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      HOW TO: Contour for Round Face Shapes! // PAINTEDBYSPENCER

      Hi Everyone! I’m so happy to have created this video with the gorgeous Jalisa (@jalisashaveh) showing you how to contour and …

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      Chef Laifa

        This is a beautiful look overall 👌. Thanks for sharing.
        I noticed the only powder mentioned in the video is ABH, does this mean you used this same powder to set and bake the face?

        Cee Cee

          This makeup is absolutely amazing. Please do makeup for beginners

          Adrienne Flowers Scott

            You are truly amazing and she looks absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for sharing your skills. I know how to contour my face now. 🥰

            Dionne Batiste

              Tiffany Griffin

                Does anyone know where I can get the powder puff?

                Princess Of Chalices


                  Princess Of Chalices


                    Layah Nadia


                      Ms. Congeniality

                        Oooo she looks like Cleopatra you did that Spencer!

                        Glossy J

                          How do I learn make over this good😭😭😭😭
                          This is beautiful ❤


                            Okay this woman's SMILE though!!

                            HayGurl Hay

                              Oooh this look is cuntyyy , I love!

                              Miss Steak

                                I don't know what it is about Spencer dabbing beauty blenders on the face that literally give me ASMR chills 😍
                                hope you have an amazing 2023 giys

                                Chena Tells All

                                  This is gorgeous

                                  Akim Gul

                                    Обалденно получилось


                                      Such a beautiful look. ❤



                                        Asjad Alagied

                                          Beautiful! Thank you!


                                            This is amazing! And her face shape is similar to mine <3 will try this out later

                                            Phil & Devin Bellmany

                                              She is soooooo pretty just with her bare face! Beautiful young lady ❤️

                                              Tayla Griffin

                                                She is so beautiful 😍 I'm learning how to contour and I think this helped! Can't wait to try it!

                                                Elsa Lanchester

                                                  She really does have fantastic eyes.

                                                  Genesis Canela

                                                    God loves you all

                                                    Peanut Taco Muffin

                                                      You have true talent and this model was gorgeous before any makeup touched her face- the snatched beat just turned her into a friggin goddess

                                                      Rhenhart Losaria

                                                        She's gorgeous

                                                        Lisa Peters

                                                          What a great model. So calm and collective😃 My eye would have been blinking 90 miles per hour. 😊

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