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    Nina Ubhi

      Here’s my tutorial on how to apply powder foundation for beginners 2021! This is a really easy to follow powder makeup tutorial …

      More videos:


      How to Apply POWDER FOUNDATION Without Looking Cakey | Routine for ANY Skin Type

      Why YOUR Powder Foundation Looks Ashy and How to Fix it

      L B

        Sorry if this is a silly question…what did you set your eyelids with setting powder and under your eyes with foundation? Why not use the setting powder for both?


          Good Minerals is great for discoloration! They have an affordable serum


            Welp, just asked for this on another video, I should've looked through your stuff earlier lol Awesome tutorial, thanks for the info.


              Wow I love your explanation and showing the products you use it’s so helpful. Also you’re STUNNING keep up the good work luv 🥰🥰🥰

              Gabrielle Duarte

                What if u also use setting powder the foundation is gonna change the brightness look .. Iv seen people work around it ECT. What's the best way u Kno

                Allison Becker

                  So ok.. I have bare minerals.. best to do contour before then the powder followed by bronzer and blush?

                  Nicolene Badenhorst

                    Thank you Nina for showing us to not be scared using new things, i am excited to try this. You are beautiful as always. 🌷🌷🌷🌷

                    Cecilia Flores

                      I’m an oily gal and want to try powder foundation for the first time in years 😅 I can’t thank you enough for your knowledge, details and great technique!! ❤😊 much love from Texas

                      Marissa Morales

                        Omg, so I literally just bought this Fenty powder foundation today at Ulta and I came straight to your channel to learn how to properly apply it and I had no idea you were using the same one lol I was like YES! THEN I had the same shade 300 😍

                        Grapevine 1987

                          I use a cream blush on top of a powder foundation, applied with a sponge and it looks great.

                          Elizabeth Highburg

                            I know it's a mouthful👇

                            Keisha Kendall

                              Hi Nina, any recommendations on your top 3-5 powder foundations that you like that give you good coverage
                              and or that are a matte finish? Would you consider doing a video on something like that which you did similar for your 5 best liquid foundations?

                              Ahsoka Tadripp

                                Girl, I literally just started watching your videos, and I am almost a intermediate. Thanks soooo much


                                  can we put fix+ over it?

                                  Sophia Olguin

                                    Hello! I know I'm late to the party but no primer? I applied a powder foundation and primed and put setting spray and the powder foundation clumped so bad

                                    Thankful for Everything


                                      Ide Larez

                                        I know this has been about 7 months ago. And this might be a dumb question, but when applying eyeshadow after all of this can you apply eyeshadow primer or do I just apply eyeshadow to the eye without.

                                        Kimberly Garcia

                                          Thank you, this was great because I only use powder foundation and this helps.

                                          Tammy Lee

                                            Can I use a setting spray with powder foundation?

                                            Cathy Over 50 – Fashion & Beauty

                                              Hi Nina, I am a lot older than you, but I have been binging your videos. I love watching you apply your makeup. I especially love the videos where you do makeup on you mom! Hugs from Canada! 💖

                                              Helen Louise

                                                I've never liked the way Liquid and Cream base products looked on my skins and have started using Powders. Thank you for the tips xx

                                                Vanessa Rodriguez

                                                  What shade you use from powder and foundation and concealer? Thank you beauty

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