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    Aylin Melisa
      #THEPOWEROFMAKEUP : Nose Contouring I Aylin Melisa

      Hi Sugarpies! I’m not a professional MUA or anything else. It’s just my way of contouring my Nose. Please let me know if y’all want …

      More videos:

      How I contour my bulbous nose with a bump and a chitchat about noses!

      FAKE A NOSE JOB W/ MAKEUP *nose contour routine*



        I strongly hate my nose from the front . Especially on photos where it looks like I have been stung by a wasp.

        Krystal Visions

          This was super helpful! Thank youuu ❤

          Get off my lawn

            I think it would look better if you just contoured the tip. The bridge of your nose doesn’t need contouring, imo. Not that anyone asked me lol. And I’m sorry this was not meant to be rude you are gorgeous


              Great job!!

              Larissa Zavala

                Omg yess thank you


                  Bence burnun köprü kısmını çok inceltmeseydin ucu daha küçük görünürdü, şimdi yine de büyük duruyo küçülttüğün halde


                    What's the secret to your cheekbone and jawline?

                    VigorousTuba 684

                      my nose is too dry for this, no matter how much moisturizer i put on it lol

                      Hafijur Rahman

                        Hi ur soo natural beauty 💋💋💋❣️🥰😍💯💯💯👍👍👍🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

                        Barbara Baioni

                          Npn su fa cosi

                          Sara Kind

                            Could you do a remake with adding each step and product you like/use? Please recreate this video with each step in detail!! Thanks 🙏🏽

                            Hammy Trey

                              Omg somebody who has the same nose as me 😭😭😭😭😭✨💖💖💖

                              Maria Motendoro

                                Bravissima ❤

                                Dipak Dule

                                  Looks for fat


                                    Teach me how to fix my nose 😂😂

                                    LAKERS VISION

                                      U just saved my life lol 😂


                                        Polska nie dotarła do czatu

                                        Kim Wold

                                          I don't like it, by making the bridge even thinner, you made the little ball bigger, you should do it straight over the round part

                                          Kim Wold

                                            Why do you countor and make it round again, if you're trying to diminish the roundness?

                                            Саша ☘️


                                              Julie Wong



                                                  She’s a 10 for sure, regardless of the nose contour!!

                                                  Aiko Snow

                                                    My nose flat and round ooooffff

                                                    hj h

                                                      Please show us what u used

                                                      bloo jkl45

                                                        THANK YOU! You have no idea how much I hate my nose and although yours is smaller than mine, it sort of looks like mine. I can't wait to try this!!


                                                          Imma tried thissss
                                                          Also your jawline is gorgeous

                                                          Bea Adler

                                                            What lashes do you wear!?

                                                            Bad Rabbit

                                                              Надо было вести ровные полоски, а не закруглять на кончике носа. Так нос не выглядит Уже.

                                                              MARIA SOCCORSA DELL’OGLIO

                                                                E fondotinta quello marrone all inizio?

                                                                francesco GRUSSU

                                                                  a che cazzo di orrore è mai questo??? are you ready to go to an halloween party????

                                                                  Esma Afshar

                                                                    Burnuna çamur yapışmış gibi bilmiyorsanız yapmayın nolur zamanımızı harcıyorsunuz


                                                                      Şarkı ne alaka aw

                                                                      Well Darn

                                                                        Whaaat ur eyes are really pretty


                                                                          you have a ball nose and you kept marking it

                                                                          Rabia Demirhan

                                                                            Kirpikler nereden


                                                                              i love those eyelashes!

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