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      Teen Vs. Adult: Pride Outfit Challenge

      “I just need something that just yells GAY!” Sydney Glambert-Ross The Plus Bus …

      Melanie Alvarez

        You guys should diy your pride outfits next

        Heather Fuentes

          i would die for the outfit jaz got

          Tamar Barratt

            Jazz did her so dirty πŸ˜‚


              I painted the rainbow flag on my shoes with markers bc I'm too broke for real pride merch and I need new shoes bc I grew out of them anyways


                This is my fave series on as/is channel!

                Big Stanky

                  She was a great guest!


                    Sydney's outfit looks like a modern, sexy Elle Woods to me!


                      yeah, the… frilly purple mesh tent is gonna be a nope from me chief. maybe as a skirt it could be kinda cute?

                      Atlantic Edits


                        Elin Airaxin

                          The fact that pride gets more attention than cancer is kinda sad…

                          LGBTQ Kawaiio

                            She’s gone to a pride parade at age 12 while I’m over here about to turn 14 and I haven’t even come out XD

                            Kendyl Morgan

                              I totally support lgbtq be what you want to be but how come I don’t get a month lgbtq is just like everyone else I personally don’t think they need a month maybe a day or week I totally think you should have parades I understand it is very hard to come out but a month is pushing it


                                That blue shirt is just… no

                                yee yee

                                  these fits definitelyyy could’ve been better πŸ™

                                  Lumos & Nox

                                    HAPPY PRIDE MONTH Y’ALL

                                    Mia Ghilarducci

                                      β€œi just wish there was something that screamed gay.” i am that something

                                      Emily Alex

                                        She should’ve gone with the pink and purple shirt because it was basically the bi flag

                                        I’m a person yeah

                                          I want to go to pride this year, I'm out to my mom but not to my dad, my mom said for my dad to take me but he's very homophobic. My friend's would go with me but like still. How should I work with this?

                                          Maile Van Unen

                                            3:38 love that McDonald’s jacket!!


                                              2:30 I HAVE THAT OUTFIT! πŸ˜† my sister bought it for my bday last year~ I sometimes wear it to church 😏 It's like my lil secret

                                              luke hemmings

                                                i need to see more of these two together

                                                Alondra Flores

                                                  The outfit she chose for Jaz gives me major Lizzo vibes I loveeee it!!! πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œ

                                                  Sean Clark

                                                    Is it just me or does the teen have a slight resemblance to Tracy turnblack from hairspray

                                                    Katie Chambers

                                                      I like the outfit the teen picked… jasmines outfit… not so much πŸ˜‚

                                                      Rachel Timbersnakeland

                                                        well since i’m too scared to come out anywhere else i will on here! i’m Biromantic! πŸ’œπŸ’“πŸ’™

                                                        Taylor Stanford

                                                          IM HOMOPHOBIC
                                                          change my mind

                                                          Simone Horne

                                                            I would have paired that white crop top with the rainbow skirt!


                                                              Imagine wearing wearing those pants at pride! There'd be sweat dripping out of the ankle holes.

                                                              Amber Marie McNeil

                                                                we need a plusbus in new york!!!

                                                                Regan Treece

                                                                  Go to Rue21

                                                                  Itty Bitty Workshop


                                                                    Feyza Onay

                                                                      I LOVE THIS FORMAT!!!!!!

                                                                      Jacinta Vee

                                                                        I love Jazz’s hair pink

                                                                        Sam Morison

                                                                          They both look incredible!

                                                                          Kayla Geyer

                                                                            Love this!!!

                                                                            Alice Murray

                                                                              I would love to see the black top at 2:32 paired with the rainbow skirt!

                                                                              Kai Keller

                                                                                Bruh I met jazz at Long Beach pride sksksksk

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