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      WHAT HAPPENED with HALO Last Month 🤔

      I wanted to have a chat about what’s going on with Halo, where we’re headed, and reveal an exciting new launch. I hope you guys love it! xo’s ~ Tati HALO …


        Thank you so much for being patient with our outage. Website is running smoothly and processing orders now. xo's ~ Tati

        Melissa Neal

          YAY!!!!!!! Congrats too! 🥳🎉🎈🥂💖

          Jessica From Hawaii

            This is why you’re so loved and respected, you’re genuine, kind, caring, and loving. I can’t afford your vitamins but I appreciate everything you stand by. I pray you and your family are doing amazing Tati.

            callie m

              sales definitely did come from the video though..

              Jena Stevenson

                I absolutely love Halo. I’m up to my third bottle and have 3 more stored.
                The first delivery had this amazing, fancy packaging and the second time it was in just a plain recyclable box (which I preferred) and it was delivered much quicker. I’m 52 and my skin and hair are glowing. 💕

                Jaxy Playz

                  She glowing and OMG I feel she might be pregnant 🤰.


                    why are the checkout prices on Halo beauty in MDL?

                    B. C. Schmerker

                      +GlamLifeGuru Nightmare become reality! Deutſche Poſt Aktiengeſellſchaft plays the geheime Staatſpolizei on non-European businesses! This is not what Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn envisioned in 1971. Federal Express and United Parcel wouldn't do this.

                      Emily MacMahon

                        Also I noticed you didn’t mention it’s nit good with birth control? Wanted to buy some but looked it up and it said not good for birth control 😪

                        N MY

                          Love you so much! Please make something that aids smokers quit smoking. ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️

                          Jennifer Shank

                            I'd love to try these! I've asked my NP about switching to a multivitamin because of how it affects your kidneys, but I have to take certain amounts of certain things. Some day I will!


                              I am so excited for this launch!! I was just talking about wanting to buy your products and this gives me even more incentive! I was just wondering – I want to get the hair skin nails, but was wondering if kiwi would provide additional benefits to skin that hsn does not provide? Or is kiwi the same just formulated without the hair and nail aspect?

                              Maru Colmenares

                                Where is your blouse from?? You look stunning 💕💕

                                Unmumsy Musings – Josephine_kk

                                  Question: meds/supplements that are in capsule form, are slow release. would there be an issue taking this without the capsule (supplements dissolving before hitting the stomach) or is there no concern regarding that as it's natural vitamins?


                                    Hi, I just wanted to let you know I placed my first order at the end of last month and had no issues. They arrived very quickly and beautifully packaged. I ordered your hair and skin formulas. Keeping my fingers crossed I see terrific results!!

                                    Drasiella of Darnassus

                                      Supplements are just very expensive pee.

                                      Katherine P

                                        Honestly, I’m glad you mentioned something because I ordered last month for the first time and thought shipping took awhile, but didn’t think that much into it. I still appreciate the explanation though.

                                        Sweetie 26

                                          We need a video on this makeup look. Looks amazing


                                            Honest opinion is being skeptical because you explain it like it’s a miracle drug? Is it?

                                            Unmumsy Musings – Josephine_kk

                                              ohh now here's a supplement o would defo get onboard with

                                              Jacob Curiel

                                                lmao i bought the mens multi halfway thru this vid

                                                Susy Quintero

                                                  I just don’t know which to order😩😩😩😩

                                                  Theresia Tan

                                                    I really reaaallly want to fetch some Halo, but shipping and ordering from Indonesia can be such a butchy thing 😭 Lord knows how I need certain supplements

                                                    Amanda Arnold

                                                      Can you look into Afterpay for your site so we can make installment payments on purchases a lot of brands are offering this service now!

                                                      Dora Velotti

                                                        Finally I have HALO nail skin and nails in Italy!! Are 3 days now since I start to complement my nutrition. I trust in you!

                                                        Monica Mccorkle



                                                            girl is glowing

                                                            Sophie MacLean

                                                              I bought my first bottle of Halo Kiwi last month, they have made SUCH a difference! Planning on buying more in the next day or two ❤️


                                                                tati im i huge supporter, i would love to use your vitamins, but at the moment its not on my budget. but i will try to use when i can. ❤

                                                                autumn kayyy

                                                                  ok now that we’ve got the Halo multivitamin can we get some Halo skincare??

                                                                  Luke Dylon

                                                                    would love to see some Halo Beauty BTS


                                                                      how much water/liquid is needed if i open a capsule to mix it in?

                                                                      Alicia V Sanchez

                                                                        I just ordered about 2 weeks ago and got my product pretty fast so I think is good.

                                                                        lily Hernandez

                                                                          where do you get your jewelry from? 🙂

                                                                          Joanna Villarreal

                                                                            So excited to try this out !!!! Just added both her multi and Hair, nail , skin 🙌

                                                                            Julia Mann

                                                                              Mine took forever to some and didn't come in the nice packaging either. I ordered 2 months worth, after trying it for one month. Happy it arrived at the end. missed the pretty box tough

                                                                              Chestnut King

                                                                                Tip: If your skin care routine is not working for you I mean the face mask, the moisturiser etc or you just dont have time for a skin care routine Take a skin multivitamin it works wonder cuz it targets what's wrong on the inside and when that's solve the results will show on the outside plus you just gotta take that pill and go.

                                                                                Emilia Zarychta

                                                                                  I was just about to order mine but £21.92 shipping cost to UK? Surely you can do better than that Tati 😑

                                                                                  Tonya Ramey

                                                                                    Congrats on the new products! You are the picture of what a great company leader should look, and act like!! So poised, and classy.

                                                                                    Shay Leo

                                                                                      3 weeks after brain booster and I’ll finally be able to use my brain to come up with a creative way to leave my aggravating bf.

                                                                                      B V

                                                                                        DHL sucks

                                                                                        meena nassery

                                                                                          I’m receiving notifications for your videos so late 🙁 even though i have the notification bell on since forever ago 😩😩

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