Throwing a Dart at a Map & Letting it CONTROL MY LIFE for 24 HOURS CHALLENGE 🎯| Piper Rockelle

Main Throwing a Dart at a Map & Letting it CONTROL MY LIFE for 24 HOURS CHALLENGE 🎯| Piper Rockelle

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    Piper Rockelle
      Throwing a Dart at a Map & Letting it CONTROL MY LIFE for 24 HOURS CHALLENGE 🎯| Piper Rockelle

      Shalom guys! Hope your day is great but better watching me throwing a dart at a map and letting it control my life for 24 hours challenge! You guys love the dart …

      Piper Rockelle

        Would you guys freak out if you met Adam Sandler?

        Who ate their french fries the best? 🍟

        lea pensotes

          Gavin is like a girl

          ZoeStella Collins

            So fun challenge : )

            Ada Boekelman


              North India Comedy :NIC

                Pray for Frank :C

                Alexandra Lefroy

                  Panckackes arts better

                  raj verma

                    why do sofy always gets so close to gavin do she likes him but piper and gavin u both need to tell about your love in the upcoming videos very soon

                    Alexandra Lefroy

                      I lové MacDonaldS m'y favrioute fast fois on idea ans i like There happy meals

                      Isabella North

                        Piper, do you miss Mariam??

                        مارال بیات

                          I love piper

                          Dan Tama

                            When did you meet Sofia sorry I don`t know how to spell her named😥😉😒🇦🇺

                            Chloe Gaming

                              ADAM SANDLER!!!!!!!!! HE’S MY FAV HE’S MY IDOL!!!!! OMG YOUR SO LUCKY!!!!

                              Also Gavin got his Gucci backpack back lol.

                              Piper your also my Idol!!

                              I also love how Frank says Sophie it’s like his saying sopi

                              Kyla Marie Matocinos

                                Chicken spagetty,fries,nuggets,chickenfillet

                                Dan Tama

                                  I hate your dog because his voice and he talks to much

                                  GK CREATIONS

                                    I loved the video and I also love you guys very much

                                    Tilika Chopra

                                      Why is Sophie feeding Gavin and also why is Sophie sitting next to Gavin and not Piper

                                      raj verma

                                        I just want to see your's and gavin's videos…..plzz show that in your channel also when gavin proposed u…are u guys really in a relationship or there is something going on between gavin and sofie…piper u and gavin are such a cute couple

                                        Ella Zoffman

                                          i would watch u all the time if u didnt have the pug. its really anoying

                                          Ciera apricot


                                            Tilika Chopra

                                              Gavin likes both Sophie and piper but more of piper and Sophie kind of likes Gavin and piper likes Gavin but there are so many comments saying pavin that it's hard for everyone to come clean

                                              Kyla Marie Matocinos


                                                Emeterio Galeon

                                                  Lol I'm just looking at you eating

                                                  Gacha sisters Ha


                                                    Tilika Chopra

                                                      Sophia and Gavin looked cute together cuter than Piper and Gavin also known as

                                                      Ckj7girl 007

                                                        ADAMN SANDLER AWWWWWW ME JELLY 😭😭😭😭

                                                        Demixxlovesxxpugsxx Hendon

                                                          Can u date gavin for 24 hrs plz btw love u sooooooooo much xxx

                                                          Klara Nekic

                                                            Please take a moment and pray for Frank🙏😂👍

                                                            Ava Moore

                                                              Lol you should just rock up to Universal and say “Hey can I be an actor” YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN

                                                              Marta Odachowska

                                                                When Sophie and piper did Gavin's makeup he looked like James Charles

                                                                Well Minnie James Charles

                                                                Personal Phone

                                                                  Piper you and Gavin are so sweet.

                                                                  I really like your vids you are my favorite YouTube my name is Samantha ☺

                                                                  Tilly Talbot

                                                                    I love McDonald’s

                                                                    Anna Ehnrika Raign Fernandez

                                                                      Hi piper can you do i let my fans control my day challenge if not it's ok sorry if I'm late

                                                                      Abi Primanzon


                                                                        Sarah Wallace

                                                                          u and gavin are cute together

                                                                          Abi Primanzon

                                                                            Love you

                                                                            Sarah Wallace

                                                                              the crisp are called crisps over her in england

                                                                              Elaine Coughlan

                                                                                O my go frank is so funny

                                                                                B B

                                                                                  Can you do a part 2 of throwing a dart map and buying whatever it lands on

                                                                                  Bestie Bears

                                                                                    Omg Sofia said what do u like better pancake or waffle I'm eating them both I like waffles more 😘😂

                                                                                    Ava Dennis

                                                                                      Farman I am having a horrible year so far because of this someone in my school

                                                                                      arrya thakkar

                                                                                        Gavin is perfect for piper and both of them look good togeather

                                                                                        AthosThe Weimaraner

                                                                                          did anyone notice that they all had iPhone x's 9:36

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