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      After you guys fell in love with MamaTutorials when she did MY makeup back in December, I thought today would be the perfect day for me to do HER makeup!


        THUMBS UP IF YOU LOVE MAMATUTORIALS!!!! and don't forget to enter the giveaway 👩‍👧❤️✨

        Parnika Adya

          The first memory I have of my mum doing make up is that she always used to put on a pinky nude lipstick and then she would also use it as blush. She still does that.

          IG- @parnika_adya

          Ellisha-j Wheeldon

            I did my mums makeup for a wedding a few years ago but she wasn’t a fan of the lashes 😂

            Insta: Ellie_wheeldon00

            Chantel Hines

              I posted a comment and my computer spazzed out and submitted it like a hundred times, i'm so sorry!!! 😭 I hope I deleted them all Dx

              Mercedes M Smith

                My 1st MAKEUP MEMORY is me being 7 and asking my mom if I could wear lipstick. She then proceeded to give me a clear gloss & said, "Don't eat it." 😂❤🌹

                Summer Ramirez

                  My first makeup memory with my mom was dipping into a maybelline palette. Now she's the one dipping into my makeup! Happy mother's day mama tutorials! Xoxo from the Philippines!
                  Instagram @dblackbitch

                  Trisha Brinkman

                    I remember always stealing my mom's lipstick and Everytime she found me IT WAS EVERYWHERE… But recently for a bridal present for my mother she took me to a male entertainment show 😂 she let me do her all up full coverage and glowing to the gods! Also your mother reminds me so much of her! For sure sending her this video she responded the same way to herself! But she loved it! 😂 She said not so much next time lol. Good vibes sent your way 💞

                    Luca Louise

                      Oké dus mama ging 'eyeliner' voor me halen maar het was oogpotlood. Daarna heb ik haar ooit opgemaakt en snapte ik niet dat wenkbrauwen geen rupsen zijn.

                      Elyse Dunne

                        My mom would give me the tiny bit of her MAC Studio FX powder foundation even though it didn't match my skin color when I was 13 🤣

                        ines dje

                          Ppl please explain what happened between tati and James charles.. And why is everyone disliking his last videos…

                          Mary Lois

                            My first makeup memory of my mom is her fondness of peach lippies! Mom is always into her peach puckers that she keeps a stash of different shades of peach lipsticks from, like, five different brands, her most favorite ones being a Wet n Wild shimmery lipstick!

                            Happy mothers day to Momma Tutorials and to all moms out there! ❤

                            Maria Soulantzos

                              one of my first memories with makeup with my mum is when i was 6 she put me in the car to take me to school but i saw her in a dark lipstick and i get so scared lmaooo, but a cuter moment is when she was teaching little emo me how to do wing liner with a gel when i was 14

                              instagram: maria_soulantzos

                              Celeste Uptergrove

                                My mom used to sell Avon. So, I would get her samples and try out the new makeup. IG @hellcat1313

                                Kylie James

                                  My parents and brother all have Brown eyes….I have grey. I've grown to love my grey.
                                  My husband had blue and my daughter has blue but my son has my grey. I'm teaching him to love the grey also

                                  Jc Stonebarger

                                    First of all you’re mom is freaking adorable! Second the look is amazing so is the wig! So I’m a gay male and I’ve always been into make up. But my MOTHER doesn’t and has never wore make up. So I was probably about 15 years old and I came home from school with my friends foundation on and lip gloss! It’s all I was comfortable with wearing at the time! And my mom freaked out and I just went to my room, and I cried and cried and cried.. after a few hours my mom came in to my room and sat on my bed, she told me “son if you’re going to wear your friends make up, make sure the foundation matches your skin, and it’s doesn’t try to put it all on your neck”.. And she told me she knew I would get crap from the kids at school so the least I could do if I wanted to wear make up was to find a match for my foundation! I still suck at make up, but it just touched at my heart when I was 15, and the older I get the more I appreciate that moment in my life!
                                    Anyways my IG is @ jcstonebarger
                                    No Twitter I was never cool enough for it!


                                      My first makeup memory with my mom was mascara, she used really intense black mascara and I started to take it sometimes so I looked like… haha weird! I was 12 then😂 I love my mom and I even sometimes do her makeup❤ my ig name is rozkosznyduszek❤ Love you Nikkie and your mom!❤

                                      Jamila Miah

                                        @NikkieTutorials, I LOVE THIS MAKEUP. I NEEDED AN INSPIRATION TO DO FOR MY SISTER'S WEDDING AND THIS IS PERFECT!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I don't care if I win the giveaway or not, I just hope you read this @NikkieTutorials to see my story. Me and my mom look like "tweelings" with or without make up. My first memory makeup with my mom would be when my mom would put this deep brown lipstick on me because that was her favorite and playing with her foundation powder. Between me and my older sister, I would say I am more of the makeup fanatic (I even plan on doing her engagement's makeup). It feels weird growing up and doing makeup on the people that has inspired you from the beginning. I even bought my mom her first liquid foundation.

                                        Lindsay K

                                          "Wimpers … Ja hoe heten die dingen" This video is more fun when you speak Dutch! 😂💕

                                          BrittneyNicole ASMR

                                            Your mama is so darn cute! I need to fly to Texas and do my moms makeup so we can Be tweeling too 😭❤️
                                            My Instagram is @brittneynicolea

                                            Lydia Ward

                                              My first memory of make up with my mum was when I was about 8 and she had a lip stick that had a lip stick shaped end on it that was covered in plastic and I would ask for “some lips stick pleas mum “and she world day “ok but just a little “ and the. She would use the plastic covered end on my lips 👄 I would be so pleas with my self wearing lipstick! And she would always make a big fuss of me saying how grown up I looked haha it was not untill treasure later that I figured out the she had never actually put any lipstick on me .keep up the great work Nikkie !!😘😘

                                              Jayleen Jauregui

                                                YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

                                                Daniel Li

                                                  LOL trying my mom's makeup without her knowing

                                                  Laura H.

                                                    Awww haha I love this 🙂 My first Make-up memory with mom was that I always saw her using a kohl pencil under her eyes (still the only thing she does and she’s using it wayyy to far away from her eye, it’s about two centimetres lower) and I wanted to do it as well and almost poked my eye out 😂 To this day I don’t like these pencils. My insta is @letters_and_pages

                                                    Gianna Luna

                                                      My first makeup memory with my mom was when I watched her get ready to go on a date with my dad. She would always use a brown lip liner to line her lips and a brown lipstick. I remember always wanting to wear the same thing on my lips!

                                                      Valhala Jflores

                                                        My first make up memory with my mom was doing her eyebrows, from shaping to filling it. 😀🥰 It was actually a goal for me because she never trusted me when it comes to brows but as the days passed i gained that trust by letting her see how I do mine almost everyday! And it was really unforgettable we just laugh all the time 😂

                                                        HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL the moms that is reading this 💕

                                                        IG : @jojosiahm 🙏🏻

                                                        Jessica De Vries

                                                          Hihihihi zo leuk hoe je samen met je moeder bent, mijn eerste herinnering aan make-up en mijn moeder is inderdaad ook zo'n 2 kleurig bruin palletje die ik soms op mocht en veeeeeeeel te bruine lippenstift met een plastic achtige smaak jakkie bakkie.

                                                          G Deanne Campbell

                                                            My first makeup memory with my mother was me watching her apply/fill in her eyebrows with a Maybelline eyebrow pencil. Dark brown. It was very glamorous! It was too dark for her but it was a distinct memory I have. She had gorgeous, full 👄 lips. My mom was a natural beauty but when she applied makeup to go to church, she used a Lancôme lipstick in Maple something. Can’t exactly remember the shade but if she was going out with my father, it was a berry shade. She set the bar for me…
                                                            She’s been in heaven for 3 years and 3 months.
                                                            Still miss seeing her put her lipstick 💄 on…

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