storm

                                                                            I thought I wouldn't like these, but the pinky purples and all the celestials are SO pretty! Love and thanks.


                                                                              That is a fun, '80's style logo! I love the invisible background .png.

                                                                              Also, the one on your chin with different angles is amazing and a lovely colour.

                                                                              Rebecca Olsen

                                                                                Those would be stunning on a very dark skinned person.

                                                                                Black_Canary 1241

                                                                                  You’re so freakin’ cute

                                                                                  Annmarie Gianfrancesco

                                                                                    I Swear these where Made 4 12yr olds and people who are Very Serious about their IG acount!!!! I bought the green one based on the shimmers alone. But Neon was Aweful in the 80's (and honestly they need to stay back in that time period!)

                                                                                    Tina Kitty

                                                                                      The first pallet looks like rows of little post-its. Haha
                                                                                      Thb I'm loving that color on your nose! Such a beautiful color!

                                                                                      Susan Spight

                                                                                        I bought the pink and orange for the corals in the palette

                                                                                        Sofia R.

                                                                                          luv youuuuuu n luv wearing these colours just all over my lids with a winged liner (i match it with the colour of my scrunchie)

                                                                                          Ashley underwood

                                                                                            I constantly wear these kind of colors at my office job LOL

                                                                                            Connie Drake

                                                                                              Love the hot pink on the nose!

                                                                                              Gladys Kennedy

                                                                                                Only Gossi would !!!!!

                                                                                                Tish January


                                                                                                  Louise Guizelli

                                                                                                    Please focus or I am going to cry! You are hilarious Wayne

                                                                                                    Linda Olson

                                                                                                      The little hand clap had me giggling. Sooo much fun watching your videos

                                                                                                      Angela Stanczyk

                                                                                                        This was the funniest video I’ve ever seen you do! Love it!

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