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    Jackie Aina

    Hi boos! Today I’m going to be chatting about beauty brands that “fell off” and by fell off I just mean brands that’s aren’t talked about as much OR have strayed …

    The body

    The cheap celebrity fragrance market ruined it for celebrities and makeup, it comes across as cheap like celebrity fragrances. The only celebrity to pull off fragrance was Elizabeth Taylor


    Lmao she dirty for this but I'm here for it 😆

    Celeste Winkley

    Personally the khloe and Malika Collab with Becca made NO sense to me. But I still bought the lipsticks cause they’re gorgeous and I love the formula.

    roger awkward

    A pink and green n the eye so pretty ❤️ ty4sharN

    Marina_ 88

    "what's wrong with me" girl EVERYTHING . but you still turned admirable af

    connor-maree murphy

    Scott Barnes review his contour and blush collections I would love to see in your skin!

    Mara Edelmann

    that emerald green on you reconfirms my bisexuality. THAT IS A LOOK

    Danielle Grasso

    Oh holy adds

    Lexy Bach Beauty

    When Lisa Eldridge came over as the creative director at lancome I was so excited to see the changes. But so far nothing has really stands out or made a big impact except for that rose highlighter a long while ago :/

    Debbie Weekes

    My makeup collection has become so vast in the last 3 years that these companies have to come out with something spectacular! Now I only buy sale items because I don't NEED a damn thing.

    Kiki Beckles

    With Lancôme, I think they were flying high until February dropped. Cause Teint was the joint with its mass foundation options, but babyyyyy Fenty dropped and took over that market. Lancôme been kinda quiet since. I still buy Lancôme foundation, but that’s all I get right now.

    African Girl

    I like bare Minerals lol. they are good & have nice makeup


    I've definitely felt some kind of way about Mac for a while. When I got into makeup, I knew Mac was a brand I wanted to try, even though I didn't have a lot of money. I went into the local store multiple times and was completely ignored every time. I just stopped going after a while.


    ha- the MAC comment about egos is so true. i went in there twice (years ago) and both times i felt like no one cared to help me, so i peaced out and have been giving aaaall my money to sephora ever since

    keke rae

    I’m watching this video at like 5somethingAM and when she brought that mirror around my dumb*** thought it was a skillet

    Balloon Baboon

    Wow you're beautiful bruh

    Kai Saran

    I like colourpop shadows. Their newer formulas are a lot better. They don’t las as long though.

    Kai Saran

    Jackie….if/when you have your own brand, that is all I’ll wear.

    Kai Saran

    cough cough morpheisthenewmac cough cough

    Rodge Rodriguez

    Jackie can you please block me? I’ve been trying to block your ass for a minute now on my phone and you keep popping up in my feed 🤢🤮. I want nothing to do with your stagnant ass channel. Dead ass. Thanks 🙏🏽

    Olivia Fleck

    I’m dead this is the best ever

    Robert Lilley

    why is your mouth so big ?

    Craig BroussardL

    You are always stunning but you really went off with this look 😍

    J P

    I started working at Ulta in 2016 and was there for 3 years…she is not lying about anything in this video👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽a lot of the brands lost their way

    Yasss Gawwwd!

    That Billy Porter was funny!

    Chin Chin

    Coastal scents. Lol. I remember when all the original gurus used those damn palettes. Whatever happened to those

    MuaHollywood HoLLyWooDish

    MAC fell off because they changed the formulas to most of their products and the interaction between you and the person at counter was usually unpleasant. I always felt like most of their staff adopted this mean, catty and unapproachable vibe so I started exploring other brands.

    Ann D’Rey

    Not gonna talk about any brand but THIS THE LOOK THAT I FIND SOOOOO BOMB ON YOU AUNT JACKIE!!! FAVE SO FAR! 💚

    Yasss Gawwwd!

    But… physicians formula makes a #1 Butter Bronzer? Unless you’re specifically referring to shadows.

    Sassy K

    I died laughing at 1:07s 😂😂😂😂

    Yasss Gawwwd!

    I didn’t know you lived here? Which one? Pearl Ridge Mall?


    I’ve been watching your channel for years now and it was soooo eye opening. It hadn’t occurred to me at that time that there was such a lack of diversity and inclusion in make up because frankly my skins the default.

    Your channel totally woke me up to that and you’re right. Once it was pointed out to me I’m absolutely about supporting brands that are inclusive and steer away from brands like Tart for example that can’t be bothered.

    Also you taught me how to blend my eyeshadow. Thank you!!

    Lisa Cosham

    oooh it would be sick if you did a video looking back on some of your old opinions and seeing what's changed over time! xx


    Whoever edits your videos needs a raise! Your humour plus their editing is just poetic 😂👏🏾


    Best introooooooooooo😭😭😭😭 I want you that wayyyyyy❤️❤️❤️

    stephany castellanos

    that part about thatgirlshaexo … OVERDUE.

    Andra Mihalache

    I'm getting such Queen of the damned vibes from Jackie's lewk🤩🤩🤩 Auntie of the damned FTW!!!

    Salt ‘n’ Caramel

    Interesting that you’d say that about MAC because till this day in Kenyan MAC stores, their customer service sucks and they aren’t welcoming at all. More snarky and snobby

    Tansin Hossain


    Gina Slay

    I heard Mac was in the red ODEEEE that mineralized skin finish is still the goat tho

    Maisie Bell

    You would love the BPerfect cosmetics XL carnival pro palette! Please do a review on this, it would look amazing on you the colours and pigments are amazing!🥰💕

    Whitney C

    I’m with you on MAC


    The moment MAC was mentioned… I said "yeah girl, somebody had to say it. it's been a long time coming."

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