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      FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: What’s up guys!? I’m currently on holiday and wanted to film a new ” Trying on bikinis I bought …

      Nele Stevens

        So pretty😍 why Don’t you try them in the pool? It’s behind you so we can know if we can were them in de pool

        Troy James Shay

          Any small YouTuber’s wanna help each other?❤️

          BuleDayak K-1 Journey

            Hi! I hope you can try wedding gown from Azazie. I ordered my wedding gown there. Thank you 🙏

            Kiki KIM

              Roxiii, love you.
              Greeting here from indonesia, thank you for visiting Bali.
              I hope you have a nice holiday there 💝

              Audrey Monique

                Loved the pink one!!!


                  I love the white boob cutout bikini 😀. I like the bottoms are actually high waisted.

                  Taj Robinson

                    Girl bodee🔥🔥🔥


                      Body goalzzzzzzz!!!

                      GIgi Lee

                        Hi, sweetheart, I saw your video and I feel very good and my skin is very healthy. I want to invite you to be the heroine of my swimsuit and show you all kinds of things.

                        popcorn and Evie

                          Did this stick just say she has curves

                          sophia r

                            I think she’s faking Bali again… seems green screen ish

                            Miraculous Daydreamer

                              Greetings from Indonesian subs here! So happy and glad u enjoy your day in Bali♥️♥️

                              gledam videe

                                Please do room tour

                                Natalie b.

                                  Who else wants her to do a draw my life video❤️

                                  Alexis Krammes

                                    Can you make a dedicated one piece video?

                                    Christine Weihbrecht

                                      Is this from your “I faked going on vacation to Bali” video

                                      Pearl Sparklz

                                        2:09 u look so sexy and hot

                                        Natali Mazzulli

                                          Have you heard of They have some cute clothes and swimsuits, you should try from there!

                                          Era Era

                                            So…why was this a fail when almost all bikinis were great and beautiful!?!?

                                            Mixer Mendes 1D

                                              Body goals ❤ you're so beautiful & kind, such a shame i didn't find your channel before

                                              Demi Bo

                                                Why fail?

                                                oké dan

                                                  I don't understand you don't whant that people see you in your underwear but in this bikini it's OK??? Hahahaha I don't understand

                                                  Amure Heart

                                                    You sure you are on a vacation? 🧐🧐🧐


                                                      She is again pranking us 😂😂😂😂she is not in bali😂😂 thanks to the green screen …

                                                      Dhamayanti Setiadi

                                                        Love from Indonesia!! I'm an Indonesian who likes to watch your vids. Hope you enjoy Indonesia 🇮🇩 during your stay.

                                                        Abigail Schweitzer

                                                          Please do ZAFUL.

                                                          StuckStudent 41

                                                            Roxi I think you should have 1 size smaller in that yellow one

                                                            Sugarplum Princess

                                                              SHE'S IN BALII WHY I'M NOT IN INDONESIA RIGHT NOW!! 😭😭🇲🇨❤


                                                                Can u please review some cupshe bikinis and swimsuits?? I Would be so thankful for that! ❤️

                                                                nisrina isnaini Erdila

                                                                  You're in bali?, waaww welcome to Bali, welcome to indonesia and enjoy your holiday 😊😊


                                                                    You should try on bikinis from amazon❤️

                                                                    Sunidhi Diwakar

                                                                      Would you make any vedio on your body Fitness routine!? I am very curious and would be happy if you do so…btw love your channel♥️

                                                                      Annalisa Pizzuto

                                                                        You should do a video of your wardrobe. You buy alot if clothes from online and i am curious where you put all of these

                                                                        Dayu Indah

                                                                          JEEZ I WANT TO MEET U LIKE AAAAA IM FROM BALIII ❤️❤️❤️😫😫

                                                                          Megan Abdullah

                                                                            You look a little bit like Amy Jackson. The girl from Super Girl. She was in a role as Saturn Girl.

                                                                            Eliza Rustemi

                                                                              Hi Roxxsaurus I wanted to say you are amazing I follow every video and I like you a lot…the next video I would like to see any hairstyle because your hairs are super

                                                                              Janice Michael

                                                                                please do a zaful haul!!! their swimwear and prices seems too good to be true

                                                                                Adnda Ksya

                                                                                  Woww you're in Bali😍 Greeting from me Roxy, I lived in Indonesia too❤

                                                                                  Madhur Smriti

                                                                                    The background looks so fake like a green screen or something

                                                                                    Angela Beatriz Abalos

                                                                                      She looks thinner every vid

                                                                                      Anahita E.m

                                                                                        But seriously! You don’t like showing your underwear while trying dresses on but you wear bikini that reveals almost everything!

                                                                                        Charlie Sneader

                                                                                          It looks like a green screen???🧐🤔

                                                                                          Riana Dewi

                                                                                            I am 100% Indonesian, and I haven't been go to Bali :" so, how is Bali, Roxi? do you like Bali?

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