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      Women Try Cheap Vs. Expensive Swimsuits

      “I can’t move, everything is about to fall out.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, …


        I gotta get up in my tax bracket * sigh *

        Brenda Gorham

          I was glad to hear you say that you were not your typical plus-size maybe this more typical. I know I have a small top and a larger bottom I wish retailers would realize there's more of us out there

          Ellie S

            Aerie and Target have mix and match and they’re both amazing. My Aerie bikinis are my favorites though!

            001 001

              I think the girl on the left had the first top on wrong, looks like the part around her neck was supposed to be around her back and the tie was supposed to go around her neck

              destiny garcia

                We have the same name and body shape yessss

                Kyla Elyse

                  Icon swim is the best. Pretty cheap and good quality and they fit me well as a pear shaped woman. 10/10 love


                    that red top is so unflattering


                      I feel like I need to find more of Destinee because she spells her name like me and is also more thigh than chest

                      Evelyn Xie

                        buzzfeed people: i want an expensive swimsuit but im broke
                        buzzfeed: cheap vs expensive swimsuits

                        Madison Weaver

                          She is in a boot

                          SearchEXOonYoutube LottoMonsterCallmebabyMV

                            As a European is so weird hearing all these taxes stuff .Like its ridiculous that you get taxed when you get to the register to pay. The products should just have one price and it should be on the shelf not anywhere else. Like I won't step any store if they gonna make me guess taxes. I hate math

                            Rman Nayr

                              Try Swimsuits from Wish!

                              Rman Nayr

                                LOL Bring it Around Town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                  Love that the one to the left looks so confident! And rightfully so, she’s absolutely beautiful

                                  Laura Koss

                                    ALL DA THINGS


                                      Oh my gosh, I wish I could afford Destinee's expensive suit! It's SO cute!!!!!


                                        Swimsuits are so hard to shop for and it is so upsetting.

                                        Helen Farley

                                          The purple bikini was so cute 😍

                                          Olivia Lane

                                            "outta my tax bracket" 😂😂 oh honey yes, same


                                              Um… how about getting the right SIZE first? And then know what SHAPE of top fits them?

                                              In short: get a fitting first, then get swimwear

                                              Anonymously anonymous

                                                I love them so much ♡♡
                                                They're so positive

                                                Yana Nieuwenkamp

                                                  That first red bikini is shown in
                                                  The tv show 'temptation island


                                                    1:55 there's nothing to fall out

                                                    Emily Robinson

                                                      great another swimsuit video, thanks…

                                                      Elisa Bonu

                                                        these girls are so gorgerous 😍❤️


                                                          Trying and guessing the price is always more interesting reaction video

                                                          Nandini Ghosh

                                                            I love the shorter one's legs….


                                                              Got a swimsuit add before this video

                                                              Ishwarya Murali

                                                                1:26 $12.99 shipping for $0.99 bikini???

                                                                John Smith

                                                                  Man if they were going to wrestle, I know for sure who'd win.


                                                                    That burgundy top was beautiful!
                                                                    Check out Cupshe. They’ve got nice affordable suits.

                                                                    Makayla Rebecca

                                                                      Lmao she wore the first rainbow swimsuit wrong

                                                                      Leigh Davis

                                                                        "cost: $0.99 shipping: $12.99" XD lol. the purple one was really cute


                                                                          I love that girl has got a foot cast on trying on bathing suits having to chnsge in and out and it's not addressed at all like it's totally normal


                                                                            I went to high school with Destinee, shout out SAHS


                                                                              I think the black and floral girl in the first one is wearing the top wrong? Looks like that black strap should go around her back not neck

                                                                              heythat onechick

                                                                                SO THEY'RE BOTH GOING TO BE FUNNY, BEAUTIFUL AND SMART? WATCH OUT

                                                                                Ya Lil Nasty

                                                                                  I wish there was better lighting /:

                                                                                  L P

                                                                                    Buy cheap, look cheap . No thanks 👎

                                                                                    Lil Bit of Lena

                                                                                      BRING OUT THE BOOT 😂😂

                                                                                      Maren L.

                                                                                        If you really want a good suit, go to

                                                                                        antoine Holmes

                                                                                          They are cute

                                                                                          Hannah Detweiler

                                                                                            Forever 21 has 15 dollar mix match swimsuits online

                                                                                            Masha Kalinkina

                                                                                              Its weird theres no mention of labor practices…

                                                                                              Lauren Schlepp

                                                                                                I like a good quality swimsuit that I can use for several years and I'm a very active swimmer so I need something that's going to hold the girls in place. So I usually go for a speedo or something pretty high-quality in the $50 -$60 range.

                                                                                                Victoria Waudby

                                                                                                  RUE21 IS THE BEST MIX-MATCH PLACE IFTHERE IS ONE!!!!!!!!

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