How much sea moss gel to take daily?

It matters what you mean by asking the question “how much sea moss gel to take daily”. Talking about using sea moss gel as ointment for skin, treating joints or cosmetic purposes – everything depends on individual tolerance. We recommend first apply a small amount of gel on a limited area of ??the skin. In case no allergic reactions appeared, use gel without significant limitations, applying thin layer on your skin and letting it soak. To put sea moss gel on the face and other sensitive areas of the body is not recommended more than once a day.

Concerning “how much sea moss gel to take daily” to intake, follow next recommendations.

When you turn your Irish sea moss into a gel, you able to add it to any food, tea or coffee and fruit cocktails. Having the sea moss as a gel, put couple tablespoons to anything you want.

Irish sea moss tasting rather neutral, so it’s possible to mix moss with everyting. You add minerals and nutrients to your food, but not a taste, which could be colored by adding some spiceis. Use your creativity and imagination mixing sea moss.

Making clear the question – “How much sea moss gel to take daily?” remember – two tablespoons!

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