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    Tara Michelle
      WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (how i stay fit)

      FULL DAY OF EATING, what I eat in a day to stay healthy & fit! This is a very realistic day in my life & it’s all about balance! This was just an at home work day so I …

      Tara Michelle

        YESSS who else loves what I eat in a day videos!?!?! let me know in the comments what YOU ate today! I'll be replying! 💗💗💗

        Winter Space

          dang, coming back from hr "how to make hair longer" video,
          her hair grew a lot!!

          Danielle Alexa

            i really wanna try the gnocchi!! what does it taste like?? sweet or savory?

            ALI BUZZELLI

              My fav breakfast is avo toast with a hard boiled egg on top 🙂


                is the sweet potato gnocchi better than the cauliflower? I MUST KNOW!!

                ruangan fahmi

                  I love the day in a life thingy…

                  Krista m

                    Pls do more of these !

                    Georgia Burgess

                      sneaky fam!!!!!!


                        Your like the only youtuber who like actually responds to your dms and contents so thank you!!!💚

                        Erika East

                          watches this while eating cake

                          Maria Diaz

                            sneaky fam!!!!!!!

                            Princess Yvonne

                              My fave breakfast are rice meal (rice,eggs or hotdogs or whatever my grandma will cook) and a hot MILO drink 🇵🇭

                              Hilary Matilpi

                                And here I am eating Cool Ranch doritos… #fatty over here

                                Rosa Angelica

                                  Your not weird , I also put creamer in my teas! Nd it’s the best!!

                                  Esther E

                                    can you do a workout routine? love you tara x

                                    Tylar Mills

                                      for your tea just use your Keurig without a pod in it and its just hot water:)

                                      Brooke Marie

                                        you can do hot water from your Keurig. Just dont put a little coffee/tea pod thing in like you usually would


                                          Hi! Love the vid and your efforts for the environment. However, k cups are SO bad for the environment and I recommend that you get an actual coffee machine that uses coffee grounds. Still, I love everything you stand for and how you promote keeping the environment happy and healthy:) keep being you!


                                            The eggs looks soo good 🤤

                                            Justice Dunlap

                                              Where’s the avo deviled eggs Tara!!!


                                                Yasss your Disney sweater 🙌🏼🙌🏼

                                                Zehra Sarmiento

                                                  Love this video ..you looking good 😍👌🏼

                                                  Megan Tholen

                                                    What I ate today!
                                                    Breakfast: Whole Grain Peanut Butter Cheerios 🥜
                                                    Lunch: Fried egg sandwich, with blueberries on the side 🥪
                                                    Dinner: Roasted chicken, fresh green beans, and red potatoes 🥔
                                                    Dessert: Peach Fruit Bar 🍑
                                                    All day I usually drink water, or WTRMLN WTR 🍉

                                                    Ciera Hobbs

                                                      Those brownies 😍😍

                                                      J is a FAAACCCT

                                                        i love your honesty Tara. thanks for really sharing and not insult the brains of the people watching you! ❤️

                                                        J is a FAAACCCT

                                                          that's why i love you so much because you're so real, honest! it's like i know i can count on you haha! anyway i'm so jelly because everything is "to go" it's waaaaaaay easier to be healthy if you don't have to prepare food from scratch all the time and after preparing everything i have to hand wash all the dishes because dishwasher isn't a thing here in my country. btw i'm not being passive aggressive i'm really jelly! thankfully a few years ago the all-in-one washing machine became a thing here because not so long ago i'm still rinsing the clothes, pants, towels etc. one by one 3 times. 😭


                                                            All the dishes looked amazing! Loved the video💕💕

                                                            Megan Elizabeth

                                                              i eat egg whites with turkey sausage for breakfast!!! or oatmeal has been my fav recently

                                                              jackie duran

                                                                i’m watching this while i eat chick fil a

                                                                Kate Ramsay

                                                                  TARA! I just have to say you have very quickly become my favorite YouTuber ❤️ I’m obsessed with your channel and Instagram! You inspire me daily in my own YouTube and Instagram, so thank you so much 💕💕

                                                                  Vanshika Soni

                                                                    My mouth was legit watering throughout the video 🤤😋

                                                                    Rachel Broszeit

                                                                      I’m pretty sure you can make a cup of hot water using your keurig instead of putting your mug in the microwave

                                                                      Anna Becker

                                                                        Hey, weird question but what coffee machine do you use? By the way love the video!! 💕 xoxo

                                                                        Ps. Sneaky fam!!!


                                                                          You probably know this by now but whenever I make tea I always just use my keurig but I make sure there’s no coffee cup in the top so then it just runs out hot water. Just lift the the top and push it right back down with nothing in it and you get plain hot water

                                                                          Emilie Dunn

                                                                            Love how real this was!!!

                                                                            sophie gillespie

                                                                              what flavor is the tea?


                                                                                We live for pink tea in pink cups!!

                                                                                BeautyBy Danielle

                                                                                  What does the tea taste like without the cream

                                                                                  Kassidy Borger

                                                                                    i love finding out what other people eat

                                                                                    Lindsay Morgan

                                                                                      I absolutely don’t like broccoli. Could you make that rice bowl with cauliflower?

                                                                                      Alin Said

                                                                                        probably shouldn't have watched this when I'm fasting. LOL I'm dying!

                                                                                        Nina Bruzdzinski

                                                                                          tara you need to try the gorgonzola gnocchi from tj's!!!!!! its EVERYTHING

                                                                                          Nadia Shari

                                                                                            haven’t seen her videos in awhile, but now im hungry

                                                                                            Jess Losgar

                                                                                              YES I love videos like this!!♥♥

                                                                                              Nora Dionne

                                                                                                Hey I just wanted to let you know that….. so last year I was in loveeee with mio but my mom told me that mio can actually led to cancer and it is not v good for you. Just wanted to let you know ❤️❤️

                                                                                                Sarah Watts

                                                                                                  loved this tara!!!

                                                                                                  ne beri brige

                                                                                                    I litteraly got up from my bed, straight to kitchen and now i'm preparing gnocci😂


                                                                                                      You should set the Gnocchi out for a while to defrost and then make it, it probably fell apart because it was frozen when you put it in the pan. Just a tip for next time. You look amazing by the way❤️👌🏻

                                                                                                      Anatasiya Miyon

                                                                                                        Notification im coming here!

                                                                                                        Abbey Koenig

                                                                                                          love this!!!

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