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    Smitha Deepak
      How to: PERFECT WINGED EYELINER every single time!! (Simple Beginner Friendly Technique)

      This tutorial will show you how to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner every single time with ease, using a simple beginner …

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        Smitha I have watched many different Youtubers that have been makeup artists showing how to do winged liner & I could never learn from their tutorials, but your tutorial has been the very best technique on YouTube!! Thank you so much for sharing this w all of us that love a winged liner but have always had a problem w trying to properly get the winged liner we all love!!❤️❤️❤️
        You are so amazing Smitha! You have helped me so much! I enjoy trying new makeup looks since I’ve been watching your tutorials!! I can now have cheek bones or look like I have them thanks to you!! Thanks for helping all women enhance their beauty!! Love you so much!!❤️❤️❤️ Bless you!!🙏🏻

        Preeti Tanwar

          your way of teaching is excellent mam😊

          Amber F

            My problem isn't the wing it's lining the lash line without me marking my eyelid 😂


              I really cant get it right my eyes are so sensitive 😢 I will keep trying though

              Johnny Rocket

                I’m in love with your tutorials. They’re so simple and easy to follow, even for a guy whose only just now getting into makeup for the first time in his entire life xD what I’m learning the most is that I need to take it slow and take my time

                Dr. ponni Jayakumar

                  Who else is watching this with a eyeliner in hand ?

                  Mrs. Hughes

                    Very nice

                    Asiq’s Stitching and Vloging

                      Too easy way…will definitely try it😁

                      wanjiru Mbogo

                        This is the easiest I have ever seen, thank you.



                          Valerie Crocker

                            Thank you so much for this tutorial! I tried a winged eyeliner for the first time following your video and nailed it!! I got so many compliments. Thanks again!

                            Nate • 18 years ago

                              how about for monolids. almost no eyelid 😂

                              Lauren Colletti

                                “Simply connect” I hear as I draw a scribble and need to start over 😅

                                Margret Evanson

                                  Is there a video on eyeliner on the hood how to not smudging my hood is oily

                                  Ashley Chicka

                                    ur pretty is on pointe girl & this is soooo helpful ! God bless u 💞💌

                                    Ashley Chicka

                                      babe .. wings video on fleek! Keep ur pretty self posting content PLEASE !!!!!!!!!

                                      Jacqualine Minor

                                        Omg I just tried this before church and it worked and fool proof!!!!! Thank you

                                        Kavana Naik

                                          This is the first time i did it perfectly thank you so much

                                          Rat Queen

                                            Me who doesn’t have eyelashes:🙃

                                            YAM YAM

                                              THEY MAKE IT LOOK SO EASY


                                                I CAN’T EVEN DO THE LASHLINE AND I AM REALLY STRUGGLING…maybe I am not made for makeup😭


                                                  love this i have been wanting to learn thank you!


                                                    It did not work for me

                                                    Ruta P.

                                                      Looks so easy and yet so hard when doing by yourself 😅

                                                      Lisa Pezoldt

                                                        I think i need different eyes🤣

                                                        Ammy Andrade

                                                          Alright, today is New Year eve and I’m gonna try this for the 1 thousand time 😂 thank you!

                                                          Easy Kitchen

                                                            Perfect 👍 thank you

                                                            Sakshi Patel

                                                              please make easy video my girlfriend is forcing me to follow, Thank you for understanding in future. i am male but i am writing from my gf's account.


                                                                thank you so much! it didn’t come out as good as yours but with a bit more practice im sure ill get there! this is the first time my eyeliner doesn’t look a complete mess and somewhat decent

                                                                Astro Bhagya Mangal

                                                                  Ur eyes are magical


                                                                    Love the overall simple make up look 😊✨🤍

                                                                    Richard Huziej

                                                                      Im right handed its hard on the left eye any tips?

                                                                      S E

                                                                        Your eyelashes also look amazing
                                                                        Do you have a video for that?

                                                                        Sylvia Bhatt

                                                                          Watched countless YouTube tutorials on this by different people. I watched A LOT! Yours is,by far, beats the rest. You give very clear instructions step by step and your technique for the wing is the BEST, especially for beginners like me. THANK YOU!


                                                                            Need advice on how to apply eyeliner over eyeshadow please 🙏

                                                                            Kelly Jones

                                                                              Can’t wait to try this method .

                                                                              Ana | Mystic Soul Frequency

                                                                                So helpful ❤❤❤❤ thnk u beauty!!

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