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    Sarahs Day

    It’s time for another episode of cooking with Sezzy!! This week I’m sharing FIVE of my healthy, simple and absolutely delicious breakfast recipes with you. ENJOY …

    Mama Bear

    Love you Sezzy!!!!! 😍😍😍

    Renae Mosley

    Could you link your beautiful pink bowls

    Kelly Borup

    Love this video 😍 can’t wait to cook some of these! Zucchini cakes look bomb. PS, life hack: Scape stuff off of your cutting board with the back side of the knife and the blade will stay sharper longer πŸ€—πŸ’™

    K M6

    I love FOX!!!!!!!!!!β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜‚ great video thank you!!!!!!

    Kelly Prom

    Loved this video! I’d love to see the food prep series continue with dessert or dinner ideas!

    Andreja Pustovrh

    Desserts, next time!!!!!! 😍😍

    Rosa Brenes

    Please do lunch and dinner recipes!! And baking recipes!! Everything you do looks so delicious😍

    Stephanie Reiser

    We need paleo bread

    Zikhona Ncapha

    Awesome!! I’m working mom of a 5 months baby girl! And these will definitely save my time! Love and appreciate you! From South Africa!

    McKenna Porter

    Please make a paleo bread recipe!!!

    Emily Harper

    I love these kind of videos on your channel! It’d be great to see some healthy snack ideas. I’m usually quite good at eating healthy meals but snacks are my downfall πŸ€—

    Laura Mazzenga

    Yay now I know how to poach an egg πŸ™‚

    Serena Joon

    Saraaah can you do a glutes workout without growing thighs too much? :cc
    I need thiiiiis

    Lucia Rigiani

    All looks yummy ❀

    Brittney Rhodes

    All of the above food!

    mtb love

    I LOVE your food prep videos😍😍😍❀️

    Angela R Campbell

    You read my mind! I was going to send you a comment asking for this video! I'm getting tired of trying to remember which video you had that great breakfast recipe in. Very well done. I can tell Kurt did some of the filming. You guys are a great team. Thanks for measuring the ingredients.


    Wth did you read my diary?! I was literally looking for paleo breakfast ideas and here you gooooo wth how?!

    Adrienne Marie

    Please do the paleo bread recipe! That would be awesome. Love this video btw. ❀

    Kathryn Clements

    Would love to see a Paleo bread recipe from you!


    Amazing videooo 😍😍❀


    Yes please make a paleo bread recipe video!

    Norah Ford

    Love this!!❀️🌹

    kay chocolate

    Loved the recipesπŸ’• I know its a different subject but I cant wait for a Sezzy and Kurt wedding!!!

    Taylor Stoltz

    Your editing and filming is πŸ’―!! Everything is making me so hungry!😍🀀 Hope to get my videos this quality one day!

    Luisa Kerwin

    I don’t know anyone else who’s talking that fast lol πŸ˜‚

    But Sarah, I love you and the recipes are delicious πŸ’•

    Catherine Bledsoe

    Please make an easy paleo bread recipe πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

    Mariah Cantrell

    Cant forget about foxy! Love seeing him! Please do a dinner video next! ❀

    Demi Cross

    Yes yes, please do a palio bread recipe Sarah! <3

    Kadee Mallory

    Hey Mama Sezzy!!! Making Paleo bread would be amazing!!!

    Carson Light

    ok why is she the CUTEST person ever. also sarah u seem so so happy lately xx

    new vid on my channel today xx

    Kaelyn Say

    Glad I woke up to this so it gave me encouragement for a healthy breakfast 😊

    Briony Hall

    I miss bread so much. Would love an actual good paleo bread recipe.

    Shanel Talbert

    Totally needing dinner ideas


    Lunch on the go would be great! I work full time and get bored with my sandwiches and wraps..

    Shanel Talbert

    Yes please make the paleo bread!!

    Sundai Love

    Loveee this

    Sandra irene

    Omg please do some desserts ?! The brownies !!

    Kellie Rae

    SARAH!! I love that Fox has a seat on the kitchen counter! People always ask me how I learned how to cook and I think it’s because my dad let me sit on the counter when he was cooking! Let your kids sit on the counter people πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

    Carolina Azevedo

    Do a paleo bread recipe pleeeeaseeee
    I loved the video it’s awesome
    Love your channel it’s always an inspiration

    Chiara Odorici

    Yes Sarah, a paleo bread recipe would be fantastic!! xx have a nice time

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